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Maths Challenge

Reception and Key Stage One

Maths Challenge 23.5.18


Can you create a maths hat to show something you have enjoyed in maths this year – shape, time, addition, subtraction, money or learn its?

Every entry will receive a certificate and a prize. We will photograph the entries to display on our maths challenge board in the corridor.


Please hand your entries in by Friday 8th June to Mrs Rickerby in Year One.

Maths Challenge 20.11.17

The maths challenge for this half term is for you to design a board game to help you learn number facts. These could be doubles, number bonds, timetables or any of the learn it facts you are working on in your class.

You can design a board game for your class or you may wish to make one for a younger age group.

Make sure your board game is bright, colourful and is easy to play.

There are some board game templates for you to download and use if you wish.

Please hand your board games to Mrs Rickerby by Friday 1st December.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

8th June 2017


Our maths challenge this half term looks at how maths can be used in stories. The challenge is for EYFS and KS1 to find examples of how maths has been used in a story. The challenge for KS2 is for the children to write their own own story that includes maths words and facts.


mrwolf million  


All entries should be handed in before Friday 30th June.



15th March 2017

Our maths challenge for this half term is or the children to create a picture/poster/poem/rhyme to show times table facts or number bonds.

Each year group has a focus:

Reception – Make a picture to show number bonds to 10.

Year 1 – Make a rhyme to help you learn your number bonds to 10.

Year 2– A poem or picture about the 2 times table.

Year 3 – A poem or picture about the 5 times table.

Year 4 – A poem about any of the 3, 4, 6 or 7 times table.

Year 5 and 6 – A poem about any of the 7, 8, 9, 11 or 12 times table.


Have a look at some examples below


One lion with a loud roar, one times four equals four.
Two lions in a crate, two time four equals eight.
Three lions on the shelf, three times four equals twelve.
Four lions eating beans, four times four is sixteen
Five lions is more than plenty, five times four equals twenty.
Six lions on the sea shore, six times four is twenty-four.
Seven lions stay up late, seven times four is twenty-eight.
Eight lions cooking stew, eight times four is thirty-two.
Nine lions doing gymnastics, nine times four is thirty-six.
Ten lions acting naughty, ten times four equals forty.


One beetle picking up sticks, one times six equals six.
Two beetles meet an elf, two times six equals twelve.
Three beetles being mean, three times six is eighteen.
Four beetles on a see saw, four times six is twenty-four.
Five beetles all named Percy, five times six equals thirty.
Six beetles eating Weetabix, six times six is thirty-six.
Seven beetles on the loo, seven times six is forty-two.
Eight beetles climb the gate, eight times six is forty-eight.
Nine beetles in the drawer, nine times eight is fifty-four.
Ten beetles meet a pixie, ten times six equals sixty.


Number Bonds to 10

0 and 10 are big strong men

1 and 9 are feeling fine

2 and 8 are never late

3 and 7 come from Devon

4 and 6 like to play tricks

5 and 5 come alive

6 and 4 hold open the door

7 and 3 visit for tea

8 and 2 are feeling blue

9 and 1 have some fun

10 and zero are super heroes


Image result for number bond to 10 pictures


Our tremendous tessellations display

Our tremendous tessellations display 1
Our tremendous tessellations display 2

18.1.17 Tremendous Tessellations 

The first Maths Challenge competition is to design, draw and colour your own tessellating/repeating pattern. All entries should be handed in to your class teacher and they will pass them on to be judged.  There will be a winner chosen from each year group - Reception up to Year 6. We will display as many entries as we can on our Maths Wall of Fame for everyone to admire. 


The deadline for Tremendous Tessellations is Monday 13th February.


Mrs Rickerby






Here are some ideas

Here are some ideas 1
Here are some ideas 2
Here are some ideas 3
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