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Catbells - Year R

Hello Yellow - World Mental Health Day


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The children tasted lots of different foods before, deciding which group to put them in. We used sweet, salty, sour and bitter. 

Wear Red for Racism


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The children have been exploring their sense of touch. We used lots of different textured balls. The children tried hard to describe all the different textures.


The children are working hard to make a jigsaw using a photograph of themselves. They had good fun putting them together again. 

Funny Bones

We read Funny Bones before, singing a skeleton song and creating skeleton pictures. We tried to remember which bones are connected to each other. 




We have been exploring our sense of smell. We know that we need our nose to smell. We sniffed lots of different smelly pots before voting green for a good smell and red for a bad smell.




We have been exploring our sense of sight. The children wore blindfolds, before trying to stick eye stickers on the correct place on our face. We then went outside to try and throw a bean bag into a hoop. Everyone worked well with their partner to stay safe! 

Colour Mixing

The children are using their hands to mix secondary colours. Everyone had great fun. laugh

Our Senses


In science, we talked about what we could hear all around us. The children made big ears, we then went for a walk around school and the playground to find out what we could hear. 
Here are a few things we heard; the wind, cars passing by, doors banging, children talking and birds tweeting. 


The children have been using the laptops to type their names. 

Self Portraits

Today, we painted a self portrait. We discussed our hair, skin and eye colour before starting. Everyone worked hard to choose the right colours. 


We read Chalk, before heading outside to draw our own pictures. Everyone had lots of fun.

Zog - Growth Mindset

We read Zog by Julia Donaldson, we talked about how Zog didn't give up even though he hurt his head, set his wing on fire and hurt his throat. He kept going until he achieved his goal. The children then worked together to paint a large Zog for our display. They also had a go at writing their name, remembering not to give up when they found it tricky!


Our Bodies

We all sang Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. We then talked about the different parts of our bodies and what we use them for. We then drew around two children and painted them. Thinking carefully about the colours we needed to use. 

Lunch Time

Lunch Time 1
Lunch Time 2
Lunch Time 3

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