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Year 1

Welcome to the enchanting world of Year 1 at Cumwhinton School, where the journey of learning takes a delightful turn! In Year 1, our dedicated team of educators is excited to welcome our young learners into a realm of exploration and discovery. This pivotal year focuses on building a solid foundation for academic success while fostering creativity and a lifelong love for learning. At Cumwhinton School, we believe in providing a nurturing and inclusive environment that encourages each child to flourish and reach their full potential. Our experienced teachers are committed to guiding students through a curriculum that sparks curiosity and encourages active engagement. We invite parents and guardians to join us on this exciting adventure as we embark on a year of growth, friendship, and joyful learning in Year 1 at Cumwhinton School. Here's to a year filled with wonder, curiosity, and meaningful milestones!

Class teacher - Miss Tarbit