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Great Gable - Year 3

Week beginning 13.07.2020

We have made it to the last week of term! Only one more week of Year 3 left for you before you can enjoy the summer break.

It has been a strange end to the year but we just wanted to take this opportunity to say how much we have enjoyed working with Year 3 in school, communication through email and seeing your amazing work. We have been so impressed with how much home learning you have completed and the amount of effort you have put in to it. You should all be so proud of yourselves 

Thank you very much to all of the parents/carers/family members who have supported the children with their learning at this difficult time. 

we hope you all have a safe and fun summer. As you come back to school in September you will be Year 4 and I know Miss Hope is looking forward to working with you all 

 Please try to write a letter to Miss Hope including the information from last week (scroll down to see it), she would love to hear from you. Send anything to so she can read it.

There are some maths activities for the last week along with SPAG and handwriting. There are also a few activities to keep you busy in the summer holidays. Please keep in touch with us over the summer sending messages and pictures etc as we love to see what you've all been doing. Remember to check out your new class pages for year 4 next year as well.

Have a brilliant summer and a well deserved rest everyone. Stay safe.

Love Mrs Hunter and Mrs Rickerbysmileyyesheart


Well done to Lottie who got 10/10 on her CLIC challenge yes

Jake got all of his learn its correct so has been promoted. Great work!yes

Reuben had been promoted in his SAFE challenges. Well done!yes


White Rose Maths

For the final week of the White Rose Maths we are comparing, adding and subtracting capacity as well as looking at pictograms and bar charts. The video links, activity sheets and answers you will need are all below. 

Purple Mash still has lots of 2do's.

Timetable rock stars.

Accelerated reader quizzes.

BBC bitesize

resources form the library to keep you busy all summer long !

Week beginning 6th July 2020

Hello everyone, we can't believe it's only 2 weeks until the end of the summer term. An enormous well done to everyone for working so hard these past few months and thank you to all the adults for your brilliant support.smiley We will continue to add activities over the last 2 weeks for you to complete and send to us at

You may have noticed that each class has a new page for 20-21 on this site. Please take a look at all the information that teachers will be putting on these pages over the next few weeks to give you lots of information for next year( You will need to find the year 4 page). Everyone has been busy preparing classrooms and learning for September and we can't wait to see everyone back in school.

Take care

Mrs Hunter and Mrs Rickerby

Cumbria Music Hub Newsletter June 2020 Graffiti Classics Concert. check out these free concerts.


It would normally be transition week when everyone gets the chance to meet their new teacher. As this can't happen right now you have a writing task to complete for your new teacher. We would like you to write a letter to your new teacher telling them all about you. Your teacher for next year is going to be Miss Hope that you all know quite well ,as she worked with year 3 before lockdown. She is very excited to get to know more about you all before September.

Please write Miss Hope a letter and then send it to year4@cumwhinton.cumbria.sch so Miss Hope can read them over the summer. You can type your letter and email it or write it and take a photo.


Try to include the following information:

Who is in your family.

What you like to do at home.

What you like to do at school.

Who are your friends in your class.

Do you have any hobbies?

What's your favourite food, book TV program abd why?

What are you looking forward to in year 4.

Do you have any questions or worries about year 4?

There may be other things you want to tell yopur class teacher too.

Could you also draw a pictutre of yourself? There is a link below to show you how to draw a self portrait.


handwriting double t and z

MATHS 6.7.20

Big Maths

Well done to to Raymond, Jake and Isaac who all got 10/10 on their CLIC this week.

Raymond and Reuben got 10/10 on their SAFE challenge.

A super well done to Lottie who got full marks on her CLIC, Learn Its and SAFE challenges and has been promoted yesyesyes


This week is the last week we will be doing the Big Maths challenges until you return to school in September as Year 4.


White Rose Maths

This week we are measuring, comparing and subtracting mass and measuring capacity. All of the video links, activity sheets and answers you need are below.


Scroll down to the instructions on last weeks page to complete this.

how to draw a self portrait



maths and handwriting practice from jake

lottie is super organised!

two busy sisters.

amazing jungle writing



Week Beginning 29.06.20

Hello year 3,

Well done to everyone for their hard work last week. The summer holidays are fast approaching but there's still lots to keep you busy at home or in school this week. Remember you have lots of activities online with Purple Mash, Timetable Rock Stars, Letter Join and accelerated reader quizzes. We hope you survived the terrible wind and rain this weekend and hopefully the sun will come back soon.


There is a reading challenge from the library for you to have a look at and enjoy. It is running from now until the end of the summer holidays.smiley

Take care

Mrs Hunter and Mrs Rickerby


Children's Summer Reading Challenge in Cumbria’s libraries

The Summer Reading Challenge is an annual event in Cumbria County Council’s libraries over the school summer holidays. Aimed at 4 – 11 year olds, children are encouraged to read six (or more) books of their choice during the summer holidays, with collectable incentives and rewards, plus a certificate for every child who completes the Challenge.

This year, with the disruption caused by Covid-19 and the impact of social distancing on schools and public libraries, an all-new digital  Summer Reading Challenge is launching, earlier than usual, to keep children reading over the summer and to support parents and carers with children at home.

Launching on 15th June, and running until September, the theme for the 2020 Challenge is “Silly Squad” – a celebration of funny books, happiness and laughter.

The Challenge website ( is free to access and is a place for children to rate and review their books and work towards their reading goal. It will also feature video content, games, quizzes, and digital and downloadable activities to incentivise and encourage children and their families to take part in the Challenge at home.

MATHS 29.6.20

Big Maths Superstars

Well done to Jake and Lottie who got 10/10 on their CLIC challenges and Reuben and Jessica who have now been promoted yes

Reuben and Lottie got 10/10 on their SAFE challenges and Jake has been promoted yes

A big well done to Lottie and Jessica who got all of their learn its correct so have been promoted yes

The school pin is 0806.

Your username is your first name.surname (no capitals) eg. joe.bloggs

Your password is your first name (with a capital) followed by 123 eg. Joe123. 

I will check your scores on Friday so good luck,

Mrs Rickerby


White Rose Maths

This week we are looking at drawing measurements accurately, 2D and 3D shapes as well as telling the times to the nearest 5 minutes. The video links, activity sheets and answers are all below.




This is the second week of our Talk 4 writing unit called the Jungle.

Last week you had the chance to write a list poem, a jungle diary/log about the jungle you found and explored and to draw a picture of your jungle.


This week you are asked to think about the new creatures you might discover. You can draw a picture and think about how you might trap this creature. The final writing task is to plan and write some instructions  explaining how to catch your creature. Have a think back to the instruction writing you did on 'How to wash a Wooly Mammoth' and the 'bossy' verbs you used along with time connectives. You can choose to present your work in any way. Please share anything you do on our class email



handwriting double R AND S


I'm really missing watching this at the moment but going to catch upo on some old repeats of brilliant tennis matches. Find out more about Andy Murray with this reading comprehension.




Below you will find some instructions to make different paper aeroplanes or use your own designs. Can you find out which design will fly the best or the furthest?

Try to carry out a fair test and record your results in a table. Remember to share what you find out please.smileyyes


Draw, colour or collage your imaginary jungle creature linked to our talk 4 writing. 


Follow the links below to draw some funny jungle animals.








Plant photo challenge.

Well done and thank you for all the super flower pictures (look at last weeks pictures). It was impossible to choose a winner so everyone has a certificate on its way.


great work jake.





Happy Monday everyone.  It's the time of year when we would be having sports days in school and this week is National Sports Week. So to make sure we don't miss out we are asking all classes to take part  in a sports week challenge.


All the information you need is shown below including a challenge to do each day for a week. There is a score sheet for you to complete and send to your class teacher via the class email: (a photo will do) then certificates will be sent to everyone who completes the challenge.

MATHS 22.6.20

Here are our maths champions this week:

Jake, Raymond, Reuben, Jessica and Lottie got 10/10 on their CLIC and Jake was promoted yes

Raymond, Jessica and Lottie got 10/10 on their SAFE challenge and Jessica was promoted yes

Jessica achieved full marks on her Learn its and has also been promoted yes

Well done everyone smiley


For maths please complete your CLIC challenges, go to the big maths website

The school pin is 0806.

Your username is your first name.surname (no capitals) eg. joe.bloggs

Your password is your first name (with a capital) followed by 123 eg. Joe123. 

I will check your scores on Friday so good luck.

Mrs Rickerby


White Rose Maths

This week we are looking at right angles, comparing angles and horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular lines. The video links, activity sheets and answers are below. 

ENGLISH 22.6.20

For the next 3/4 weeks we will be working on another talk4writing unit called JOURNEY TO THE JUNGLE. Remember that school has already paid the donation to Great Ormand Street so we can use this resource.

You will be imagining going on a journey to an undiscovered jungle, there are plenty of reading and writing activities to keep you busy.

Week 1: writing a list poem about the things you might take in a racksac.

Week 2: writing a jungle log or diary entry about what you discovered.

Week 3: Instruction writing, how to catch an amazing new jungle animal.

Follow the instrctions and activities carefully as you work through the booklet and please share any writing and drawing you do, we would love to see it.

handwriting double o and p

SCIENCE 22.6.20


Ask and adult to help then follow the utube link to do some amazing science with sweets. YOU CAN'T EAT THEM THOUGH!!!


how did george washington carver help farmers grow crops?

CREATIVE 22.6.20










5  minute yoga to do at your desk.


STARS OF THE WEEK 15.6.20smileyyes

Great work Raymond

another busy week. well done everyone.


Rebecca has been looking at flowers and spotting butterflies.

Jakes been super busy.

Leo is on fire with his work. Another plant expert in the making.

Marvellous maths by Daisy-Mae

Monday 15th June 2020

Hello everyone,

We hope you all had a good week last week. The teachers were so pleased to see some of our children back at school and we know that some year 3 children have been working in school for a few weeks now.

Until it is safe for more children to go back to school we all need to keep working hard at home. Remember a little bit of work on a regular basis will keep you busy and learning.


There's lots to do below plus you have Times Table Rock Stars, Purple Mash, Letter Join and Accelerated Reader quizzes to keep you busy online.

Keep working hard and sharing what you do with us at 


We miss you all,

Stay safe and well,

Mrs Hunter and Mrs Rickerby

MATHS 15.6.20

Big Maths Stars

Well done to Esmae, Jake, Raymond, Reuben, Jessica and Lottie who all got 10/10 on their CLIC challenges. Lottie has also been promoted yes

Jake, Raymond, Reuben and Jessica also got 10/10 on their SAFE challenge as well yes

The school pin is 0806.

Your username is your first name.surname (no capitals) eg. joe.bloggs

Your password is your first name (with a capital) followed by 123 eg. Joe123. 

I will check your scores on Friday so good luck.


White Rose Maths

This week we are adding and subtracting length as well as calculating the perimeter of shapes. Please find the video links, activity sheets and answers below. 

ENGLISH 15.6.20

Use last weeks booklet from page 9 to the end.

SPAG 15.6.20

Double m and double n this week

SCIENCE 15.6.20
TOPIC 15.6.20

This week we are going to be finding out about Boudicca. Who was she? Why is she so well known? 

We would like you to create a WANTED poster about her using the information from the PowerPoint to help. There is a template included below or you have the option to use the template on Purple Mash. 

CREATIVE 15.6.20

To link with our science work on flowers we would like you to find out about Vincent Van Gogh and try to recreate his famous 'Sunflowers' picture.

The links below will take you to a short video about his life then there is a link to show you how to draw his sunflowers then another link to show you how to colour then in. Have fun !!!!

Who was Vincent Van Gogh?


Step 1 drawing the flowers

Step 2 Colouring the flowers

Step 3 finishing the vase.


PE 15.6.20


Who can take the best closeup picture of a flower from their garden or surroudings?

I put some photos of flowers from my garden on this page last week(scroll down to see them) so the challenge is for you to take a photo of one flower, try to get close up, then send it to me at our class email  I will put them all on this page in the star of the week section at the top so we can all see each others photos. I will ask Mrs Rickerby to choose a winner if we get some entries!

Get snapping   Mrs Hunter xx

Stars of the week 8.6.20smileyyes

Jessica has been having fun, she even went to see the famous Sycamore tree.

Isaac has a new friend and has been chilling in the garden.

Super SPAG work

Jake -our year 3 plant expert, FANTASTIC !

Fantastic natural art from Daisy. Well done.

Mrs Hunter has made a mini greenhouse and her beans have started to grow! YAAAHHHHsmiley

I have also taken pictures of flowers in my garden for you to look at as our science topics is flowers this week.yes

Monday 8th June 2020

Hello everyone,

We hope you all had a good week last week. Keep working hard and sharing what you do with us at 


Here is a reminder of the suggested timetable and BBC bitesize timetable we shared at the start of lockdown.


Stay safe and well,

Mrs Hunter and Mrs Rickerby

Some of you may be getting ready to go back to school. here is a link to a lovely story that explains what it will be like learning in our special bubbles.

MATHS 8.6.20.

Well done to Daisy, Lottie and Reuben who all got 10/10 on their CLIC last week. Reuben has been promoted yes

Lottie has has her Learn its promoted as she got full marks!

Esmae, Reuben, Lottie and Isaac all got 10/10 on their SAFE challenge and have all been promoted. Well done!


Big Maths Login

Big maths website

The school pin is 0806.

Your username is your first name.surname (no capitals) eg. joe.bloggs

Your password is your first name (with a capital) followed by 123 eg. Joe123


White Rose Maths

This week we are looking at measuring lengths, equivalent lengths and comparing lengths.  Please find a link to the videos, activity sheets and answers below.

ENGLISH 8.6.20


Some of you may still be working on your Troll story from last week but if not here's some more activities. There are also lots of 2dos on purple mash.


Try to work through half of this booklet this week upto and including page 6, no need to print things off just do them on paper.
SPAG 8.6.20

This week you will be learning about flowers and how seeds are made.

There is also a paper flower you can print then 'cut up or dissect' to see the important parts. Ask an adult if you could dissect some flowers from your garden to try and find the important bits inside.


This week we are learning about Roman Gods. Read the information on the PowerPoint and use it to complete a report about Roman Gods on Purple Mash - take a look at your 2dos.


Follow these video links to find out how to draw fantastic flowers and bees.            Simple spring flower 3               Hibiscus flower        bee





A way to relax at the end of the day.

Listen to the music, breathe slowly, colour and enjoy.smiley

Stars of the week.

Reuben having fun

Jakes fantastic Troll sroty

Look what turned up in Cumwhinton !

Welcome back to our last summer half term.😎


Hello year 3 we hope you all had a lovely break in the sun spending time with your families.

We will continue to put activities here for you to work through each week. 

Each subject will be clearly marked with associated links and activities. Please try to do a little maths,english and reading each day then choose from the other activities. There is no need to print worksheets at home just use what paper you have. We would love you to share anything you are doing at home by emailing us at Please also email us if you have any questions or need help. We will share work at the top of this page each week so you can catch up with what your classmates have been doing.


Have a great week everyone.smileyyes


Mrs Hunter and Mrs Rickerby

1.6.20 MATHS

This week we are continuing to use the White Rose resources to look at addition, subtraction and estimating. We are following an alternative plan as we covered fractions a few weeks ago. Please find the video links, questions and answers for the week below. 


Big Maths Login

Big maths website

The school pin is 0806.

Your username is your first name.surname (no capitals) eg. joe.bloggs

Your password is your first name (with a capital) followed by 123 eg. Joe123

1.6.20 ENGLISH


Today we will be starting a new English unit of work which we will be working on for the next two weeks called STONE TROLLS. This is a story writing unit but it contains lots of reading, writing, grammar and punctuation activities.

The units of work are written by the nationally renound 'Talk 4 Writing' team. These units have been written during the current lockdown, to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity (which it mentions on the first page of each of the units of work). However, there is no need for you to donate any money as we as a school have already done so. 


This week you need to practice the joing for double g. Make sure the tail is looped under the line.


Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG)

Choose which level you want to do *** is the challenge sheet. The answers are also included so you can mark your work.

1.6.20 SCIENCE

We are continuing our work on plants.

What do plants need to grow well?

Try to find out what plants need to grow well. What might happen if they did not get all the right things? Are there any plants that grow in unusual places/environments.

Make a poster about what you find out. Use labels and add captions with lots of nice colours too.




1.6.20 TOPIC

This week we are looking at the food the Romans would have eaten and the food and drink the Romans brought to Britain. We would like you to plan a three course meal. There is a power point to explain the task and links to some BBC Bitesize clips to give you more information. 


What did the Romans eat?

Food and drink brought to Britain by the Romans



1.6.20 PE


More challenges from Mrs Broomby.


Challenge 1 : Family skittles - a great one for coordination. Make some skittles using old plastic bottles (the more creative children can decorate them too.) fill the bottles with a little water to make them more sturdy then line them up anyway you like and knock them down using socks or balled up newspaper.

Challenge 2 : Lazer maze - you can make this as easy or as hard as you like - even add more 'lazers' everytime you manage to get through!! See attached sheet 


TV triathlon challenge. see attached sheets below.

1.6.20 Mindfullness

Before lockdown we all enjoyed mindfulness colouring whilst listening to music as a way of finding calm at the end of a busy school day.

Here is a link to find calming music and some colouring sheets for you to print if you like. You could just listen to the music and enjoy doodling on a blank sheet of paper too.

Happy half term everyone.smiley

Well done children for all your hard work and commitment towards your school work this half term, we are very proud of you all. You have made us smile so many times with the wonderful work you've been sending in.

Thank you to all the adults who have helped and encouraged you aswell. We know you are working hard to manage your work commitments as well as home learning.  


Have a safe and happy half term and we will be back next week. 


Mrs Hunter and Mrs Rickerby smileysmiley


Well done to Reuben and Lottie who got full marks on their learn its this week.

Raymond, Reuben, Lottie, Isaac and Esmae all got 10/10 their CLIC.

Daisy-Mae, Esmae, Lottie and Isaac all got 10/10 on their SAFE challenge.

Fantastic work everyone yes

This weeks superstars. 18.5.20

look who has found colonel tom moore

super art work from Jake

Great Cumwhinton bake-off!

These look delicious.smiley

Ava has also entered the bake off! Her flapjack looks delicious. She has lots of other great work to share too. smiley
Jake has written about Trolls. We love the way he has added extra information to his sentences using commas aswell. Fab job!smiley

A school trip to the Roman wall for these girls.smileyyes

Wish we could have come too!

Leo has been out on his bike looking for plants and animals. His salt dough vegetables look good enough to eat. Great history and we love your Troll.smiley

Week beginning 18.5.2020

Hello Year 3,

You were all super busy last week and had a great week of learning, well done smiley Thank you to everyone who sent in some photos and emailed us to say how you were getting on. It is always lovely to hear from you.

Thank you also to your adults who have been supporting your work at home. We appreciate everything they are doing at this difficult time.

We know that some of you may not have access to a printer or are struggling with ink so please remember you can write down any work on paper or type it up for us to see.

Please remember to email if you have anything you want to share or need support.

Have a great week.

We are so proud of you all,

Mrs Rickerby and Mrs Hunter xx


Big Maths

Here are our maths champions this week:

Jake, Reuben and Esmae got 10/10 on their CLIC.

Lottie, Sacha, Jake, Esmae, Isaac and Reuben got 10/10 on their SAFE challenge.

Lottie has been promoted as she got full marks on her Learn Its.

Well done everyone yes


Big Maths website

The school pin is 0806.

Your username is your first name.surname (no capitals) eg. joe.bloggs

Your password is your first name (with a capital) followed by 123 eg. Joe123. 

I will check your scores on Friday so good luck.

Mrs Rickerby


White Rose Maths

Below are the video links and activity sheets for next week. We are revising adding and subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers.








Week 2 working on this unit. By the end of the week your aim is to write an information page about Trolls using the information and activities in the booklet. You can choose to present your information in any way you like. Remember to use interesting adjectives and adverbs in your writing and include pictures if you like.There are examples to help you on page 16.

Please send any work to our class email so we can share it with everyone.

Remember all your work can be typed and emailed or hand written and sent to use via  photo.



The double letter join to practice this week is double f.

Spelling and Grammar

Here are all the SPAG activity sheets again. They cover spelling practice and grammar and punctuation for the first half of the summer term.

There will be some new ones after half term.



Don't forget you can log onto accelerated reader and do a quiz on a book you are reading at home. There are hundreds of book quizzes to choose.


Have a go at the reading comprehension below. It's about Captain Tom Moore.

There are 3 different levels shown by the stars on the sheets. 3 stars is the challenge level. Read the information carefully and use it to help you answer the questions in as much detail as you can. Ask an adult to check your answers.



This week I have set you a task on Purple Mash to create an information poster about Roman Life. You must do some research before you start the task so that you include detailed and accurate information. I have set you a Roman Life slideshow to read and locate information. Remember that we also have access to Curriculum Visions where you can search for information about Romans. You do not have to use the Purple Mash template. You may want to create your own poster, fact file or book. 

Curriculum visions 

user:  cumwhinton/001

password: jungle



Lesson 2 plants

What do plants need to grow well?

Try to find out what plants need to grow well. What might happen if they did not get all the right things? Are there any plants that grow in unusual places/environments.

Make a poster about what you find out.

Art activity.

Can you make a natural art picture?

You are only allowed to use natural materials, no need for paper or glue!

Have a look at the examples below then have a go.

PE idea from Mrs Broomby

Please share Joy of Movement letters with your child/ren and then complete the Joy of Movement active afternoon booklet and submit some pictures for us to share on our website and social media. 

Challenge 1 - Family challenge - Active alphabet sheet can all the family spell each others names too?

This weeks superstars. 11.5.20

Daisy and Max made Anderson shelters and did a science experiment together to make a bread crust bomb.

Jake has had a fantastic week plant hunting, looking parts of plants, handwriting and designing his own mosaics. What a busy week! Well done smiley
Jake has drawn his own Troll and been busy with his hand writing. Fantastic effort.yes

Fabulous plant hunting from this young lady

Jessica has been working hard on Science finding out about dissolving and Roman Mosaic designs. Love the nails aswell !
Marvellous maths from Skylar.

Super maths work Daisy-Maesmiley


This clever young man has been busy with History, Science, Art and Maths.

WOW and well done. Hope the seeds grow well.smiley

More Maths from Skylar.smiley

Marvellous Maths and super Science. Love the safety goggles!smiley



Hello Year 3.

Thank you to everyone who has got in  touch with us this week. It has been lovely to see photos of your work and hear how you all are.

Our email is if you want to get in touch.

Below is some suggested work for this week. Remember to complete as much or as little as you can. 

A question from one parent this week was to ask if we could use Word documents rather than pdfs to reduce the amount of ink and paper you are using by typing straight on to the document. We completely understand this and accept any work that is typed and emailed rather than written by hand (with the exception of handwriting of course!)  If you would like to convert any of our worksheets to Word documents to complete electronically, try the pdf2docs website. If you have any questions at all, please contact us on our Year 3 email address and we will get back to you asap.

Have a look on Purple Mash as there are some activities on there you may wish to complete.

We miss you all,

Mrs Rickerby and Mrs Hunter


Well done to Daisy, Sacha and Reuben who got 10/10 on their CLIC last week.

Sacha, Isaac and Skylar got 10/10 on their SAFE challenges - great work.

Fantastic work from Reuben who got all of his Learn its correct and has been promoted smiley

The login details for Big Maths are:

The school pin is 0806.

Your username is your first name.surname (no capitals) eg. joe.bloggs

Your password is your first name (with a capital) followed by 123 eg. Joe123. 

I will check your scores on Friday so good luck.


Below are the video links, questions and answers for maths this week



video links for white rose maths


Inside you’ll find lots of things to work through that will help you with your writing skills and build on the work you do at school. You don't need to print the booklet just follow what the activities ask you to do. There is also a link on page3 to listen to the story. Remember all your work can be typed and emailed or hand written and sent to use via  photo.


You could spend 2 weeks working through this set of activities. Perhaps try working on a game/activity each day and finally build up to writing your own information text about trolls.

Handwriting. practice double ee


Our new topic is Plants. This week try to look in your garden or look around when you are walking outside and identify some of the plants, flowers and trees you can see. Can you make a list of them and take pictures aswell ?


There is a sheet below to help you name some common plants you might see.

Can you name and label the parts of a flower? What does each part do?

Draw and label your own flowering plant. You could try to do this on a laptop or tablet.


Have a look at this link to Woodland trust website. Can you paint a blossom picture like it shows you here?

Woodland trust links

Can you paint a blossom picture?




History - Roman Mosaics

Read through the information about Roman mosaics and see if you can design your own mosaic. Think about the colours and shapes they used. You could use the templates in the zip file or if you have the materials at home you could cut squares of coloured paper to construct your design.

Have fun!

Alternative PE ideas

Challenge 1 - Sock wrestling, this is your family/sibling games this week. Set out an area- this can be a circle or just the area in your garden or living room, each player puts a sock over just the toes of their feet and start facing each other on all their hands and knees, on the shout of go the aim of the game is to steal your opponents sock!! Make it harder by putting the sock on properly!!

Challenge 2 - This is a fun game to play inside but can be played outside too
This superstar has been working so hard on her maths all week. Well done smiley
Isaac and Paige have made a fantastic Anderson shelter and decorated bunting for their VE Day celebrations. We hope you had a lovely time and enjoyed making your cakes smiley
On Friday 8th May it is VE Day - 75 years since the end of World War 2. Are you going to celebrate? Why not make some bunting like this young lady smiley

We have a budding gardener in Year 3 who is growing lobelia, marigolds, stock, busy lizzie, , tomatoes, herbs, petunias, rocket, nasturtiums, morning glory, chillies and radishes at home. Fantastic work smiley

It has been lovely to see photos of this young lady enjoying baking at home and having fun with her Rainbow Science kit smiley
Ava has been working hard to find out about VE Day, well done.smiley

Summer Term Week 3 4.5.2020

Hello Year 3,

We hope you are all well and staying safe. We would love more of you to send in photos or email us to let us know how you are getting on at home. We received a lovely letter from Ava this week and it was great to read how she is getting on at home.,

Send any photos or messages to if you have anything you want to share.

We miss you all

Mrs Rickerby and Mrs Hunter  x



Well done to Reuben and Esmae who both got 10/10 on their CLIC challenges last week.


to complete your CLIC, Learn it and SAFE challenges

The school pin is 0806.

Your username is your first name.surname (no capitals) eg. joe.bloggs

Your password is your first name (with a capital) followed by 123 eg. Joe123. 

I will check your scores on Friday so good luck.


This week we are going back to using White Rose resources for our maths work. The activity sheets and answers are below. Visit to watch the teaching videos that you can use before the activity sheets.

PE ideas 

Challenge 1 : Ball chase - roll a ball and try and see if you can beat it,challenge your family - who is the best?  WATCH OUT YOU DON'T RUN INTO THE WALL!!!

Challenge 2 : Floor tennis, please see attached activity sheet.

Challenge 3 : You will need socks and a washing basket. Lying on the floor with the washing basket behind your head and a pile of socks at your feet, can you pick up the socks with your feel and get them into the washing basket by transferring them over your head? Why not set a time to challenge you even more?


VE day celebrations.


This week we would like you to find out about VE day. On Friday it is the 75th Anniversary to remember the day when World War 2 ended.


Click on the link below, to view historical footage of the very first VE Day in London 1945, which includes footage of Winston Churchill's speech to the nation, VE Day celebrations and the King's speech to the nation:


Below you will find links to a powerpoint about VE day along with lots of activities for you to choose.

Writing- Imagine you are a soldier on the front line during the Second World War. You have just found out that the war in Europe is over.
Write a diary entry about the experience, and how you feel.

Check and edit your work carefully.

Reading- Have a go at the reading comprehension. There are different levels for you to try if you like a challenge.

You can even make your own bunting to put up and make a model paper aeroplane to fly.


Have fun finding out and remember to send pictures of your work to our class email if you can.

Spelling and Grammar.

On purple mash there are a selection of activities for you to try.

Art work Thank our key workers colouring


This lovely young lady has worked hard this week to research the Coronavirus  and write a report about it on Purple Mash. Great work, we are very proud of you smiley


Look at this fantastic Roman shield this superstar has designed and made at home. Super work smiley

Summer Term Week 3 - 27.4.2020

Hello Year 3smiley

We hope you are all well and have enjoyed the lovely weather we have had. 

Thank you for the messages you are sending us on Purple Mash. Remember if you have any work you want to share with us or the rest of the class please email it to 

Below is some work you can cover at home this week. Remember to do as much or as little as you can and don't worry if you can't print anything out just record any work on paper you have at home. Completing a little bit of Maths and English everyday will make sure you keep on top of your skills yes We are super proud of all your hard work. Thank you too to all your adults at home that are helping with your home learning, they are doing a brilliant job.

Mrs Hunter and Mrs Rickerby 



We are up to date with the White Rose Maths learning because our Easter holidays were earlier than most of the country we have completed everything. We will have a break form White Rose Maths this week unless you want to go back and cover anything you may have missed


I have attached some Maths mats you may wish to complete if you have covered all of the White Rose.


We normally do our CLIC and Learn its on a Friday at school and write the anwsers on paper. I thought you may like to try completing them online. You can have a go at your CLIC, Learn its and SAFE challenges (Shape, fractions, statistics etc)

Go to the big maths website

The school pin is 0806.

Your username is your first name.surname (no capitals) eg. joe.bloggs

Your password is your first name (with a capital) followed by 123 eg. Joe123. 

I will check your scores on Friday and remember you can only complete them once a week. If you have any problems logging on send me an email and I will help

Mrs Rickerby



Iron Man.

Below is the link to listen to the last 2 chapters of the story. I have then included 2 activities for you to try, either print them or simply follow the instructions on some paper. Finally can you write instructions showing how to put the Iron Man back together.

Mrs Hunter


Have a go at writing your own instructions for the Iron Man. Remember to use 'bossy' or imperative verbs like we did when we wrote instructions on how to wash a Woolly Mammoth.

Reading and accelerated reader quizzes.

You can now log into accelerated reader at any time and quiz on the books you are reading home. Most books will have a quiz but please check first by searching with the book title and/or the authors name. 

This is the link to follow

SCIENCE How do muscles work ? Have a look at BBC bitesize.


Professor Brainstrom sent me some ideas for you to try at home.

Go on his link and take a look.

Hello children, I have put together some science experiments online that children can do at home whilst the schools are closed. I have put them on my website as pdf files so that parents (and teachers) can print them off. The link is

Have fun from Prof. Brainstorm.

Purple Mash

Check on Purple Mash for some spelling, Maths and topic related 2dos. You may need to do some research to help complete the Roman 2do. Use the videos and Curriculum Visions links we posted last week to help smiley



Remember to use the SPAG mats that were in last weeks post,just scroll down the page. There is one to try each week, with answers for you to check. There are also spelling and grammar activities for you to do on Purple Mash. Have fun.


More double letter practice for this week.


Mrs Broomby has given us some other suggestions for PE at home.

Keep fit and have fun!

1. Snowball fight, screw up pieces of newspaper or letters mum's and dad's don't need anymore - make lots of small 'snowballs'. Draw a line on the ground or lay a skipping rope across an area to divide it into two - then divide snowballs between you (and your siblings) and the grown up(s) in the house. It's now time to fight!! Set a timer for 30s and the winner is the team with the least snowballs in their half - remember no cheating and stepping over the dividing line!

2. Create an obstacle course for your family. See pdf document doc attached. Can you create an obstacle course for you and then the grown ups too - remember to make it really hard for the grown-up's they will love the challenge!

3. Make up a song and dance about lockdown - you could do it with friends and all add a line if you are in contact with any of your friends on Facetime etc or it could be all your own words and moves.

Isaac has been busy this week creating a new from cover for The Iron Man and designing his own Roman shield. Great work Isaac smiley

Summer Term Week 2 – 20.4.20

Hello Year 3.

We hope you have had a lovely weekend. Thank you to those of you who have emailed us at . It has been wonderful to see photographs of your work and know that you and your families are safe. You have all been busy on Purple Mash producing some fantastic work.


We are continuing to look at fractions this week – adding fractions and using our knowledge of fractions to solve problems.

Visit to find some videos and activity sheets to go with them. If you do not have a printer look at the activities on screen and see if you can complete them on paper. The answers are also included so you can check your work.

We are now on summer term week 2 as our Easter holidays were earlier than other parts of the country but you can always go back if you have missed the previous weeks work. 

Remember to work on your 3, 4 and 8x tables

Why not have a go at the maths on the move home challenge where you use things you have got at home to complete maths challenges.


Here are the links to listen to chapter 2 and 3 of the Iron Man (see below)

Could you make a list of the adjectives used in these 2 chapters.

Remember an adjective is a describing word.




Look down the page to find the SPAG mats I uploaded for you last week, they are quite a way down, there was one to try each week with the answers.


We need to practice double letters this term.

Print the sheets or copy onto lined/handwriting paper. Take care with your letter size. I have included some lined handwriting paper for you to down load if you can. 

Remember you can practice all these by logging onto our letterjoin website.

Go to

Username is   cum

Password in   whinton

Purple Mash

There are still lots of 2Do's waiting for you to try. We have added some more spelling quizzes and a short reading comprehension called 'Alien Hotel'. Have fun.smiley


In History we are going to look at Roman soldiers. Below is the task setter and activity sheets.

Can you label a Roman soldier?

Can you research one part of the uniform?

Visit the following websites to find some information about the Roman army. You may recognise Tullie House at the start of one of the videos. - What was everyday life like for a soldier?         - Life as a Roman soldier  - Roman army

Visit Curriculum visions 

user:  cumwhinton/001

password: jungle

Click on the History tab, scroll down to the Romans sections and if you click on it you will find The Romans in Britain book which has information about the Roman army on page 12

On Purple Mash I have set a Roman solider labelling challenge and a mash cam challenge.

For the mash cam challenge think about the following questions to help you write about your life as a soldier. Use the videos above to help.

Who are you?

What do you wear?

What skills do you have?

How do you feel?

What do you see?

Where are you from?




Can you design your own Roman shield?

Roman shields were made of sheets of wood glued together to make the curved shape. They were usually painted red and decorated, often with lightning bolts or eagles' wings. The eagle was the symbol of the Roman army, and the lightning bolt was the symbol of the Roman god Jupiter, who was king of the Gods (and the Roman equivalent of Greek god Zeus).

Visit to see some photographs of shields to help with your design.

If you have any craft materials at home have a go at making your design. We would love to see photographs of your finished shields.


Remember to do as much or as little as you can and if you can't print any of the work out record it on paper you have at home.

Stay safe.

Mrs Hunter and Mrs Rickerby

BBC Bitesize 20.4.2020

 From 9am Monday to Friday, you’ll be able to watch BBC Bitesize Daily on BBC iPlayer and Red Button. 20-minute lessons covering ages 5 to 14. See the primary timetable below:


Roman work by Reuben and Raymond.

Well done Raymond
Great work Reuben

13.4.2020 Summer Term Week 1

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you have enjoyed some chocolate eggs over the holidays smiley

Our new topic for the summer term is The Romans and we are going to start off with history - 

If you do any work at home and want to share it with us please email



 Our first learning challenge is - How and why did the Romans invade Britain?

Below are some activities to for the first lesson. Please do as much or as little as you can. If you don't have a printer you can write anything down on paper.

The invasion activity has 3 levels of questions. I would recommend trying 1 or 2 stars and see how you get on.

Remember that we have access to Curriculum Visions which has a wealth of information about Romans on.

user:  cumwhinton/001

password: jungle

Iron Man by Ted Hughes our next reading challenge.

English challenge 1.

Can you draw your own Iron Man character then label the special features he has. Perhaps you could draw an Iron Woman too.

eg,bright green shining eyes, a head as large as my bed etc.



Here are some activity sheets to practice spelling, grammar and punctuation. You can try one each week if you are able to print them. If not just copy them onto a piece of paper along with your answers. You could ask someone at home to check them for you, the answers are included but no peeping! Also have a look on Purple Mash for spelling and grammar 2 Do's.


For maths you can use the following link to access the White Rose Resources:

We are finishing off our unit on fractions.There are short videos for you to watch and then activities you can complete. If you do not have a printer look at the activities on screen and see if you can complete them on paper. The answers are also included so you can check your work.

We are now on summer term 1 but you can always go back if you have missed the previous weeks work. 

Remember to work on your 3, 4 and 8x tables

We will continue to add work on to PurpleMash.

Stay safe

Mrs Rickerby and Mrs Hunter 


Hello everyone.

I hope you are all keeping well.

Nosy Crow books have released a free information book explaining the coronavirus to children. It is illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler.

You can read or download a copy using the link below:

Stay safe,

Mrs Rickerby


Morning everyone and happy Saturday we hope you are all ok and keeping busy.

Our new science topic is Humans as Animals. You started learning about balanced diets in school and then we would be learning about skeltons and muscles.

We have added some activities here for you to look at and try if you would like.

If you cant print things off then just keep your own food diary on paper.

Have fun, miss you all. Mrs Hunter and Mrs Rickerby

Could you make a poster or information sheet about invertebrate and vertebrate animals?

Learning the names of human bones. Challenge: find out how many bones an adult human has.

Morning year 3 hope you are all staying busy and well. Here is a great link to practice your drawing skills from childrens author Rob Biddulph check it out.


Listen to David Walliams  reading a story each day at 11am I think you search for elevenses.


Mrs Hunter


Some fantastic kennings poems by Leo and Reuben on purple mash



Hello Year 3 from Mrs Rickerby.

I hope you are all well smiley

White Rose (Cumwhinton School's Maths scheme of work) has produced some home learning lessons which has a video for parents and children and then an activity. Here is the link if you would like to use it. Year 3 are looking at fractions which we started last week.


I have also set some 2do activities on Purple Mash for you to have a go at. If you press the hand in button once you have completed the task you can leave me a message and I can reply to you smiley


Remember to log onto TT Rockstars and work on your fantastic handwriting on Letter Join if you can access it. 


I look forward to seeing your wonderful work.

Mrs Rickerby  xx


Good morning year 3.

Hope you all had a good weekend. I managed to do some gardening and speak to my family on Facebook.


You can keep checking this page and I will add activities to keep you busy. Take a look at the pictures below to remind you of our lovely classroom and your fantastic class mates.


Make a start on the activities that you took home last week. If you are really stuck then send me a message on the year 3 email that school has set up. The address is


Can you keep a diary of what you do over the next few weeks either online or on paper? You could also include some pictures too.

Mrs Rickerby has set you some challenges on Purple Mash. You all took your logins home last week for this.


Now that we have finished Charlottes Web the next book we will be reading is Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Ask your adults if they can get you a copy to read if possible, but dont worry we will all read it together when we get back.


Bye for now

Mrs Hunter and Mrs Rickerby

To support parents and carers during school closure Twinkl have offered a free one month membership.

Go to

Enter the code:  UKTWINKLHELPS

This will give you and your child access to a range of resource organised by age and subject.smiley

Our fabulous Year 3 class. Stay safe everyone. We will miss you


Here are some activities you can download and print off to try.

Your online class room. Remember this?

Useful websites to keep you going.


6.2.2020 making our Egyptian death masks


31.1.20 our trip to tullie house

Using freeze framing as part of our work on Charlotte's web

16.1.2020 researching ancient Egyptian life

Ordering key Egyptian dates




history and geography big questions

Happy New Year


Welcome back everyone ready for a new and exciting term. Many thanks for all the lovely gifts, messages and Christmas cards you sent.

Just a few reminders for this term. Please see our class page on the website for our knowledge organisers and information about our topic.  Our topic this term is Egyptians. We will be attending an Egyptian day at Tullie House on Friday 31st January, a letter will follow shortly.

Children will need a warm, outdoor PE kit for cricket and an indoor kit for gymnastics. Please ensure this is ALL clearly labelled with your child’s name. Details of the school PE kit can be found on the school website.

Please encourage your child to read each night and fill out the pages in their log books. These need to be returned to school EVERY day. Spellings will be sent home each Monday for a test the following week and maths homework will be sent home on a Friday to be returned the following Thursday. Talk homework will be sent home when we are planning our exciting writing.


Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Rickerby and Mrs Hunter

18.12.19 lots of fun and games at the the year 3 and 4 Christmas party

Our finished jewellery boxes

12.12.19 writing our own leaflets about London landmarks

Our fantastic Stone Age projects

Dividing by 4 using apparatus to help

29.11.19 we used the iPads to research London landmarks

Learning about Christmas in Mexico with Mrs Mitchell

21.11.19 researching wolves for our non chronological reports

20.11.19 we have started to make our jewellery boxes

15.11.19 our finished Stonehenge artwork

7.11.19 using colour mixing for our Stonehenge artwork

6.11.19 DT with Mrs Norris. Making clay jewellery boxes

18.10.19 composing in music


We are reading How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth in English. We have been looking at all of the imperative verbs and preprositions we can use in our writing. As part of our unit on instructions we have made our own woolly mammoths from milk cartons. 

As part of Black history month we looked at the life of rosa parks. The children created some wonderful rosa parks pop art for a display.

10.10.19 world mental health awareness day

9.10.19 we made some sunflowers with felt artist Julie

2.10.19 creating our own branching databases

2.10.19 Art with Mrs norris

27.9.19 playing the recorder with Mrs Owen

26.9.19 we have been hunter gatherers in History sorting food Stone Age people would have eaten

26.9.19 our next song in dance is 'wannabe' by the spice girls

19.9.19 we have added our cave paintings to our Stone Age display

18.9.19 using an online dictionary to find the meanings of words

12.9.19 Dance with Emma. Our first song is 'we will rock you by queen'.

Sorting prehistory on a timeline

music with mrs owen 6.9.19

place value games

Marshmallow tower team challenge 5.9.19

writing our class rules 4.9.19

New class bingo 4.9.19

Stone Age topic web

Year 3 welcome letter