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Welcome to HELVELLYN Class!


Spring Term 2


In maths we have been learning how to find fractions of given amounts, solve short multiplication (4-digit X 1-digit) and short division questions.  

We have all been working extremely hard and are very confident when solving short multiplication and division questions- Test us!

World Book Day

On Thursday 2nd March 2017, year 5 dressed up for World Book Day.

We had a large range of different characters come to Cumwhinton School, a common character was 'Gansta Granny' written by David Walliams. 

Stuart Reid

We were very lucky in Year 5 to have the author Stuart Reid to come and work with us in class.   Stuart explained where he gets his crazy ideas from and how he plans when writing his stories.  He has inspired us to create our own stories, which we are working on at home and in class.

Science - Materials

Our focus in Science has been materials.  We tested which material would be best for a packaging material, by wrapping an egg in a chosen material and dropping it to see if it protected the egg from cracking. 

We made this a fair test by using the same size egg and dropping the egg from the same height each time.

Science Week! 13th - 17th March 2017

We have discovered that gravity is measured in Newtons.   Did you know they are called newtons because the very first Scientist to think about gravity and ask the question Why? was called Isaac Newton!


We stood on a chair with a partner of different sizes and discovered that objects of different masses fall to the ground at the same speed because of gravity. 

Another challenge we were given by Miss Collins was to build the tallest freestanding tower using only spaghetti and marshmallows.   

This was difficult!  


Did you know?

You can poke circular pencils through a bag of water without it leaking or popping!


We carried out this experiment in the playground - to avoid a soggy classroom ... And it worked! 

Ask one of us from Helvellyn to explain how it worked :)!

Helvellyn Athletes!

In year 5, we have children who excell in sports too!


Lily Kinnersley

Currently the number 1 climber in North West England!


Aimee Broomby

Currently the fastest girl in Cumbria and the 22nd fastest year 5 girl in England!