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Scafell - Year 6

Having fun, playing water games, at the Year 6 leaver's sleepover.

Year 6 On Tour

All of the photographs from our residential have now been added - what a lot of fun we all had.

Having fun on the first evening at YHA Wilderhope Manor

Outdoor mATHS

During June the children were set the task of working in teams, to carry out a variety of outdoor mathematical investigations, involving calculating measurements, areas and perimeters around our school grounds.

Working hard on artwork for the new school hall Under the sea display


Everyone dressed up to enjoy the theme day.

Having fun preparing our American feast.

Having fun making Dream Catchers

U.S.A. Project Winners Announced

The children all put in a super effort with their U.S.A. projects and have given the judging team a very difficult job of choosing the winners -  so much so that we decided to award two first prize winners (who each received a light up Whitehouse model kit); four second prize winners (who each received a U.S.A. landmark model kit); ten third prize winners (who each received a U.S.A. wristband) and everyone else who completed their projects all received a U.S.A. pencil for taking part.

First Prize Winners

Second Prize Winners

Third Prize Winners

Even More U.S.A. Presentations


The children have now all finally presented all of their U.S.A. presentations. It has been really impressive to see how hard they have worked and what a lot of wonderful, creative ideas they have had. 

Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver

We're reading Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver in class at the moment. It's the first in her series of books entitled: 'The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness.'It's a fast paced, exciting adventure, set in the ancient times of hunter gatherers and tells the story of one boys heroic quest, with a wolf cub guide, to save the forest. The children are really enjoying this story and have written some fabulous writing inspired by this text.

Our U.S.A. Topic

During the Spring term the children have been learning about the United States of America - from its Native American origins to modern times. In particular this term the children have enjoyed finding out: how it was discovered; how Native Americans lived and about New York landmarks. The children have each designed and written a leaflet advertising New York. For this, they had to be skilled at: using persuasive language; the imperative tone; catch phrases and organising the text for the best impact on the reader.

Way Home

This term we have been reading 'Way Home' by Libby Hathorn. This text was used to inspire the children to produce some wonderful poems, descriptive writing and artwork, some of which can be seen below.

Totem Poles

The children have been working very hard, in teams, to make group totem poles, in the style of those made by Native Americans. Here are some of their totem poles and one group looking very proud of their finished design.

Having fun with maths

Light & How We See Things

This Spring term in science the children have been learning about light, how it travels and helps us to see things. They've learnt that light scatters off objects and can be reflect off shiny surfaces. They've learnt how rainbows are formed and the relationship between the angle of incidence and reflection. They've also learnt about the function of the different parts of the human eye. The children have also been developing their sketching and drawing techniques and produced wonderful drawings of eyes.

More Amazing U.S.A. Projects

More pictures of the children presenting their project work in front of the class. The effort put into the projects, by all the children, has been amazing!

World Book Day in Scafell

USA State Projects

The children have been working very hard at home on their USA state projects and have now started to present their work to the rest of the class. It has been wonderful to see how much they have discovered about their chosen states and it is going to be a very difficult job selecting prize winners. I will add further pictures of the children presenting their work as they do so in class. It's going to take a few weeks to get through them all as there are so many wonderful projects to show.

Developing Writing Skills

The children have been learning how to develop their drafting and redrafting skills a lot this year in order to improve the quality of their writing.

Jilly Jarmon's visit to Year 6.

Year 6 had an exciting black out, science day. The classroom was completely blacked out and the children were challenged to think of ways to light up the classroom. The children spent an exciting, fun filled day, learning about electrical circuits and light.

Having fun in the first week of Year 6. Working on team challenges - to build the tallest newspaper 'Eye Towers' possible, that could stand on their own for 5 minutes.