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Blencathra - Year 5

Final Home Learning of Y5 2020 - Hooray!


One more week to go! Well done to all of you for completing Year 5 in whatever way you could during the weirdest year of my teaching career so far (and there have been some weird ones!).


You have this week to complete your English writing challenge 'Elves & Sprites'. You have no more spelling quizzes as you have completed the spelling and handwriting scheme for the year that we started in September. The best thing you can do to prepare for Year 6 spelling now is to make sure you know how to spell most of the Year 5/6 statutory spellings. The list is attached below and once you have been tested by an adult to see which ones you need to learn, there are some activity sheets to help you practise. I have also added the handwriting sheets for all the statutory spellings for you to practise over the holidays too. 


Well done to everyone who handed work in this week. I have added it below. Huge congratulations to Grace, Lewis Irv, Max (x2), Andrew, Ava, Jacob and Matthew who have got 10/10 on their spelling quizzes over the last two weeks!


Maths this week is looking at metric and imperial units, time and timetables. The videos are at this link: and the activity sheets are attached below along with the answers.


Please send your work and any queries to and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


That just leaves me left to say a massive thank you for being the best class in the school for the second time! You really are a great bunch of children and I hope I get to come back and watch you all in your leavers' show this time next year. I have told Miss Astell that I am in no doubt that you will be a fabulous Year 6 class and I think you're all going to have a brilliant time. 


I'm sure you will all agree that Mrs Burke, Mrs Norris, Mrs Strong, Mrs Batey and Miss Temple-Cox have done a fantastic job in Year 5 this year as well and deserve a big, virtual round of applause from us all. I know they enjoyed working with you all as much as I did.


So it's goodbye from me and this small baby that should hopefully be joining the Barber family soon ...



Have a wonderful summer holiday break and let's hope things can be back to normal in September.


Best wishes to you all and your families,


Mrs Barber xx

Well done last week to Mikey and Harry R for getting 10/10 on their CLIC, and to Andrew for scoring 10/10 on his SAFE test! yes

Have a lovely summer year 5 smiley

from Mrs Burke

Brooke's Strawberries, Chillies and Tomatoes!

Harry R's Home Learning and Happy New House Harry!

Matthew's Home Learning

Brooke's Home Learning After School!

More Marvellous Cookery and Home Learning from Matthew!

Home Learning Week Beginning 6th July 2020


Hello everybody!


Thank you all for the learning you sent in from last week. Mrs Burke did a fine job of communicating with you all and uploading your work towards the end of the week while I had a few appointments, planned and mainly unplanned, but all is well again!


Apologies for last week's spelling quiz being unavailable. It is on Purple Mash from Sunday until Tuesday if you've practised and would like to see how you have done.


This week's spellings focus on changing nouns and verbs into adjectives using the suffix -al. There are a few activities and handwriting sheets to help you practise which are attached below and this week's spelling quiz will be on Purple Mash Friday - Sunday.


Please hand in your 'One Chance' writing challenge work from the last two weeks and make a start on 'Elves and Sprites' if you haven't done so already. I got slightly ahead of myself last week, there are now two weeks left until the holidays and two weeks to complete this final writing challenge of the year. I have also included a reading comprehension.


Maths this week focuses on shape: regular and irregular polygons (2D shapes), 3D shapes and their properties, reflection (mirroring) and translation (moving/sliding) of 2D shapes. The videos that explain everything can be found at: and activity sheets can be found attached below.


Have a great week all,


Mrs Barber x


Don't forget to log onto bigmaths and complete your weekly challenges.

Congratulations to :

Max 10/10 on CLIC & SAFE

Grace was promoted for her Learn its

Izzy10/10 on CLIC & promoted for her Learn its

Mikey 10/10 on CLIC

Ava 10/10 on SAFE

Ryan 10/10 on CLIC 3rd time in a row so was promoted



Science this week is to find out about the work of Margaret Hamilton and her role in the moon landing.

Welcome To Year 6 Letter from Miss Astell!

Miss Astell is really looking forward to you all joining her in Year 6 in September. She has set you a transition challenge (above) and if you head over to the new Scafell Y6 2020-2021 class page you can read her letter and view the PowerPoint and videos she added for you all to see. The link is:


Mrs Barber x

Fabulous work from Andrew 👍🏻

Lewis Irving has been very busy, well done! 😀

Super chef Sowerby 😋

Hello Year 5, Mums, Dads, Carers, Grandparents and fellow Teachers and TAs!


Only two weeks to go! For those of you who have worked consistently hard at home and at school during lock down, a massive well done to you all! Thank you to Matthew, Lewis Irv, Mikey and Izzy for sending photos of what you've been up to last week. Well done to Mikey, Max, Jacob, Lewis Irv, Grace and Andrew for getting 10/10 on their spelling last week as well. Very impressive!


This weeks learning is as follows:



Spelling & handwriting - converting nouns into adjectives using the suffix -'ive'. Documents are attached below, spelling quiz on Purple Mash Friday - Sunday. Please complete and hand in by the end of this week.


New writing challenge: 'Elves & Sprites' to be completed and handed in by Friday 17th July please and this will be the last writing challenge of the year. Remember school will pay the charitable donation it asks for on the front cover of the writing challenges.

Our reading comprehension this week is about the FA Cup in celebration of the football starting again!



White Rose videos

and this week its learning to measure angles using a protractor and calculating angles. Don't worry if you don't have a protractor at home. They are available to buy online or at stationery shops in town or if someone you know is going into school, ask a member of staff if you can borrow one. It shouldn't be a problem. You won't need one to do the calculating, only the measuring. Documents are attached below.

Don't forget to complete your weekly Big Maths challenges at

Well done to : Max for 10/10 on CLIC

Kai and Jacob were promoted for their Learn its yes



To find out about the scientist Stephanie Kwolek and her work with materials.


Any issues at all please contact me on the Year 5 email address and I'll be happy to help.


Have a great week!


Mrs Barber and Mrs Burke xx


Awesome home learning by Max

Lewis Irv's Home Learning -Well done!

Izzy's Obstacle Course

Mikey's Awesome Home Learning - well done!

Mikey's Wonderful Wizard Writing!

Matthew's Marvellous Home Learning this week!

Home Learning Week Beginning 22nd June 2020


Happy Sunday Year 5!


Today is Fathers Day so a very happy Fathers Day to all our Year 5 Dads today. I hope you have managed to enjoy or celebrate today in some way. We are having a Fathers Day tea this evening and watching a film.


As I've explained to some of you, I had a few appointments to work around last week and wasn't 100% well but I'm back now and I have managed to upload all the wonderful work that some of you have been sending in. It's lovely to see what you've been doing and talking to some of your parents via email as well.


Maths and English resources including a new writing challenge 'One Chance' are attached below. Remember school will pay the donation to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital asked for on the front of the writing challenge. The link to the Maths videos is still and it's week 9 this week. I've also added some PE activities from Mrs Broomby if you're struggling for ideas to get active after all these weeks of daily exercise!


Please hand in your Maths, spelling and handwriting by Friday 26th June and the writing challenge by Friday 3rd July via the email address and I will add your wonderful work to our class page. 


Very well done to all the children who sent in their home learning (and work they'd continued at home after attending school in some cases!) last week. It is so fantastic to see how hard some of you are working to make sure you are ready for Year 6 and I know those of you who have been in the bubble rooms at school have been working very hard with your adults too. You should be very proud of yourselves. 


Our super star spellers so far this week are: Grace, Jacob, Max and Lewis Irv. Also Scott for last week as he completed the quiz after I had checked it but got 10/10 - well done! I'll update this if there are anymore 10/10s when I check again tomorrow morning.


Have a great week everyone!


Mrs Barber xx



Don't forget to complete your weekly challenges on Big Maths. Congratulations to last week's champions:

Oliver for 10/10 on SAFE and promoted on his Learn its yes

Grace for 10/10 on CLIC

Ava for 10/10 on SAFE

Andrew for 10/10 on CLIC.


Science this week is linked to the summer solstice which was on Saturday June 20th, to identify evidence that supports or refutes scientific theories about Stonehenge. 

Harry R's Home Learning - well done!

Matthew's Home Learning and Collecting Milk from the Farm!

Brooke's Excellent Work after School This Week!

Andrew's Awesome Work this Week!

Well done Max for a wonderful wizard writing challenge!

Some Great Work from Jacob - Well done!

Lewis Irv's Fabulous Learning!

Scott's Home Learning and Good Citizen's Award Tasks for Cadets!

Max's Home Learning

Home Learning Week Beginning 15th June 2020


Good morning Year 5 and parents/carers!


We hope you are all well and were able to enjoy some sunshine amongst the rain this weekend. We teachers have been busy writing all your reports and getting them sent off to Mrs Mitchell. She loves to read how you've all been getting on and they were a delight to write!


Thank you to everyone for their hard work last week and to those who sent in lovely examples for us to share on this class page.


Massive congratulations to Lewis Irv, Max, Matthew, Grace, Ava, Mikey, Jacob, Harry R and Andrew for getting 10/10 on their de- and re- prefix spellings last week!


Mrs Burke and I hope you have a wonderful week whether you'll be in school or learning from home. 


Mrs Barber xx


English Week Beginning 15/06/20

You have one more week to complete your writing challenge from last week about wizards. Please could you send your wizard work to and I will put it on the class page.


Spelling and handwriting this week is words that have the prefix 'over-' eg overcome. 

Maths Week Beginning 15/06/20

This week's Math focus is percentages, fractions and decimals. The videos can be found at and we are on Week 8 15th June. The activity sheets are attached below.

Don't forget to log onto Big Maths to complete your weekly challenges.

Congratulations to last weeks Maths Champions :

Max, Ethan H, Mikey and Ava got 10/10 on their CLIC test

Ethan H also got 10/10 on his SAFE test

Max, Grace, Ava and Mikey were promoted yes


Our science for the next few weeks will be focused on finding out about significant scientists and inventors. This week you will find out about the life of David Attenborough.

Izzy's Home Learning!

Just a quick note to say... school will make a donation to NSPCC on the children's behalf for using the Talk4Writing challenges. There's no need to make a further donation unless you would like to. Mrs B :-)

Home Learning Week Beginning 8th June 2020


Hi Year 5!


Thank you to everyone who sent in their learning from last week. I can see lots of you are working hard ready for Year 6 - well done! I hope those children who were back at school this week had a great first week back.


Well done to everyone who completed Friday's Purple Mash spelling quiz. A special well done to Max and Matthew who scored 20/20!


This week's learning is attached below. Talk4Writing has produced a new writing challenge about Wizards! These challenges take a little longer so please take two weeks to complete this one and hand it in via the Year 5 email address no later than Friday 19th June 2020. There is also a reading comprehension to complete about Captain Tom.


The spelling, handwriting and Maths is just for this week and follows the same format we have been using. The video link for the Maths is we're on week 7 this week. Don't forget to complete your Big Maths challenges too. Please send your home learning to and I will put it on the class page if you'd like me to.


Mrs B (both of us!) :-) 


Have a great week 

Lewis Irv's Fab Cloudy Lesson Challenge!

Brooke Found Bambi!

Matthew's Home Learning and a Letter and Key ring from his Rugby Club!

Brooke's Home Learning and Time at the Beach!

Andrew's Cloud Writing Challenge!

Harry L's Eid Comprehension!

Science Update

The last Science topic taught in Year 5 is a unit about puberty and growth. We have decided to leave this unit until the children are back in school and not set online learning for this topic. Of course you may have already discussed this topic with your child or may wish to talk about it with them over the summer. If you need some support in discussing this topic with your child, there is some useful information and video clips here

Please do get in touch via email if you have any questions.



Matthew's home learning, time at the beach and bathing his bearded dragon!

Scott's Fabulous Cloud Lesson Learning So Far!

Home Learning 1st June 2020

Hello my lovelies and welcome back! I hope you have made the most of the glorious sunshine during the half-term break. Thank you to everyone who has sent in their Clock Tower writing activities and other home learning. You have done a fabulous job!


Apologies to those of you who were looking for the spelling quiz from Friday. For some reason it didn't save on Purple Mash. I'll add those words to this week's quiz instead so there will be 20 spellings on the quiz but just 10 to learn this week.


As some of you will be back at school this week, I have separated the English and Maths learning into two sections so the activities are easier for you to find if you're working independently at any point. 


Some of you will remember I'm expecting a baby in September so I have to stay at home for the time being. Almost all other teachers and teaching assistants will be there to help those of you who are returning to school and they are all looking forward to seeing everyone who is coming back. Even though I won't be in school, if anyone needs any support at all, whether you are learning in school or at home, remember you can email me directly at and I will reply as soon as I can. I love seeing what you've been up to with your learning and if you send anything you feel proud of to me, I'll continue to put it on this class page for everyone to see.


Mrs Barber


Maths 1st June 2020

This week we are moving on to multiplying fractions and mixed numbers by a whole number (sometimes called an 'integer'), finding fractions of an amount and using fractions as operators.


The lesson videos can be found at and you should focus on Week 6. Friday's lesson as before will lead you to BBC Bitesize challenges.


Maths activity sheets are added below:

English 1st June 2020

Attached below is a new writing challenge and video - 'A Cloudy Lesson'. Read the video instructions in the writing challenge document. It tells you where to pause the video to consider what's happening so far and answer questions. You can watch the video as many times as you like and go back to it when you need to as you work your way through the activities linked to the video. You should be able to complete two activities per day until you get to the extended writing pieces.


Spelling and handwriting - This week we are learning how to spell 'unstressed vowels in polysyllabic words'. This sounds complicated but really it's just learning to remember the vowels that you can't hear very well in words eg 'desperate' sounds like 'desprate' but there is another 'e' hiding in there when you spell it correctly. Sometimes it helps to say, 'des-per-rate' to remind yourself where the unstressed vowel is hiding when you are writing. Remember vowels are a, e, i, o and u so they are the only letters that can be hiding!  


A Cloudy Lesson

Enjoy this timeless and cloudy tradition passed down from grandfather to grandson ending with a wonderfully warm twist of creativity.

Reading Comprehension


Lewis Irv's Excellent Clock Tower Writing and Activities!

Andrew's Awesome Clock Tower Writing Challenge!

Brooke & Sacha's Thank yous!

Scott's Super Spelling!

Matthew's Home Learning - well done!

Keswick Research and Beautiful Writing from Brooke

Hello again Year 5,

I can't believe Wednesday has come around again so quickly! Thank you for the work you've sent in, Mrs Barber and I really enjoy seeing it all. Science this week is revision of our topic Forces with an assessment to complete to test what your child has learned during the unit. Look through the revision sheet first with them, then ask them to complete the assessment. The answers are also provided.


Please remember to log onto Big Maths to complete your weekly challenges at

Well done to last week's Maths Champions:

Max, Jacob & Matthew for 10/10 on CLIC and SAFE

Mason, Harry R, Ryan & Andrew for 10/10 on CLIC

Max, Lewis Irv, Jacob, Ava & Tyler were promoted yes


Enjoy half term next week, take care everyone

Mrs Burke

Brooke's Clue-Dough Cakes - Delicious!

Scott's Geography Mindmap!

Scott's Super Den Building for Cadets!

Great Home Learning by Matthew!

Wonderful Work by Imani

Loads of Home Learning by Harry R!

Home Learning

Week Beginning 18/05/20


Happy final week of this half term Year 5!


I cannot thank you all enough for how hard you have worked during this lock down half term. It hasn't been easy but you have done yourselves, your parents and Mrs Burke and I very proud with everything you have achieved since Easter (and even before that for some of you). So much so, that we've decided to give you next week off! If you'd like to take more time over this week's learning and spread it over two weeks that's fine. I think I'd rather get it done this week and have a week off next week if I was you though. A massive thank you to all parents and carers who have helped to support the children with their home learning this half term and for sending so many lovely photos and pieces of work in for the class page. We couldn't have done this without you so thank you for everything.


Mrs Barber x


This week...

Maths: continue learning about fractions moving on from last week. You can find the lesson guide and videos at: and the activity sheets and answers are below.


English: We are moving on to something similar but slightly different from The Literacy Shed this week. It's called 'The Clocktower' and involves watching and studying the video clip called 'The Clocktower' in detail and using it to complete the activities. There are 10 activities which means there are two to complete each day working towards a piece of writing at the end of the week. As there isn't any grammar work in this challenge, it would be good to have a go at 2-3 activities from the Pobble 365 website throughout the week as a warm up before you start your Clocktower activities each day. This is the link .There is usually an interesting image and then a sentence activity below it to complete when you click on the down arrow. There's a new one to choose from every day. Nothing needs printing out. You can complete these activities straight into your green exercise book or on to a piece of paper from the screen.


Spelling & Handwriting: Enormous congratulations to Brooke, Imani, Max, Matthew, Jayden, Jacob and Ethan C for getting 10/10 on our 'ere' spellings this week. Thank you to everyone else who has completed it so far. No one has scored less than 8/10 either which is really good. The quiz doesn't close until the end of today so there could be more champions -watch this space!


This week the spelling focus is statutory spellings from the Year 5 list. The presentation and resources for practising are below. I have also added some Mr Whoops! activities to help you develop your understanding of the meaning of some of the words we have been learning this half term. There will be a spelling quiz on the ten statutory spellings you've been asked to practise this week on Friday on Purple Mash. Good luck!


Geography: Make a list or mindmap showing the sort of jobs people who work in Keswick might do. They are likely to be different to the jobs people do in Carlisle. Can you explain why? Some people might do a job in Keswick that is the same or similar to those who work in Carlisle. Which jobs do you think they could they be? (Just focus on employers/work places and jobs rather than where people might live).


If you need any help at all, please send me an email to and I will get back to you as soon as I can. When you have work you would like me to see, whether for the class page or just so I can send you some positive feedback, please attach it and send it to me at our Year 5 email address above.


Have a great week!


Mrs Barber



The Clocktower

PE Challenges 18/05/20

Please read Carlisle United's Joy of Movement letter with your child/ren and then complete the Joy of Movement active afternoon booklet and submit some pictures for us to share on our website and social media. Thank you!

Challenge 1 - Family challenge - Active alphabet sheet cna all the family spell each others names too?

Andrew's Awesome Keswick Research

Impressive Home Learning from Matthew

A Wonderful Rhiswanozebtah Writing Challenge by Lewis Irv - very well done!

Lewis Irv's Keswick Research

Grace's Amazing Rhiswanozebtah Writing Challenge!

Jacob's Brilliant Rhiswanozebtah Writing Challenge!

Harry R's Maths & English - Well Done!

Scott's Super Spelling!

Andrew's Rhiswanozebtah Writing Challenge - Excellent Stuff!

Friction Testing & Maths - Well Done Brooke!

Conscientious Comprehension by Lewis Irv!

Spelling Success!


A huge well done to all those children who have now completed last week's spelling quiz (apologies for setting that on a bank holiday initially. I lost track of what day it was!). Special congratulations go to Emily, Mikey, Alice, Matthew, Scott, Harry R, Grace, Lewis Irv, Izzy and Andrew for getting 10/10.


The 'ere' spelling quiz is now live on Purple Mash so you can challenge yourself on this week's spellings when you're ready. Let's see if we can beat our record of fourteen 10/10s! Good luck!


Mrs Barber 

Happy Birthday Imani!

Wonderful Hard Work by Jayden this Week!

Max's Writing Challenge!

Matthew's Home Learning in Action!

Super Science and Reading by Lewis Irv

Scott's Writing Challenge so Far - Well Done!

Excellent English & Maths by Lewis Irv

Well done Harry L! Some marvellous Maths to Share

Hello again Year 5

I can't believe it's been nearly 8 weeks since I've seen you all! I hope you enjoyed the bank holiday weekend, we had a tea party at my house and Lola and Ruby made flags.

Science this week is learning about mechanisms: to explore and design mechanisms. You will find a useful video here : and here :  


I have included another comprehension should you have time to complete it, as usual there are 3 levels of difficulty ( *easy **middle***hard) and the answers are included.

Don't forget to log on and complete your weekly Big Maths challenges. Congratulations to last weeks maths champions:

Brooke, Jayden, Emily and Andrew for 10/10 on CLIC

Ethan H 10/10 on SAFE

Jacob 10/10 on CLIC and SAFE 

Brooke, Ethan H, Ryan and Andrew ere promoted smiley


Stay safe everyone

Mrs Burke

Andrew's 'Rhiswanozebtah' Writing Challenge and Maths - Excellent Work!

Imani's Marvellous Maths and some Writing too!

Matthew's Maths, Reading and VE Day Cookery - Well Done!

Reading Comprehension - Well Done Liam!

Scott's Keswick acrostic of information he has found out so far!

Emily's Writing Challenge! Well done!

Jayden's Maths, English and PE Today! Well done!

Flynn looking out towards one of the physical features near Keswick - Blencathra Fell!

Week Beginning 11/05/20


Hi Year 5,


I hope you have all had a great bank holiday weekend in the sunshine, possibly celebrating VE Day in whatever way you could. We had a little barbeque and a neighbour dropped off some VE Day cupcakes on our doorstep which was very nice. 


This week we are learning about area in Maths and I can confirm that the resources are no longer free on the White Rose website but the videos are. So please find the activity sheets attached below for when you've watched the videos each day which can still be found at: and it's Week 4/11th May that we're moving on to this week. Well done to all those children who sent in their multiplication and division work last week. I can see you have all worked very hard on those lessons. There are some multiplication and division 2Dos on Purple Mash if you would like a bit more practice as I know some of you found it quite challenging.


In English, you have one more week to work on your 'Where the Wild Things Are' writing challenge. You can send in your challenge activities so far for me to look at and I'll email you back if you like. It doesn't have to be completely finished before you send it in, but it's up to you how you want to hand it in. I have loved reading the writing that I have received so far and I know all the other teachers and children have too so a huge well done to those children who have sent in writing challenge work throughout last week. 


Spelling & Handwriting: This week's focus is the /ear/ sound spelt 'ere'. Activity sheets are attached below and we will have a Purple Mash quiz on these spellings on Friday. I have extended the date on last week's spelling quiz as not many children have managed to complete it yet. Please find time tomorrow or Tuesday to complete last week's Purple Mash spelling quiz if you haven't done so already. Very well done to Max, Ethan H, Jacob and Jayden who all got 10/10 for their adverbials of place spellings last week. There is still time for everyone else to get 10/10 as well so please have a go if you haven't already.


Geography (and a bit of history): We would be beginning our case study looking at the Lake District town of Keswick this week. Do some research looking at maps and on the internet (with adult supervision) to find out and make a list of some of the human and physical features of Keswick. Can you find out why the town of Keswick is where it is (a bit of history mystery for you!) Use what you have learnt about the invasions of Cumbria from your Y4 learning to help you understand why Keswick is where it is today. Why is it still a popular place to visit? We have been to Keswick a few times together over the years. The Theatre by the Lake and the Pencil Museum are both places we have been to in Keswick in Y2 and Y5 so that could help you with your list of features.


Don't forget to send me anything you are proud of or want me to look at and comment on to and I will put your work on our class page and/or send you a message back, whichever you prefer.


Best Wishes,


Mrs Barber



Imani's amazingly conscientious hard work on our writing challenge!

Marvellous Maths by Ethan H (who has been working his socks off!)

Great Home Learning from Flynn and his Dad!

Awesome VE Day Learning by Scott and his Dad

Mrs Broomby's PE Challenges!

If you want to try something new during your exercise time, have a go at one of Mrs Broomby's PE challenges.


Year 5 - 

Challenge 1 - Sock wrestling, this is your family/sibling game this week. Set out an area- this can be a circle or just the area in your garden or living room, each player puts a sock over just the toes of their feet and start facing each other on all their hands and knees, on the shout of go the aim of the game is to steal your opponents sock!! Make it harder by putting the sock on properly!!

Challenge 2 : Target practice, draw different targets on a wall (high target, low target etc) using chalk - how many times can you throw, kick or roll different sized balls at it and hit it?

Challenge 3 : River crossing - see attached image

Flynn completing his Science boat challenge

Imani's Home Learning Today!

Matthew Practising Guitar!

Still image for this video

Ethan C's Home Learning!

Matthew's Home Learning this Week!

Ryan's VE Day Learning!

Imani testing her bike brakes for our Science this week on friction

Lewis Irv's Writing Challenge so Far!

Scott's Writing and Planting!

Lots of Learning from Imani!

Great Work from Jayden!

Well done Liam!

Hello Year 5,

Hope you and your families are all safe and well.

Science this week is to investigate the force of friction. It has an investigation to design a brake pad for a scooter or bike, if you don't have all the equipment needed don't worry, just look at the information and talk with your child about which would be the best material to use for a brake pad and why. You will find a good video here

I have included a special VE Day reading comprehension below if you have time. As usual, there are 3 levels ( * easier ** medium ***harder) and the answers are included.

Please remember to log in to to complete your maths challenges. Well done to last weeks Maths champions:

Harry R, Mikey and Jacob for 10/10 on their CLIC  & SAFE tests

Ava and Ryan for 10/10 on their CLIC test

Lewis Irv, Jacob and Ava for being promoted!smiley


Enjoy your bank holiday weekend everyone!

Mrs Burke

Where The Wild Things Are (ebook)

The link in the Talk4Writing booklet doesn't work so use these YouTube clips instead...

Hi Year 5!


I hope you have had a lovely weekend. We've enjoyed the sunshine today playing in the sandpit and pretending we're on our holidays!


Next week's learning for Maths, the videos are still on the website: for each day but you might need to get the questions and answers off this class page because I don't think they're free anymore. We have subscribed as a school to White Rose Premium so I have downloaded them and put them on this page for you to access free of charge.


English: Our next writing challenge is here! The next one is called 'Rhi-swano-zeb-tah' (all will become clear when you read the details!). It is based on the well known story 'Where the Wild Things Are'. You have two weeks to complete this challenge. Please send completed work to by Friday 15th May so I can share them on our class page and/or send you an email to say how well you've done. I know Mrs Mitchell and Miss Astell were so impressed with the writing they have seen so far so very well done to those children. Please let me know when you send your work if you would rather I didn't put it on the class page. This writing project asks for a donation to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. The school has already made this donation on your behalf so you don't need to pay anything unless of course you'd like to.


Spelling & Handwriting: Sheets attached below. The focus is adverbials of place. Just like last week but place words instead of time words. There will be another spelling quiz on Purple Mash on Friday to test you on these spellings. If you like to see demonstration videos of how to form and join cursive letters, you can use with username:cum password: whinton.


Topic: Have a go at some of the VE Day activities below. You can do as many of them as you like. Some of the recipes and the glider in particular look really fun to make!


A question from one parent this week was to ask if we could use Word documents rather than pdfs to reduce the amount of ink and paper you are using by typing straight on to the document. We completely understand this and accept any work that is typed rather than written by hand (with the exception of handwriting of course!) so if you would like to convert any of our worksheets to Word documents to complete electronically, try the pdf2docs website. If you have any questions at all, please contact me on our Year 5 email address and I will get back to you asap.


Best Wishes,


Mrs Barber

Well done Grace! 'The Game' Writing Challenge

VE Day Bunting by Brooke!

Friday's Stars!

A massive well done to all those children who have worked their socks off this week. I am so impressed with 'The Game' writing challenge responses that have been sent in. I have added some below for everyone to read. Well done to Mikey, Max, Andrew, Lewis Irv, Harry R and Ethan H so far! If you have completed the challenge too and would like to see your work displayed here on our class page, please send it through to me via the email address. If you have worked hard and want me to read and comment on your work, without putting it on the class page, that's fine too. I am happy to reply to you personally to say how well you've done if you're felling a bit shy.


Mrs Barber

Harry R's 'The Game' Writing Challenge!

Ethan H's 'The Game' Writing Challenge!

Mikey's 'The Game' Writing Challenge!

Thursday's Stars!

'The Game' Writing Challenge!

Fantastic work by Izzy

Brooke's Earth Day Planting :-)

Grand Grammar!

Great Geography!

Well done Andrew on a fun but informative science experiment on streamlining. 😀

Excellent Maths!

Matthew's Egyptian Flatbreads!

Wednesday 29th April

Hi Year 5

I hope you are all keeping safe, well and happy. I miss you all!

This weeks Science is investigating water resistance. If you don't have all the equipment you need just try your best and do what you can. Cumwhinton subscribes to the Curriculum Visions website which has lots of child friendly information books online. They have lots of information about Forces on there,  the username is cumwhinton/0001 and the password is jungle.

I have also added another reading comprehension for you to do if you have time, with 3 levels of difficulty. The answers are included.

Please try to complete your Beat That maths challenges on

Last weeks maths champions were:

Max, Jayden, Brooke & Andrew for 10/10 on their CLIC

Matthew for 10/10 on his SAFE

Brooke & Matthew have been promoted yes


Keep safe everyone

Mrs Burke

Week Beginning 27th April (how is it still April?!) 2020


Now we all know what we're doing with home learning, I will put the resources for the whole week on here on Sunday afternoon/evening ready for the following week. 


Thank you so much to all those children who have sent in home learning work and photographs: Andrew, Lewis Irv, Grace and Matthew. Mrs Burke and I love to see your smiling faces and what you've been up to. Well done also to those children who worked on their home learning with Miss Astell at school last week. Ava, Brooke and Tyler, I know Miss Astell enjoyed working with you all.


Great results for all those who completed this week's 'ough' word spelling quiz on Purple Mash. A special well done to: Brooke, Max, Ethan H, Lewis Irv and Ryan for getting 10/10! Mrs Norris would be so proud - keep up the good work!

Mrs Barber

Well done Matthew on a fantastic parachute experiment!

Friday 24th April 2020

Good morning Year 5!


Today's Maths is a Friday challenge set by BBC Bitesize in conjunction with White Rose so it matches what we've been learning this week. Work your way through each of the challenges on the webpage below: There are some extra actvities at the bottom of the page if you want to do more but these aren't part of today's main challenges.


English: Continue with your 'Jumanji' writing challenge activities and complete the 'ough' spelling quiz on Purple Mash. Make sure you do at least 20 minutes reading independently and/or to an adult. You are able to quiz on Accelerated Reader now. Mrs Atkinson has lifted all date restrictions on there this week so try again if you had difficulties before.


Geography: Continuing with OS maps and grid references. Today's activity moves on to SIX figure grid references - good luck!


Let me know if you need any help or if you've got something you're proud of and would like to share via 


Mrs Broomby has sent some suggested games to keep active. Take a look at those if you're running out of ideas or want to try something different. Miss Tarbit has found some cool street art, done with chalk. Watch the video and have a go yourself if you'd like to.


Have a great weekend!


Mrs Barber 

PE Ideas from Mrs Broomby


Year 5

1. Snowball fight, screw up pieces of newspaper or letters mum's and dad's don't need anymore - make lots of small 'snowballs'. Draw a line on the ground or lay a skipping rope across an area to divide it into two - then divide snowballs between you (and your siblings) and the grown up(s) in the house. It's now time to fight!! Set a timer for 30s and the winner is the team with the least snowballs in their half - remember no cheating and stepping over the dividing line!

2. Create (and make if possible) a weekly menu and fitness plan for an athlete (template attached titled Food and Fitness Log). Can you explain why you chose certain foods and why did you need to think about the amount of water and different snacks an athlete would need - can you complete your own timetable now?

3. Create a sensory walk using chalk (if you don't have chalk you can make a map and as you walk along follow your own instructions)- mark out a start line and as you walk along you could include hopscotch then hop spots then a shuttle run then a swirl on the floor then star jumps - be as creative as you like. Once you have completed it once - can you add to it every day and make it longer and longer.

Street Art

Still image for this video

BBC BItesize Home Learning

Well done Grace, fabulous science work.

Well done Andrew, I'm glad you enjoyed your parachute experiment.

Wednesday 22nd April

Hello Year 5, I am missing you all! Your maths today is Week 1 Lesson 3 on  and is focusing on complements to 1. Watch the video and answer the questions, the answers are included too. Please also complete your CLIC tests at Well done to Oliver, Jayden, Lewis Irving, Izzy, Ava, Eva and Andrew who have been promoted! 


Please find below a reading comprehension on Fidget Spinners to complete ( set at 3 levels of difficulty) and the answers are included.


Our Science this week is finding out about air resistance and involves the children making a parachute ( not human sized!). Hopefully you will be able to find some odds and ends at home to use. Perhaps children could communicate with their friends in the class to compare their parachutes?


Enjoy the sunshine

from Mrs Burke


Last Week's Stars so Far...

A huge well done to Andrew and Lewis who have each done a brilliant piece of writing linked to our new Geography topic on OS maps! Excellent work boys and I'm sure you'll all agree that their handwriting and presentation is beautiful! You should both be very proud of yourselves!


Mrs Barber

Hi everyone!


I hope you've had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.


I've tried to make home-learning a little more straight forward this week with some new online resources for maths. Please see my learning note below for all the details. I'm keen to share what you've been up to with the rest of our community on this page, so please do not hesitate to send in your work or photos of any activities you've been doing to the Year 5 email address.


Stay safe and well,


Mrs Barber laugh

Hi Year 5, I hope you had a good Easter and have saved me some chocolate!

Here is the Science for week 2 of our topic on forces. Unfortunately the experiment requires the use of a Newton meter so you will not be able to complete that part, please just do what you can. Here is a useful video from the BBC


Please also find below this weeks reading comprehension, the answers are included. If you don't have a printer then write your answers down on plain paper.

I will also set you a 2Do on Purple Mash that links to Science.

Please complete your CLIC tests on Big Maths, I will check out your scores so good luck.

Have a lovely week,

from Mrs Burke


Happy Easter!


The Year 5 team and I hope you and your families are safe and well, and have enjoyed the Easter weekend.


From tomorrow, I will be putting the lessons we would have been doing on this class page. Some activities will be paper based and others will be on Purple Mash but I will refer to them all in the learning note. Don't worry if you don't have a printer. Most activities can be completed from the screen on to plain or lined paper although a printer will make things easier. Most lessons will have PowerPoint slides to learn from before completing each activity. For Maths, I will put the answers to the questions from the previous day in the learning note so you or your adult at home can check how you've got on. In Maths, there will often be three levels of questioning. Choose the one you feel challenges you best. Just like in class, if you feel you need an extra challenge or you're struggling, move on to the level where you feel most comfortable and don't forget to ask for help if you need it.


Mrs Burke will set learning for Reading, Science and Computing. I will also add the lessons that other members of staff would usually teach where possible such as Mrs Norris' spelling and handwriting, and Mrs Batey's RE. We will roughly follow the normal timetable so you have the opportunity to learn the same things you would have learnt in school.


Remember to use the suggested timetable that Mrs Mitchell put on each class page to space out your academic time, exercise, quite time and electronics time. I will set enough activities to fill the academic time slots.


Best Wishes,


Mrs Barber laugh


Hello! Mrs Barber here. When you have completed a 2Do on Purple Mash, please remember to click 'hand in' so that your work is sent to me to check and I know which tasks you have completed - thank you.

Mrs Burke has added some Science and reading below.

I hope you and your families are all safe and well,


Mrs B wink 

All Maths, English and History activities for Spring learning are on Purple Mash. Once you have completed an activity, it will be sent to Mrs Barber for checking. You don't need to complete them all at once but if you could do approximately one Maths, one English and one Ancient Greece activity each day, that would be great. After the Easter holidays, new content will appear on Purple Mash and on this class page for you to access. If you prefer to do written, rather than online, activities there are lots to choose from below. 


Remember you also have your TT Rockstars login to practise your timestables. There are also lots of suggested websites on Mrs Mitchell's letter, including details of how to access the Curriculum Visions website where we get all the interactive, non-fiction books from that we often use in lessons.


See below for paper-based Y5 activity packs/mats, spelling and handwriting tasks that you can print out and complete. Parents please be aware that answer sheets are included in these packs for you to check your child's answers.


If you are having any problems with any of the work set, you can contact me via our Year 5 email address

Hi Year 5

Hope you are all keeping safe and well. Our new Science topic is Forces. I will upload a new lesson each week, please complete as little or as much as you like. I will set some Purple Mash 2dos as well.

I will also upload some reading comprehensions. If you don't have a printer then just write your answers on paper.

Miss you all

Mrs Burke

week 1 Reading Comprehension ( there are 3 levels: lower, middle, higher)

To support parents and carers during school closure Twinkl have offered a free one month membership.

Go to

Enter the code:  UKTWINKLHELPS

This will give you and your child access to a range of resource organised by age and subject.smiley

Welcome Letter

10.3.2020 We made juice using different proportions of concentrate in our math's lesson. We had to carefully measure the correct amount of liquid.

World Book Day 2020

4.3.2020 We are creating spreadsheets in our computing lessons.