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Whether you are new to Cumbria, Cumwhinton or already have children with us, we are delighted that you are considering Cumwhinton School for your child.

Choosing a school for your child is a very important decision. You need to know that we understand your child and you as a family, so why not contact us to arrange a visit? We would love to show you around our friendly school and show you how we can welcome you into our Cumwhinton community.

All admissions to Cumwhinton School are managed by the Cumbria County Council local authority.

You can access their website here:

If you live outside Cumbria, you need to apply through your own Local Authority, even if you want to apply for a place at Cumwhinton School. You must confirm that you have read the booklet on the Cumbria County Council website and provided accurate information before submitting your application.

Families who are not offered a place at their preferred school or schools are given the right of appeal to an independent school admission appeals panel. If this happens to you, the relevant admissions authority will send you a letter that will give you further information and will explain what to do next, including the deadline for appealing (if you want your appeal to be heard along with all of the other appeals for that school) and who to contact.