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Summer Learning

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'George's Marvellous Medicine' by Roald Dahl.

We have just finished reading this fantastic story and this week in our Exciting Writing we are going to write a diary entry as if we are the character of George!

We watched this short clip based on part of the story.

George's Marvellous Medicine

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SPACE WORK WITH MRS. NORRIS. Year 2 have been finding out about 'Space Explorers', in particular, Tim Peake. Look at our lovely display - it feels like we are in space!

British Science Week 2017 was all based around the theme of 'CHANGE'. In Year 2 we explored and investigated lots of changing materials. We did six investigations during the week: from exploding diet coke to experiments with cornflour and bicarbonate of soda!! Science should be fun for children......and as you can see (alongside the learning) we certainly had lots of fun!

Friday 17th February

We’e made it to half term and Year 2 deserve a well earned rest!

They have worked incredibly hard this week on their mid year assessments. They completed the 2016 Key Stage 1 statutory assessments in reading; spelling, punctuation and grammar and mathematics. This gives us an idea of how children will perform in this year’s statutory assessments in May. The results of these assessments will be available at parents’ evening. There is further information on Year 2 statutory assessments at:

The only homeowrk over half term is to make sure children keep up with their reading and this should be recorded in their log book.

After half term, we will continue our explorers and adventurers topic with investigating safari and African animals.

Have a great half term,

Mrs Barber, Miss Mooney, Mrs Little and Mrs Norris.

Friday 10th February

Year 2 have worked extremely hard this week on their learning.

In Maths we have been learning how to use our number bonds to 10 to help us find complements to the next tens number and how to solve related subtractions. In English we wrote our Chinese traditional tales and spend the rest of the week preparing for our non-chronological report about Africa. We have watched some David Attenborough clip to help us think of idea.

There is Maths homework on Active Learn relating to this week’s learning. Apologies for last week’s homework appearing to be a written task; Abacus seems to have added these recently. For English homework, the children need to complete the handwriting task by tracing the first two words and then filling the rest of the line writing the words independently. They should then choose three words to write a sentence for.

Remember to keep recording your child’s reading and 100 mile challenge hours in their logbook so they get their rewards next week.

Friday 3rd February

We have had a great week in Year 2 this week including a great visit from author Stuart Reid yesterday.

In Maths we have been learning how to add on and take away 11, 9 and 10 to and from any two digit number quickly. In English we have started planning our Chinese traditional tales and created our own story map. On Monday we had our Chinese New Year Messy Day and for the rest of the week we have continued learning about famous explorers and acted out some of the journeys of Ibn Battuta.

There is Maths homework on Active Learn relating to this week’s learning and for English/Talk homework, the children need to complete their story map if necessary adding detail, colour and speech bubbles. Then they need to rehearse telling the story to as many family members as possible including character speech eg “Who’s been eating my noodles!” More details in the yellow homework book.

Please ensure all you child’s reading is recorded in their logbook so they get a sticker on their chart in the mornings.

Friday 13th January 2017

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

This week in Year 2 we have begun focused learning in preparation for the national statutory assessments that all Year 2 children will take in May. For more information please use the following link to the government website:

We have focused on multiplication in Maths, accurate punctuation, spelling and handwriting in English and found out about the famous explorer Captain James Cook in topic lessons.

PE this half term is gymnastics on Mondays and hockey on Thursdays. Hockey will be outside so children need warm PE kit in school if they don’t already have it. Please could parents also remember to record any physical activity the children have done in their log book so we can update the 100 mile challenge chart.

Homework this week is to practise multiplication strategies on Active Learn maths. English homework is to practise spelling Year 2 common exception words in joined, cursive handwriting and put them into correctly punctuated sentences.

We have our first two children to have achieved a full row of stickers for reading at home and recording it in their logbook. Well done to those children!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Barber, Miss Mooney, Mrs Little & Mrs Norris

Friday 9th December 2016

Well done to our wonderful Year 2 children for their amazing Christmas performances this week. There is no homework this weekend. On Monday we are going on our cinema trip. Please could children who haven't brought their money in for this trip do so on Monday morning. Your child has an envelope in their bookbag. Please pay particular notice to this letter regarding children's welfare in Y2 that Mrs Mitchell has sent home this evening. The report from our recent Ofsted inspection is also now available to read and we are delighted with the result. Thank you so much for all your support over the last few weeks. Its all been worth it!


Have a great weekend!


Mrs Barber.

Friday 2nd December 2016

We have been busy this week practising our Christmas production in the afternoons and completing end of term assessments in the mornings. The children have worked very hard and as a result there is only Abacus maths homework this weekend and to practise lines and songs for the Christmas play.

Thank you to everyone who has sent costumes into school. The deadline for costumes is Monday please in preparation for our dressed rehearsal. Children should have brought tickets home this week for x2 early performances and x2 evening performances. We look forward to seeing you on the 8th and/or 9th December at either 09:30 or 14:00. Please ensure no images of other people’s children are taken without their permission or uploaded on to social media sites for reasons relating to child protection.

Year 2 won the attendance award and the Accelerated Reader prize for the most words read this week and had a n extra playtime this morning as a reward. We’re all very proud of ourselves.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Barber, Miss Mooney, Mrs Little and Mrs Norris. 

Friday 25th November 2016

We have had a lovely week this week. We started our George and the Dragon learning in English by looking at different versions of the story. In Maths we have been going over basic addition and subtraction including adding and taking away tens from any two digit number. We have continued to investigate materials and their properties in Science.

We have also started practising our Christmas production in the afternoons. We need to make a slight change to narrators’ outfits, as it transpires they are more like the main characters than narrators. If narrators 1, 2 and 3 could be in winter clothes rather than black, that would be great - apologies for the initial confusion.

This week’s homework relates to the ‘soft C’ sound that we have been focusing on in spelling. Maths homework is on Active Learn and relates to the addition and subtraction we have been learning.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Barber, Miss Mooney, Mrs Little and Mrs Norris. 

Friday 18th November 2016

We have had an extremely busy week in Haystacks class. As you know we have some ‘special’ visitors on Wednesday who were so impressed with all the learning the children had been doing.

In spelling we have looked at –cious and –tious words. In maths we have been using Venn and Carroll diagrams to sort objects including 2D shapes. We have finished our information text writing about castles today and they are fabulous! The children should be very proud of themselves.

Homework this week is to complete maths homework online, spelling homework in the homework book and talk homework this week is to find out about the tale of ‘George and the Dragon’ for our narrative writing.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Barber, Miss Mooney, Mrs Little and Mrs Norris. 

Friday 11th November 2016

Welcome to the end of another busy week in Haystacks class. We have been working hard on 2D shape and identifying right angles in Maths. In English, we have been learning about the features of information texts and using commas in a list, ready for our Exciting Writing about castles on Monday. The children have continued to enjoy badminton and Spanish and have almost completed their unit on programming in computing. We hope to see you at our class assembly on Wednesday morning at 09:15 where you will be able to see everything else we have been doing.

The logbook note will continue to be on our Haystacks class page on the school website as will the talk homework, but they are back by popular request in the children’s logbooks/homework books. Maths homework this week has been set on Active Learn but you may not be able to access the site until Sunday due to site maintenance taking place. There is also spelling and handwriting homework relating to ‘a’ sounding like /or/ when it is before /l/ and /ll/.

Next week our topic moves on to science and we will be investigating materials and their properties.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Barber, Miss Mooney, Mrs Little and Mrs Norris. 

Hunting for Right Angles

Homework Note 14-10-16

September Learning

Welcome to HAYSTACKS Class!



Year 2 have had a busy week. We have completed baseline assessments in reading and mathematics, and written our first piece of 'Exciting Writing' - a letter to Mrs Mitchell about our story 'But Martin'. We celebrated Roald Dahl's 100th birthday with lots of activities and dressing up. 


The children have enjoyed completing artwork for our whole school display on Africa. They have also had their second session with Ben the badminton coach and thoroughly enjoyed it. In Computing with Mrs Little, the class have begun to look at computer programming, starting with algorithms.


Please ensure children's reading is recorded in their logbook regularly. Online homework for mathematics and talk homework for English will begin next week once children have their login details.


Finally, please could everyone check to see if they have Harry R's 9-10 school jumper. It has his name sewn into the back. We are having lots of unnamed items of clothing left behind in the classroom at the moment. Please ensure your child's clothing is clearly named.


Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs Barber, Miss Mooney and Mrs Little.