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Helvellyn - Year 4

W/C 13/07/20


We have two inset days in school this week so I have posted some maths and a task that Mr Elder has asked you to complete along with a creative task.  Well done last week to Toby who got 10/10 on his SAFE test, Shay who got 10/10 on both his CLIC and SAFE tests, Paisley and Kohl got 10/10 on their CLIC test and Charlie got 10/10 on his CLIC test and was promoted for his Learn its! Fantastic maths guys yes We hope that you have a fabulous holiday, take care and have lots of fun! 



White Rose Maths 

Summer Term

Week 12

Creative Activity 

As a creative task this week please use these resources to research and then create your own mandala.  


 A mandala is a decorative picture which usually includes very complex designs.


The designs, which include a range of patterns and symbols, start
from a central point, created in a cyclical image. The shapes are often geometric (decorated with lines and shapes) and recognisable.

Super science from Paisley πŸ˜€

Zoom Party

Some more fantastic artwork inspired by Keith Haring! Well done Toby.

Amazing Keith Haring inspired artwork by Charlie!

W/C 06/07/20


We hope that everyone got their party bags and are ready for the party on Monday afternoon.  If you have any problems at all please get in touch on the class email.


Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Burke 





White Rose Maths

Summer Term Week 11

looking at angles and shapes 

Don't forget to log onto bigmaths to complete your weekly challenges.

Congratulations to:

Chloe, Isla B, Toby & Amy 10/10 on CLIC

Charlie 10/10 on CLIC & SAFE


spelling words to test









The last lesson in our Science topic is to find out how environmental changes have affected endangered species. 

W/C 29/06/20



Hi everyone,

We hope you managed to enjoy the sun before the weather changed. It's nearly the summer holidays, keep going with your home learning for the last few weeks. Please send in any work to the year 4 email so we can share your hard work!

Mrs Atkinson & Mrs Burke



White Rose 

Summer week 10

Please also remember to complete your weekly Big Maths challenges at

Well done to: Chloe, Paisley & Charlie for 10/10 on CLIC and SAFE

Kohl for 10/10 on his CLIC

Paisley was promoted for her Learn its yes


Reading - a bit of revision on a topic and key vocabulary

writing task

spelling words to test 








Can you use these words in a sentence?  


This week we are investigating habitats in the local environment and thinking about positive and negative changes and how this may have affected the local wildlife.

art - have a go at the worksheet then try to create some of your own art in the same style

NISCU have created some videos for you, this week's theme is generosity. 

Here are the individual links to the daily videos

Day 1 – Spend, Save, Share! 

Day 2 – More or less.

Day 3 – Small things make a big difference!

Day 4 – Baking time!

Day 5 – How can I be generous?

Excellent work from Jack πŸ™‚

W/C 22/06/20


I hope that everyone is well and I hope that you are still enjoying some of the work that we are sending you.  As part of the party that we are planning for 6th July we would like to have a '30 second talent' show.  This will be a chance to share some work, a new skill or a performance that you have perfected during your time learning at home.  Mrs Burke and I are working together on the final details and we will get all the information to you next week.  For now, have a think about what you would like to share and we can't wait to see you!




White Rose Maths - Week 9 Money 

Don't forget to complete your weekly challenges on Big Maths. Congratulations to last week's Maths Champions:

Amy got 10/10 on CLIC

Toby got 10/10 on CLIC  and SAFE

Cameron got 10/10 on CLIC

Paisley got 10/10 on SAFE

Shay got 10/10 on CLIC and was promotedyes

words to test 








Science this week is to explore and use classification keys to help group, identify and name a variety of living things in the environment. You will find a useful video to watch here:

Super science from Paisley 😊

Brilliant Science work by Charlie

W/C 15th June 2020 


Thank you to everyone who has sent in their get well soon letter to Michael Rosen.  I plan to send them to him this Thursday so if you haven't already emailed your letter please do so early this week.  


Mrs Burke and I are currently planning a 'virtual party,' there will be more details to come soon, but for now please can you save the date Monday 6th July 1pm.  We would love it if we can all be online together at that time and we would like every pupil to bring an adult just to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  

Have a fabulous week,

Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Burke.




This week we are looking at decimal numbers.  Can you remember what the prefix deci means?

Don't forget to log onto Big Maths to complete your weekly challenges.

Congratulations to last weeks Maths Champions:

Amy, Paisley and Toby got 10/10 on their SAFE testyes

Chris and Kohl got 10/10 on their CLIC testyes

Jack and Kohl were promoted for full marks on their Learn itssmiley

writing task 


Football returns this week and I know that some of you will be as excited as I am about that! For your writing task this week I have attached some ideas around an abandoned stadium.  I hope that this inspires you.    

spelling words to test 








Science this week is to to explore and use classification keys to help group, identify and name invertebrates in their local  environment. 

You will find a useful video here:


Children's Summer Reading Challenge in Cumbria’s libraries

The Summer Reading Challenge is an annual event in Cumbria County Council’s libraries over the school summer holidays. Aimed at 4 – 11 year olds, children are encouraged to read six (or more) books of their choice during the summer holidays, with collectable incentives and rewards, plus a certificate for every child who completes the Challenge.

This year, with the disruption caused by Covid-19 and the impact of social distancing on schools and public libraries, an all-new digital  Summer Reading Challenge is launching, earlier than usual, to keep children reading over the summer and to support parents and carers with children at home.

Launching on 15th June, and running until September, the theme for the 2020 Challenge is “Silly Squad” – a celebration of funny books, happiness and laughter.

The Challenge website ( is free to access and is a place for children to rate and review their books and work towards their reading goal. It will also feature video content, games, quizzes, and digital and downloadable activities to incentivise and encourage children and their families to take part in the Challenge at home.

w/c   7/6/20


Hi everyone,


I hope that you and your families are all well and I hope that you are still enjoying your home learning.  Don't forget you have Times Tables Rock Stars, Purplemash and Curriculum Visions to use at any time too.




You may already be aware but one of our favourite poets, Michael Rosen, has been quite ill in hospital recently.  He is on the road to recovery and I thought that it would be nice if we wrote him a get well message as our writing task this week.  I have written a plan to help you structure your letter.  


session one:  watch as many Michael Rosen poems as you can or practise reading some as a performance.  Which one is your favourite?  Why?


Session two: write 'Michael Rosen' in the middle of a piece of paper (you could use fancy writing or colours for this if you wish) and jot down all the reasons you like him or his poetry.  If you can, please take a photo and email that to our class email.  I will post them on here so we can share ideas just like we do in class.  


session three: use the Powerpoint below to help you to plan your first draft. 

I suggest:

paragraph one - introduction, say why you are writing.

paragraph two - tell Michael what you like about his poetry

paragraph three - wish him well and sign off 

Although feel free to structure your letter differently if you have other ideas. 


session four:  take some time today to edit your letter.  Pay particular attention to full stops and capital letters and remember it is always useful if you can get someone else to check it with you too.  


session five:  your final draft, you can choose to write your draft up on paper or type it up on a computer.  Don't forget to give it a final close check before you are finished.  


I would love to send these to Michael so if you can email me either the eletronic version or photograph your written letter and send that to me.   Please do not worry if this will not be possible for you, I totally understand there are lots of reasons that may be difficult for you at the moment.   



why I like Michael Rosen mind maps



Maths this week is looking at tenths and hundredths and dividing whole numbers to find decimals. The link and the worksheets can be found just below.  Don't forget to also complete your big maths challenges.  

spelling words to test 








Lesson 2 of our Science unit on Living Things in their Habitats is to identify vertebrates by observing their similarities and differences.

WC 1/6/20


Hi year 4!  I hope that you enjoyed your half term break, the weather has been amazing!  Here are all the links for this week's home learning.  I hope that you have enjoyed doing some of the activities we have set for you, Mrs Burke and I have really enjoyed seeing what you have been up to from your lovely emails.  As always please do what you can manage and don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need a hand or want to show us some of your amazing work.  

Handwriting practice - not all for this week! If you don't have a printer at home don't forget you can log on to the Letterjoin website and can practice handwriting on the screen. username: cum password: whinton

Spelling Words To Practise And Test







Grammar activity, just do one version. Remember three stars is most difficult! Answers included.



Maths for this week is all about fractions!  Monday and Tuesday look at how to add and subtract fractions before the rest of the week is looking at finding fractions of amounts.


Our new unit is Living Things and their habitats. In this unit children will explore a variety of ways to identify, sort, group and classify living things.

You will find Lesson 1 below which is about grouping living things in a variety of ways. You will also find a knowledge organiser to support your child's learning for this unit.

PE activity 

Mrs Broomby has set us a couple of outside challenges for this week. 


Challenge 1 : Family skittles - a great one for coordination. Make some skittles using old plastic bottles (the more creative children can decorate them too.) fill the bottles with a little water to make them more sturdy then line them up anyway you like and knock them down using socks or balled up newspaper.
Challenge 2 : Jumping dice - see attached sheet 

Excellent electricity work by Chris βš‘πŸ‘

some fabulous work from Jack

Congratulations to Ollie on some fantastic home learning this week! He has made a DIY lava lamp using water, oil, food colouring and dissolvable paracetamol tablets and a solar powered windmill. The windmill came in bits and Ollie built it all following the instructions and made the circuit himself. He has also read up to Chapter 41 of his new book The Beast of Buckingham Palace by David

Walliams. Super well done Ollie, we are very proud of you! 😊


Hello again Year 4,

I can't believe Wednesday has come around again so quickly! Thank you for the work you've sent in, Mrs Atkinson and I really enjoy seeing it all. Science this week is thinking about electricity in your home, I have set this as a 2Do on Purple Mash. Write an information text about how electricity is used in the home. Use your knowledge of mains and stored electricity. You will find a useful video here :


Please remember to log onto Big Maths to complete your weekly challenges at

Well done to last week's Maths Champions:

Amy & Charlie for 10/10 on CLIC and SAFE

Toby, Cora,Shay, Jack, Kohl, Paisley, Isla S & Chris for 10/10 on CLIC

Amy, Cora, Isla S & Paisley were promoted yes


Enjoy half term next week, take care everyone

Mrs Burke

WC 18th May


Hi year 4!  I hope that you and your families are all well.  I am missing seeing you all very much.  Here is the link for maths this week, please don't worry if you can't complete it all, just do your best.  For the videos for each day follow the link and I have posted the worksheets below.

spelling words to test 








Can you use these words in a sentence?  

grammar activity

writing activity

Please don't forget to do lots of reading, practice your times tables and do some handwriting practice using letterjoin.  

Mrs Broomby has entered us onto a virtual sports day.  She would like you to complete the activities one afternoon this week and send photos to her so she can forward them to EFL.  Hope you enjoy!   


Well done Toby on a fantastic electrical safety poster.

Isla's fabulous electricity poster

Amy's electricity safety poster

Brilliant safety poster, thank you Charlie 😊

Hello again Year 4

I can't believe it's been nearly 8 weeks since I last saw you all! I hope you enjoyed VE Day, we had a tea party and Ruby and Lola made Union Jack flags. 

For Science this week I would like you to make a poster about being safe with electricity. I have included a power point with some information below, and you will find a useful website here :

and a good video clip here :

I'd love to see your poster designs! Please email them in so I can pop them on this page.


Don't forget to log on and complete your weekly Big Maths challenges. Well done to last week's Maths Champions:

Cora, Toby, Jack and Isla S for 10/10 on CLIC

Chris and Amy for 10/10 on their CLIC, SAFE and promoted laughyes 


Stay safe everyone,

Mrs Burke

WC 11/05/20


Mrs Broomby has set some PE challenges 


Year 4 - 
Challenge 1 - Sock wrestling, this is your family/sibling games this week. Set out an area- this can be a circle or just the area in your garden or living room, each player puts a sock over just the toes of their feet and start facing each other on all their hands and knees, on the shout of go the aim of the game is to steal your opponents sock!! Make it harder by putting the sock on properly!!
Challenge 2 : Reaction catches - ask a parent to throw a ball at a wall whilst you are looking the other way - can you turn and catch the ball as it bounces off the wall?
Challenge 3 : Play the mirror game with a grown-up or sibling - remember to swap roles and see if you can challenge mum or dad - who knew they could do a cartwheel!!

Here is the link for this week's maths.


Monday has some multiplication and division problems before looking at area and perimeter for the rest of the week.  The worksheets are now posted on this page just underneath the photo of the website.  I will post them on this page for each week now as our subscription to the site has changed.  Don't worry if you can't print them off, just have a look, think and discuss with someone.  

The NISCU team have been making some videos for you to enjoy, this week's theme is courage.

words to test 







Writing Task

Don't forget some handwriting, reading and times tables practice too!


As always don't worry about completing everything that I have suggested for you, do what you can when you can.  Have a lovely week and take care.


Mrs A    

Jack has been busy this week learning about circuits and VE day, and enjoying family walks too 😊

Fabulous science work from Charlie making a circuit

Hello Year 4,

I hope you and your families are all safe and well.

Science this week is looking at electrical switches, please just do what you can manage. You could draw out your circuits and include a switch to turn the circuit on and off. You will find a useful video here

and information here


Please remember to log on the big maths to complete your weekly challenges. Well done to last weeks Maths Champions:

Amy, Isla S, Paisley, Layton and Cora for 10/10 on their CLIC test

Toby and Anaya for 72/72 on their Learn its

Charlie for 10/10 on his SAFE test

Christos got 10/10 on both his CLIC and SAFE tests

Christos, Charlie, Isla B and Cora were all promoted. smiley


Enjoy your bank holiday weekend,

Mrs Burke

WC 3/5/20


Hi everyone,


I hope that you are all keeping well and I hope that you have enjoyed some of the work that Mrs Burke and I have set for you.  Here is the link for this week's maths, it's time to put those multiplication skills to use!


Don't forget to think about fact families when you come to division.  Remember to complete your Clic test this week and spend some time on Times Tables Rockstars too.   Mrs Burke has set a challenge for you which starts at 9am Monday and finishes at 3pm on Thursday!


good luck! 

For your writing task this week I would like you to do some research on VE day and the end of world war 2.  You can choose to either write up your research as a non chronological report or you can choose to create a newspaper report.  I have set a To Do with a newspaper framework on Purplemash you can choose to use that.  Please remember to check and edit your writing well to ensure all capital letters and full stops are correct. 

Words To Test 








Can you use them in a sentence? 


Brilliant electricity poster by Charley

Jack enjoyed writing his own comic, super work!πŸ‘

Well done Tayler on some super electricity work. πŸ‘

Hi there Year 4

I hope you are all happy and staying safe, I miss you all.

This week for Science I would like you to find out what a conductor and an insulator are. Please make a list of materials that conduct electricity and those that insulate against it. You will find this useful

and below is a power point with some information.

There is also a good video clip here 


Well done to those children who have been completing their Beat That challenges on

Last weeks Maths Champions were:

Toby, Cameron & Anaya 10/10 on SAFE

Jack, Harry Charlie and Paisley 10/10 on CLIC

Christos 10/10 on both SAFE and CLIC yes

Charley - promotedsmiley


Stay safe everyone but have fun!

Mrs Burke

Conductors and Insulators

WC Monday 27th April 2020


Hi, I hope that you are all well.  I am missing all the fun of class.  I hope that you enjoying the nice weather.  Here is your learning for this week.  As always please do what you can manage and if you have any questions please get in touch with me.


Mrs A



White Rose Maths


please follow the link below:


There have been a few changes on the site and so we can keep on track with all the links please complete: Summer Term - Week 2 (W/C 27th April) 


Videos begin with 4 quick questions to get your maths brains working before looking at the day's new learning.  There are activities and the answers and a challenge for Friday.  

words to test 







writing task - The Alchemist. Read the story starter then have a go at the four tasks before writing some more of the story.

Contractions work sheet, can you use these contractions in a sentence?

Accelerated Reader


We have opened the date and time restrictions so that you are now able to access Accelerated Reader while you are at home.  Please use the link below for the website and then your usual username and log in if you wish to quiz on all the lovely books that you have been reading.

Thursday 23rd April

Hello Year 4, I am missing you all! Please don't forget to do your CLIC tests at to Cora who completed all her Learn its and CLIC correctly and has been promoted. Also well done to Charlie who got all his SAFE and CLIC correct ( parents please tell him I said suspicious ) and Poppy who got 10/10 on her CLIC test.

Science this week is our 3rd lesson on Electricity looking at electrical circuits. In school we would have the equipment to build the circuits. Obviously you won't have this equipment, but please just do what you can. I have set you a linked 2do on Purple Mash. There are some useful resources here


Enjoy the sunshine

from Mrs Burke


WC 20/04/2020


Hi all, I hope that you are all well and have been able to enjoy same time in the sunshine.  For maths work this week please use this link to the White Rose page and complete week two. 

Lesson one for this week is dividing two digit numbers by 10 and lesson two is looking at hundredths. Again, please do as much as you can manage through the week.   

There are some great videos here explaining an expanded noun phrase

reading and writing 


please complete either the two or three star option from the carnival reading comprehension sheets.  Both ask you to do some research and write three paragraphs.  Please complete the expanded noun phrase SPaG sheet found above first and then see if you can include some expanded noun phrases in your writing.  

spelling words to test








Don't forget that there is a pack of handwriting sheets at the end of this page if you want to use those or you can log on to letterjoin for handwriting activities. 

Hi Year 4

I hope you had a lovely Easter and have saved me some chocolate!

Please find below the 2nd lesson on Electricity, please just do what you can. Here is a useful BBC video to watch

I have also set you a 2Do linked to Electricity on Purple Mash.

Also don't forget to do your CLIC tests every week for Maths.

Have a lovely week,

from Mrs Burke

Hi Year 4!


I do hope that you have all had a nice holiday even if it was different to your usual Easter.  For maths this week we will be continuing to look at decimal numbers in particular tenths and hundredths.  Please follow the link below to the White Rose Home Learning.

Please click on week one tab and you should see:

Lesson 1 - Recognise tenths and hundredths  

There is a 10 minute teaching video which clearly explains the concept and an activity sheet which you could either print out to complete or just talk through on the screen.  The answers are there too! 

There are five lessons for this week but please just do all you can manage.  You may find that one lesson is too much each day.  It is better to understand each session than feel the need to complete them all.  

Please don't forget to email me if you have any questions at any point.  



key questions


How many tenths make one whole?

How many hundredths make one tenth?

How many hundredths make one whole?

If I have __ hundredths, how many more do I need to make one whole? 

For a writing project for this week I have set you a 'To Do' on Purplemash.  It asks you to write about family life in Viking times.  You will need to do a bit of research about this period before you can do your writing.  If you're using the Internet please remember safe searching and don't forget the Curriculum Visions books too.  

Reading - some ideas of questions for parents to ask when you're reading your own book.

words to test this week








Can you write them in a sentence?  Remember the correct punctuation! 

Reading Comprehension - pick either 1,2 or 3 star (3 star is the toughest)

Hi Year 4

Hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Our new Science topic is Electricity.I will upload a new lesson each week and also set some 2dos on Purple Mash. Please complete as much or as little as you want, if you don't have a printer then write your answers down on paper.

Miss you all

Mrs Burke


To support parents and carers during school closure Twinkl have offered a free one month membership.

Go to

Enter the code:  UKTWINKLHELPS

This will give you and your child access to a range of resource organised by age and subject.smiley

Good morning to all my lovely year 4s! 


I hope that you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed some of the sunshine while maintaining social distancing, I managed to go out for a couple of nice runs in the sunshine.  Who tuned in to the body coach for the daily PE session this morning?  we had fun trying it out in the classroom last week.  He is on every morning at 9am.

Keep your eye on this page for some activities to keep your learning going over this week.  I will be posting suggestions to keep you busy!  


PE with the Body Coach!

Who has been joining in with the daily PE lesson?  Send your photos in to and I will post them on here.  

PE Wednesday 25th featuring Charlie, Sadie, Mrs A and Esme!



I would like you to write a diary for every day this week.  You can use the green book you have, any other paper or you can use a computer to record it electronically.  You do not need to write loads each day, remember to think about quality over quantity!  Try to summarise the key/interesting things from each day.  To challenge yourself can you include a 'dropped in clause' or really interesting adjectives?  Don't forget to edit your writing to ensure that capital letters and full stops are all in the correct place.  

Subordinate Clause Activity



Please remember to read a book for at least 20 minutes a day.  Complete your reading record book with a brief summary of what you have read.  Discuss with an adult what has happened, what do you think will happen next?  What was your favourite part of what you read.  Were there any bits or words you didn't understand?  



Samuel Pepys was a diary writer who recorded events in London during a very interesting time.  He recorded his own feelings and personal observations.  Watch this quick film to find out more about him then have a go at the reading comprehension from Twinkl.  (parents - the stars on the sheet indicate difficulty level, three stars being the most difficult.  As this is a resource intended for KS1 I would suggest you all use the three star version if you can.  Some of our class will need a little more support with that but please do feel free to use any of the three versions as you see fit.)

Reading Comprehension








Knowledge Organisers


I will post all the knowledge organisers for the topics we have covered this year.  Please further your knowledge and understanding by doing some research there are loads of great videos on BBC Bitesize or YouTube and don't forget to use the Curriculum Visions website for a store of non fiction books.  

Ancient Civilisation

Welcome to year four!

I do hope that everyone has had a lovely restful holiday and are now ready for a fantastic year.  Our topic this term is chocolate sensation, we will be looking at the history of chocolate and linking this with a study of Mayan civilisation.  Our class text this term will be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we will also be studying the life and works of Roald Dahl.

PE days for this term are Tuesday and as from next week we will be going swimming every Wednesday until Christmas.  Please make sure that you have a full kit in school for each PE and swimming session. 

As you are aware we reviewed our school homework policy at the start of last year.  Regular reading at home really helps children to develop in many areas of their education, wellbeing and mental health and is therefore a really important part of your regular homework.  Please continue to record what you have read each time in your log book.  There will also be spellings and times tables to practice at home and talk homework when we are leading up to a longer piece of writing.    

Every Thursday Mrs Burke will be teaching the class science, Spanish, spelling, punctuation and grammar and Mrs Owen will continue to teach music. 

We are very much looking forward to this year and working with you all.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Either call the office to make an appointment or send us an email.

Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Burke.  

5.3.20 Celebrating World Book Day

23.1.20 Today we started our new science topic 'Teeth and Digestion.'

17.1.20 Today we finished off our sound unit and made musical instruments.

9.1.2020 We measured the loudness of our screams using a data logger. Lola was the quietest with 90 decibels, Layton, Cameron and Kohl were the loudest at 109 decibels!

12.12.19 Whose ear is whose?

5.12.19 We made string telephones to investigate how sound travels.

28.11.19 Making music

Still image for this video
We investigated how to change the pitch of different musical instruments, then made our own instrument using a paper straw.

28.11.19 Making music

Still image for this video
We investigated how to change the pitch of different musical instruments, then made our own instrument using a paper straw.

28.11.19 Making music

Still image for this video
We investigated how to change the pitch of different musical instruments, then made our own instrument using a paper straw.

21.11.19 Investigating vibrations

7.11.19 good vibrations

Still image for this video
We have started our new science topic ; sound. Can you feel your vocal chords vibrating?

31.10.19 We are learning about the water cycle. We have made mini water worlds.

15.10.19 Our harvest assembly

10.10.19 We enjoyed making felt flowers with Julie.

10.10.19 World mental health awareness day ' Wear it yellow!'

3.10.19 We are learning to say the days of the week in Spanish.

3.10.19 Science - Which is the fizziest drink? We weighed 5 different fizzy drinks, then shook them up to release the carbon dioxide. We then weighed them again to find out which drink had the most fizz!

3.10.19 We celebrated National Poetry Day with a poetry relay. Each table had a newspaper headline and each child on the table had to write one line of the poem. Miss Mooney judged the winning poem.

19.9.19 Science - we are gas!

Still image for this video

19.9.19 Science - we are liquids.

Still image for this video

19.9.19 Science - we are solids

Still image for this video

19.9.19 Science - we melted ice cubes in our hands. The quickest to melt was Isla B's in 4 minutes 20 seconds. The slowest to melt was Isla S's in 24 minutes 5 seconds.

12.9.19 Science - solids, liquids and gases.