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Our class display based on 'The Doomspell' by Cliff McNish

All the children have written descriptive poems based on the journey between the worlds from 'The Doomspell' and have drawn 'Eye Towers' (where the villain from the story lives) using the pen and ink, cross hatching technique.


Blackout Day in Scafell

Today we had an exciting blackout day in Scafell class. This was a day of science challenges. The children arrived at school to find that their classroom had been completely blacked out and that the plug sockets had all been covered. The children's first challenge of the day was to think of ways to solve the problem so that we could get back into our classroom and have light in there. They came up with lots of interesting ideas, many of which we tested out. Some of which they discovered wouldn't work and some they found would. 


They decided that building electrical circuits would be the best idea to begin with. They then worked in groups to use persuasive language to form strong arguments which would persuade Mrs Mitchell to allow them to use all the batteries they would need for this. When they had presented their arguments to the class, the class then elected representatives to go up to Mrs Mitchell's office and try to persuade her to agree to their wishes. Obviously, our fantastic Year 6 pupil were extremely persuasive as they came back to class with many boxes full of batteries.


Their next challenge was to light a bulb using only two wires, a cell and a bulb. Here's a few pictures of the children working hard on this challenge:

When everyone had managed to light their bulbs we moved carefully back into our classroom:
Once we were back in our classroom, with light, the children spent the morning learning about circuits and carrying out lots science challenges. Below are lots of photographs that were taken during the morning:
In the afternoon we moved on from learning about electricity and instead the afternoon was filled with fun activities which helped the children to learn about the science topic of light and shadows. Again the children were set a series of challenges to work on in their groups. Such as: proving light travels in straight lines; how light can be reflected; how this can be used to help us see around corners; how to change the size of shadows and how rainbows are formed.  Here are some pictures of the children during the afternoon's exciting session:
Everyone enjoyed the day so much, that the class were really disappointed when the ceiling lights went back on at the end of the day and the blackout was over. 

13.09.17 Roald Dahl Day in Scafell

13.09.17 Roald Dahl Day in Scafell 1
13.09.17 Roald Dahl Day in Scafell 2
13.09.17 Roald Dahl Day in Scafell 3
13.09.17 Roald Dahl Day in Scafell 4
13.09.17 Roald Dahl Day in Scafell 5
13.09.17 Roald Dahl Day in Scafell 6
13.09.17 Roald Dahl Day in Scafell 7

05.09.17 - The Eye Tower Challenge

The children were challenged to work in their table teams to construct the tallest Eye Tower they could (from 'The Doomspell' - our class text), given only sellotape, scissors and newspaper. The towers had to stand for 30 seconds on their own to qualify. Here are photographs of the children having lots of fun, working as teams planning and building their towers:

Here's the winning tower with the proud team responsible for creating it:
Picture 1

04.09.17 Having fun creating collage purple spiders for our 'Doomspell' display

Our Autumn Term Topic Web

Scafell – Year 6

Class Information


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome back to a new school year and your child’s last one at Cumwhinton Primary School. They are a delightful class and we are really going to enjoy teaching them and helping them prepare for their transition to Secondary School. Working closely along-side me this year is Mrs Strong, who is class Scafell’s Senior Teaching. Also every morning, we are very pleased to have Mrs Blakely joining our school, another Teaching Assistant, who will be working in our classroom.


In Year 6 this year the children will be having a sport afternoon on Thursdays, with Mrs Norris. This will involve a variety of sporting activities over the afternoon, some of which will be outdoor activities and others will be indoor activities. All pupils will need their school PE Kits every Thursday (i.e. black/navy shorts; white T-shirt; trainers. Tracksuit bottoms and a sweatshirt would be advisable too for the colder months). We have also booked a variety of sporting coaches to come in and work with the children during some of these sessions over the course of the year.


School policy is only stud ear-rings please (if children can't take them out for PE lessons they need to be covered with plasters). The only other jewellery allowed is a watch. Please make sure all clothes are labelled with child's name (especially school sweatshirts & PE Kits).


If your child is opting to have a packed lunch please provide a balance between sweet and savoury; there should be no sweets in packed lunch boxes. Please remember we are a NUT FREE school. If you would like to provide your child with a snack for playtime, please ensure that this is either fruit or vegetables only.


From next week, the children will all be given ‘Talk Homework’ every Monday. This is a very important piece of homework, which will prepare your child for their ‘Absolutely Fabulous Writing’ completed in class on Fridays.


They will also be allocated maths and punctuation/grammar homework from next Monday which again is due for completion by the Friday of that week.


Children will be given new spellings to learn every Thursday and will be given a spelling test on these spellings on the following Thursday each week.


Year 6 is a very important, hardworking year for your children, therefore we try to keep weekends as homework free as possible so that the children have plenty of time for fun and relaxation at the end of each week.


We will try to hear your child read two/three times a week, so of course having their reading book with them every day is important. It is such an enormous benefit to your child if you could hear them read their books every night at home. Please use your child’s home/school diary as a communication between home and school and record any comments about your child’s reading in there too.


Every time your child reads at home they will earn table points for their table. In addition to getting points for reading every night at home they will also earn table points for completing homework on time; having a great work attitude; displaying the Cumwhinton values, super effort and manners, etc. These are in addition to the individual House Points they can also earn. The winning table in class, each week, will each receive a small prize. For exceptional effort by the whole class, the children will be rewarded with one of the marbles out of our class marble jar. When the class has earned all the marbles in our class jar we will have a special class topic themed day, full of exciting activities. Hard work and effort is always rewarded in Scafell.


Our topic this term is ‘Waterworlds’ covering such aspects as: life in the oceans, seas and rivers; why water is wonderful; environmental issues etc. Please see the attached sheet detailing the subject curriculum focuses for this term and the Year 5/6 spelling list which informs you of the Government’s current expectations.


We want your child to have a happy and productive time in Year 6. Communication between home and school is vital so please call in at the school office (8.30am+) or at the end of the school day (3.20pm+) if there is anything you need to pass on that will help us support your child in school.


We are looking forward to a fun filled, hardworking and happy year working with your children.


Thank you for your continued support.


Miss Astell                             Mrs. Strong                    Mrs. Blakeley

(Deputy Head Teacher

and Scafell Class Teacher)      (Senior TA)                          (TA)