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Year 5

Welcome to an exciting year of exploration and academic adventure in Year 5 at Cumwhinton School! As students enter this pivotal stage of their educational journey, the Year 5 team is enthusiastic about fostering a dynamic and supportive learning environment. Year 5 is a time of deeper understanding, increased independence, and the development of essential skills that will prepare our students for future academic challenges. Our dedicated educators are committed to providing a curriculum that not only engages students intellectually but also encourages creativity, critical thinking, and a love for learning. At Cumwhinton School, we value a holistic approach to education, nurturing not only academic excellence but also personal growth and character development. We look forward to partnering with parents and guardians to ensure a fulfilling and successful year for our Year 5 students. Here's to a year of exploration, achievement, and memorable learning experiences at Cumwhinton School!

Class teacher - Mr Davis

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Williams