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DB PRIMARY - Online Learning Platform

What is DB Primary?


DB Primary is a primary learning cloud - A private, safe, intuitive and friendly online learning area that is designed to engage and educate the next generation of learners.


DB Primary is all web-based. This means you can access DB Primary anywhere with just a web browser and internet connection - There is nothing else you need to install on your computer! Each member of your school requires a username and password to enter the primary learning cloud.


Why do we need DB Primary?


In order to ensure that learning is continued, irrespective of lockdown and self-isolation, Cumwhinton Primary School has invested in this online learning platform. DB Primary offers high quality remote learning which children access through their own username and password. It is an excellent platform for teachers to plan a range of learning activites, which can be submitted by the child, marked by the class teacher with feedback and this can all be done in the event of a local or national lockdown. 


Log in to DB Primary:

What can you do through DB Primary?


  • Digital Literacy & Online safety - DB Primary's monitored online space helps pupils to safely become digitally literate with the use of blogs, forums, email and shared class pages.
  • Creative Tools - DB Primary's paint, draw, video and document tools allow children to express themselves in a variety of forms.
  • Primary Specific - Key stage specific features and themes provide a progressive and tailored experience for pupils.
  • Anytime Learning - DB Primary is open 24 hours. Extend learning beyond the classroom with online homework and independent access to curriculum resources.
  • School Communication - Enhance communication within your school with shared calendars and an online staff noticeboard.