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This week during our meeting we have started to think about what we would like put in the letter we are sending to Tanzania, we have put up on our notice board speech bubble for everyone in school to write their ideas.

For example; what we would like know about their school life and what we could tell them about our school days.

We have now added to and tidied our dressing up box - this is proving very popular on Fridays during lunchtimes.

Shoe Box Appeal

Meeting Thursday 1st November 2018

Class contributions regarding talent show are as follows (late entries):

Y6 Overall yes.

Y4 Overall yes 


Show box appeal introduce. Council would like to direct appeals towards babies and teenage boys. Letter to be constructed.


Food Bank Drop Off

Food Bank Drop Off 1
Food Bank Drop Off 2
Food Bank Drop Off 3
Food Bank Drop Off 4
Food Bank Drop Off 5
Food Bank Drop Off 6
Food Bank Drop Off 7
Food Bank Drop Off 8

18.10.18 Meeting

Overall opinion is that the whole school would like to host a Talent contest. Pupil councillors are to remember to ask teachers and children to fill in feedback sheets.

Council children have been asked to scribe a letter to send to Tanzania over half term describing what life at Cumwhinton School is like. Children to bring them in after the half term holidays to send off in November.

Date to be set for PJ day to raise money for footballs for each classes' break times. 

Children asked to come to Year 5 classroom at 12 noon tomorrow to help put Harvest contributions into Mrs Broombys car for Shay and Summer to take to Carlisle Foodbank.

Harvest Donations

Harvest Donations 1
Huge thank you to everyone who has handed in Harvest donations so far! Reminder that all donations are to be received by Friday morning to be delivered to Carlisle Food Bank during lunch.

Pupil Council meeting 8.10.19

We have been asked by Mrs Mitchell to sort letter for Harvest festival and it has been decided that we will donate to Carlisle Food Bank. Letter to the effect of donations to be handed in by Thursday 18.10.18, donations will then be delivered to Food Bank by Head Boy, Head Girl, Mrs Broomby and Miss Ewart on Friday 17.10.18 @ 12.00pm. Children were then asked to design a poster to put up around school to ask for donations of non-perishable food items, toiletries etc.

Summer has now edited the letter to go home to parents/carers regarding donations and this will be sent to all children tonight.


Pupil Council children set up a dressing up box for Friday play times....the children have a whale of a time!!

Pupil Council Book Swap July 2018-

The pupil council planned and held school's first book swap. Pupils brought books from home to swap with friends to read during the Summer holidays! Look out for our next book swap event next year!

Pupil Council 2018

Summer Book Swap

Summer Book Swap 1
Summer Book Swap 2