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Skiddaw - Year 1


End of Term Message to our Year One families

Wow! What a term! We have made it to the end of the strangest school year we have ever had. Hopefully there won't be another one quite the same as this again but we have all worked our hardest to make this term as successful as possible. We have certainly enjoyed working with you all via the web page and thank you for engaging so well with our learning. Miss Mossop and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with our two Year One Bubbles over the last few weeks and it has been lovely to see our Year One children in the two hub Bubbles as well.


The children who haven't been in school will be getting a special delivery tomorrow evening or over the weekend - your Year One books and a little something else from me, Miss Mossop and Mrs Little. Children who have been to school in the Year One Bubbles will be able to take their books home on the first day back in September so if you could please bring a carrier bag on the first day back that would be helpful.


Finally, I would just like to wish you all a very happy, healthy and fun Summer break and we will look forward to seeing you all back when you move to Year Two in September.

Take care and enjoy the Summer.

Miss Tarbit, Miss Mossop and Mrs Little

Summer Term 2


Hello Year 1 

I hope you are all safe and well. You have all certainly been busy at home it has been great to see all of your learning. One more week to go and then time to rest & relax over the summer holidays. For this next week, I have added a range of resources and activity ideas to choose from. Please pick and choose from them - you do not have to complete them all! 

I hope you have a great break over the summer all be it slightly different to normal and I look forward to seeing you all back at school in September. smiley

Miss Gray 

Summer Term 2


Hello Again,

Once again I have added this week’s work below.  Keep up the amazing work - Nearly there now! I have added a few transition resources for you to have a look at this week. They are in the English file. 

Have fun and Stay Safe

Miss Gray

Flying carpets

2.7.20 Message from Miss Tarbit

Well the weather has certainly changed for the worse! I hope this isn't the end of Summer in Cumbria! 

Well done with another week of home learning. I can't believe there are only 2 more weeks of term left!

Congratulations to these children for getting full marks on their Big maths challenges:- 

CLIC:- Arrietty, Jake, Theo, Michael, Esme and Ava.

SAFE:- Arrietty, Jake, Theo, Esme and Michael.

Learn its:- Theo, Esme and Ava.

Some of you will be moving up this week. Next week will be the last week for Big maths challenges. The children will be able to enjoy completing these again next year in Year 2.  

It was lovely to see our first year One Bubble again this week for the last time in Year One. We are looking forward to seeing our 2nd Year One Bubble again on Monday. Please could those children in the Bubble who are coming to school on Monday bring with them their phonics folder to return to school and any school reading books they still have at home.

Thank you and please look after yourselves.

Miss Tarbit xxx


Summer Term 2


Hello Year One,

I hope you are all well and managing to keep safe, especially in the glorious weather we have had recently. I have added this week’s work below. I have not set any more Science work/ English work as there has been a lot of writing tasks for you to do recently. However, don’t forget you reading, handwriting and spelling task from Miss Tarbit’s Summer 2 message. (It is still on here if you need to reread it – just scroll down.) We have now completed the Design and Technology work. Your models look fantastic!!! Have a look below at all the photographs we have received. We will now move onto your Art and Design Big Question. Don’t worry about printing everything, you can use it on the screen and use paper you have at home. Please keep sending photographs of your work in it is lovely to see. J

Have fun and Stay Safe

Miss Gray

Design and Technology— Can you make a vehicle that moves?

26.6.20 Message from Miss Tarbit

It was so lovely to see and work with another group of lovely Year Ones in our second Year One Bubble this week. We were very fortunate to have some more beautiful weather and so spent a lot of time on the field playing with our friends and doing the Summer Sport challenges.

Well done with home learning again, I cannot believe we have only 3 weeks left of year one!

Well done to these children for getting full marks in the Big Maths Challenges this week:-

Learn its - Jessica, Emily and Esme

CLIC - Theo, Thomas and Esme

SAFE - Theo, Thomas and Esme


Sorry to those who tried and couldn't get on the Big Maths site. It is all up and running again now, thankfully.

Looking forward to seeing our first Bubble back again on Monday.

Enjoy this week's learning, everyone. 

Miss Tarbit xxx



Another week of home learning fun!

Summer Term 2


 Hello everyone,

I hope you have had a great week. Thank you for sending in all your fantastic work. I know Miss Tarbit, Miss Mossop and Mrs Little have enjoyed seeing it too. For your English this week please continue to work through the Talk for Writing booklet. I have added the rest of this week’s work below. I have also added some details for a summer reading challenge. Why not take a look and get busy reading!  I look forward to seeing even more amazing work. Keep an eye out for some more photographs of your friends too.

Have a great week and Stay safe

Miss Gray  

Children's Summer Reading Challenge in Cumbria’s libraries

The Summer Reading Challenge is an annual event in Cumbria County Council’s libraries over the school summer holidays. Aimed at 4 – 11 year olds, children are encouraged to read six (or more) books of their choice during the summer holidays, with collectable incentives and rewards, plus a certificate for every child who completes the Challenge.

This year, with the disruption caused by Covid-19 and the impact of social distancing on schools and public libraries, an all-new digital  Summer Reading Challenge is launching, earlier than usual, to keep children reading over the summer and to support parents and carers with children at home.

Launching on 15th June, and running until September, the theme for the 2020 Challenge is “Silly Squad” – a celebration of funny books, happiness and laughter.

The Challenge website ( is free to access and is a place for children to rate and review their books and work towards their reading goal. It will also feature video content, games, quizzes, and digital and downloadable activities to incentivise and encourage children and their families to take part in the Challenge at home.

20.6.20 Message from Miss Tarbit

Another great week of learning at home and in school for some of you. Lovely to see what you have been doing at home. In school, we have got up to chapter 10 of Olga Da Polga so if you would like to all hear the story up to chapter 10 those of you who have been working at home can go to the links on youtube I will put on the web page below. If you are in school on Monday, we will read up to chapter 10 in school next week.

Well done to these children for getting full marks in their Big Maths challenges:-

CLIC - Arrietty, Jessica, Aoife, Thomas, Esme and Paul.

SAFE - Theo, Jerry, Paul, Michael and Sophie.

Learn its - Aoife, Theo, Emily, Jerry, Thomas and Amelia.


This week we will work on quarters and thirds, odd and even numbers, doubling multiples of 10 and halving odd numbers to 10. Use the Big maths resources below if they are helpful.


Have another fun week of learning.

Looking forward to seeing some of you in school on Monday.

Miss Tarbit xx


I hope you’ve all had a great week. You have certainly been busy with your learning at home. Well done everyone, and thank you to all the families helping too. It has been great to see your wonderful work, keep sending it in, Miss Tarbit has enjoyed seeing it all too. J

I have added some more tasks for next week. Some of the PowerPoints are too large to add directly to the website so I have turned them into PDFs.  Again, please just let me know if these do not work and I will find another way for you to access them.

For your English tasks this week please start the Talk for Writing unit we will use this for the next two weeks. 

Remember to complete as much or as little as you can, you don’t have to worry about printing everything out you can use paper you have at home to record your work.

I look forward to seeing another great week of work.

Stay safe and have fun

Miss Gray

12.6.20 Message from Miss Tarbit

Wow, another week of fantastic home learning from Year 1. I love all the vehicles you have been designing and making and Arrietty and Lireal have gone on to design a whole theme park! 

I am really impressed with the way your writing is coming on. Those of you who are in school next week will be able to show me your writing when we do work in the classroom.

You have been working really hard with maths too. Well done to everyone who got full marks on their challenges and CONGRATULATIONS to these children who are MOVING UP!

SAFE - Arrietty, Jake and Esme

Learn its - James and Paul.

CLIC - James, Theo, Anabel, Amelia and Sophie.

Next week for Big Maths, looking at the gaps and moving on, we will be practising fact families, odd and even numbers, counting in 2s to 20 and back, 5s to 50 and back and 10s to 100 and back as well as quarter turns and  finding quarters. Look out for the resources .

Anyway, have another enjoyable week of learning whether it is in school or at home. Miss Mossop and I look forward to seeing some of you in school on Monday. I know some of you have watched Mrs Mitchell's video on face book but if not have a look as it shows you what school looks like now, a little different to before lockdown but still our lovely Cumwhinton friendly family as we know it.

Miss Tarbit xx

Hello All, 

I hope you're keeping safe and well. The work you have been doing looks fantastic. You have certainly been busy at home. smiley

Following on from Miss Tarbit's message, I have added this weeks work below. Each subject should be in its own folder. The DT PowerPoint is separate - it was too big to upload in the file. 

I hope you all have a great week and I look forward to looking at some of your completed work. 

Stay Safe

Miss Gray 

The Transport PowerPoint is too large to add as a file so I have added a link instead. It is on Twinkl and you should be able to download it from there if you would like to have a look at the different transport videos. 


Just let me know if this doesn't work and I will see what I can do. 

you can use your Year1 email and I will see your message there. 

Thank you 

Miss Gray 

5.6.20 End of week message from Miss Tarbit

Well, you've all managed our first week of the summer 2 half term and what a week of mixed weather it has been! It was as hot as Greece at the beginning of the week and more like early spring weather towards the end! I hope you all managed to dodge the down pours and get outside for exercise quite a bit still. 

I am pleased you all enjoyed the work on Minibeasts. Some of you were even letting them crawl on your hand! I am pleased no one found a snake! 

Many of you got full marks on some of the challenges this week - Amelia, Kobe, Theo and Emily got 10/10 on SAFE so will move up to SAFE 7 next Friday;

Sophie, Esme, Anabel, Arrietty and Jerry all got 10/10 on SAFE this week.

James, Frankie, Thomas, Amelia, Esme, Sophie and Anabel got 10/10 on CLIC.

James, Lewis, Kobe and Theo got full marks on their Learn it Challenge this week and so will move up next Friday; many of you are getting quicker and quicker and closer to getting full marks in the 30 seconds you are given - Well done.smiley

Next Friday, for those of you who do the challenges on paper, it will be set 2  for all challenges - Learn its, SAFE, and CLIC.

This week Miss Mossop and I have been in school with the 'Haystacks Bubble' so Miss Gray will be taking over putting our work on the Year 1 web page as from 8.5.20. I will still be reading and replying to your emails and looking at your work so please keep sending me photos of what you are doing.

Big Maths This week we will practise turns and quarters as well as fact families and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

White Rose Maths We will be working on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Science We will be looking at other animals which live in the UK.

DT We will be planning and making a vehicle that moves on wheels.

Art and Design We will be making creepy crawly minibeast creatures out of clay, playdough or plasticine.

PSHE We will be continuing with our unit on Emotions and looking at Anger and how to deal with this and situations which may make us cross.

Purple Mash - Look out for new 'To Dos'

Have a lovely weekend and I hope you enjoy your learning next week.

Miss Tarbit xxx

What have our Year One friends been doing?

Look at our writing about minibeasts

This week's Year 1 news!

Learn it Jingle 6+6

Learn it Jingle 7+7

Learn it Jingle 8+8

learn it jingle 9+9

big maths beat that challenges jingle

Play this before you start the challenges each Friday.

30 second timer jingle

clic jingle

Play this before you do your CLIC challenge on Fridays.

week beginning 1.5.20 english in addition to everyday reading,phonics, spelling and handwriting as detailed in Miss Tarbit's Summer Term 2 message.

My Favourite Minibeast Descriptive writing

Watch the powerpoint about adjectives then choose a page border and write a description of your favourite minibeast. Remember to use a comma between adjectives. eg My favourite minibeast is a ladybird. It has a shiny, red body and  six furry, black legs. 

Try to write at least 4 sentences about your minibeast.

A word mat is there to help you with spelling the minibeasts. Remember to try to spell Year 1 common exception words correctly.

Minibeast Facts

In the Science section this week there is a fact file writing frame where you can draw or stick a photo of a minibeast and then choose facts to write about it in the sections on the sheet.

Minibeast What am I?

You may like to make a minibeast 'What am I?' - 

  • List 3 statements about your minibeast eg I have wings; I have 6 legs; I have a red body with black spots.
  • Then write the question'What am I?' on the next line.
  • Draw a picture or stick a photo of the minibeast you have described below and cover it over with a flap of paper which you can lift up to reveal the minibeast.
  • Give this to someone to read and they have to guess your minibeast.
  • Have fun

Week beginning 1.5.20 Art - Observational Drawing of minibeasts

  • Watch the video clip - link is below.
  • Find a pencil to draw with - B, 2B, 3B would be good for drawing if you have drawing pencils, otherwise HB will be fine.
  • Choose a minibeast to draw - it may be easier to use a photo or picture unless you choose a worm or snail as many minibeasts don't stay still for long!
  • Look carefully and draw the outside edge of the shape. Keep looking and then drawing - look for a few seconds, draw a bit more, look for a few seconds, draw a bit more.
  • When you have done the outside, add any lines and detail you see.
  • Shade darker parts with the side of the pencil lead.
  • Keep shading until you are happy with your drawing.

Enjoy drawing.

22.5.20 Half Term Message from Miss Tarbit

Well, what can I say? Well done to each and every one of you for the hard work and effort you have all put in to learning at home this half term. Thank you so much to each and every one of our Year One families for enabling your child to have so many successes and achievements this half term. It hasn't been easy for anyone, I know, and we are all missing you to the moon and back!!!

School won't be as we know it for a while yet but all we can do is keep working hard and trying our best. We also need to keep on smiling, being kind to each other, loving and living.

As well as all your fabulous photos, of course, I am only putting one thing onto our web page for next week as it would be half term and you all need a break. I didn't put the NISCU RE on last week so I am putting the videos on this week instead. The theme is Love.

So, along with myself, Miss Mossop and Mrs Little wish you all a lovely week off with your families. Hopefully the sun will keep shining for us.

So I will finish by saying 'Stay Alert ... Control the Virus ... Save Lives.

Miss Tarbit xxx




Day 1 – ‘What is love ?’

Day 2 – ‘Time for a puppet play’ (The Good Samaritan)

Day 3 – ‘Showing love to others’

Day 4 – ‘Thinking about our world’

Day 5 – ‘Love is .....’


We travelled to the moon and back in our rockets. Read our 'Journey to the moon' stories.

What else have year 1 been doing this week?

And even more year one achievements!


This week we are onto set 4 challenges. Frankie and Thomas, you have already done yours online for this week and Amelia, you have done your CLIC and SAFE and got 10/10 for both, well donesmiley. Just your Learn its to do tomorrow.

Just to let you know something else about the online challenges. If you do the challenges online, please try to do them on Friday and if not, then by Sunday, because if they are done later than this the scores are entered on the following week's data. 

If you are running behind and need to do the previous week's challenges on Monday or even Tuesday of the following week, then please do them on paper and I can enter the scores manually.

Thank you.

Good Luck smiley

Miss Tarbit

Week beginning 18.5.20

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the weekend. It is lovely to see you are trying new things at home as well as doing the learning activities I am putting on the web page. Here are just a few examples:-

Arrietty has been enjoying riding on an attachment bike behind her mummy and making Flower Fairies with petals; Anabel has been making messages with pasta; Thomas has been getting some new trainers and did a nature walk in them and then he made a fabulous tree collage with the nature he collected; Jessica has been painting stones and also the windows at her house; Amelia and Paul have been doing Mrs Mitchell's challenges. I know there are many more new things you have been doing but here are just a few.

I have been cooking homemade tortillas and traditional Turkish chicken on skewers from scratch for the first time! Miss Mossop has been buying some gardening tools as the garden centres have opened again for the first time in weeks. Mrs Little has been running 5K!

Well done to all those who have tried CLIC Challenges online - this is a first for Year One so you will go down in the History of Cumwhinton School!

This week for CLIC, I can see that many of us need to practise Fact Families; Odd and Even Numbers; Making 10p and amounts to 20p in as many different ways as you can eg how many different ways can you make 10p?

Practise counting in 10s up to 100 and then to 200 and back to 0; Count up to 20 and back to 0 in ones; count up to 100 and back from 100 in ones. 

I will put some activities on but remember you can use the powerpoints I have put on in previous weeks as well.

Please keep us up to date with what you have been doing.

Miss Tarbit, Miss Mossop and Mrs Little smileysmileysmiley


9+9 Jingle - listen and sing along to learn 9+9

Science- Plants week 6

This is the final week of our Plants Science topic. This week I would like you to write your final Bean Diary entry.

  • Take a photo or draw your plant now that it has been growing for 6 weeks; 
  • Measure how tall your plant has grown taking care not to break the stem;
  • Describe what your plant looks like using some of these words - tall, stem, leaves, green, sun, water, soil.

Remember, although this is our last diary entry, you need to keep caring for your plant and you may find that in a few weeks, flowers will grow and later in the summer you might get some beans to eat. Let me know how you get on.

English week beginning 18.5.20

  • Cursive handwriting practise on letterjoin.
  • Phonics practise using the sheets in your phonics folder.
  • Spelling - Year 1 common exception words.
  • Writing - This week, as well as your Plant Diary, exercise diary, I would like you to do some talk for writing on ...

     My Journey to the Moon

  • Watch the two video clips.
  • Imagine you are in that rocket and then you land on the moon.
  • Talk to an adult and role play :-
  • You are an astronaut preparing to go up in that rocket, getting your suit on - How do you feel? Does your suit feel comfortable to wear? Can you move easily or does it make you feel really heavy and clumsy?
  • You are now in your rocket -  What can you see? What can you hear? What do you taste? How does it feel to be weightless in the rocket
  • You have landed, you depart your rocket and land on the surface of the moon -  What can you see? What can you hear? What do you touch? - How does it feel to be weightless on the moon's surface?
  • Ask an adult to help you to write your ideas down.
  • At the end of the week, perhaps on Friday, use the Astronaut writing sheets and put a photo of your face on each astronaut . 
  • Now you are ready to write - First paragraph - preparing for your journey; Second paragraph - in your rocket; third paragraph - on the moon.

                           ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY TO THE MOON! 

18.5.20 Art and Craft 

PE Week beginning 18.5.20

As always keep doing any other physical activities you do already such as bike rides, walks, outdoor games, Joe Wicks etc.

Here are some more ideas from Mrs Broomby:-

Challenge 1 - Family challenge - Active alphabet sheet can all the family spell each others names too.

Challenge 2 - Alphabet scavenger hunt (see attached sheet)

Challenge 3 - Roll, jump and create a shape. (see attached sheet)

News to tell our class!

Big Maths Beat That Challenges online

I know I have just explained this again earlier but if you would rather have a go at the challenges online, I have given all children a password so they can have a go with this tomorrow.

The login details for Year One Big Maths are:

The school pin is 0806.

Your username is your first name (Capital letter for the first letter then lower case) eg. Joe

Your password is your first name (with a capital) followed by 123 eg. Joe123. 


Ava and Eve need to put a 1 after your first name for username.


The Learn its will be timed automatically.

If you need help with any of the CLIC or SAFE questions, DON'T ENTER YOUR ANSWER. As I will not know which ones you had help with. Leave any answers blank if you needed help. Your scores will be added automatically to my data and I will check your scores on Friday. I can see which questions we need to work on and plan accordingly for next week.


If you are on CLIC 3 or below these can't be done online so just continue on paper as you have been doing.


Enjoy and Good luck.

Miss Tarbit

14.5.20 Big Maths Beat That! - Reminder

Thank you so much to those of you who have been working hard at home on this. I would just like to clarify how to do this as I think some of you are doing more than one challenge a week. If you would like to look again at the rules further down this page that would be good as they are detailed in that post but here is a reminder :-

1. Only one challenge to be done each week preferably on a Friday - this week we are onto set 3. So scroll down to set 3 for the CLIC Challenge, Learn its Challenge and the SAFE Challenge. (Just 3 sheets per Friday)

2. The Learn its challenge is timed  - 30 seconds only - the 30 second jingle is on our web page. When the jingle says 'Pencils down', then stop where you are up to on the word DOWN. Add up your total of correct answers up to this point and that is the score for you to try and beat next Friday.

3. The CLIC challenge isn't timed. Questions can be read by an adult but if help is given on a question write H next to the answer and this answer must not be counted as correct in the final score - only answers that were worked out with no help at all can be counted in your total score. This score is then the score your child will try to beat next Friday.

4. SAFE - the same as CLIC - not timed but if help is given, write H next to the answer and don't count this answer as correct in the final score. 

5. So, during the week, after seeing which questions your child got incorrect in CLIC and SAFE, you can select from the resources I have put on the web page, the ones which you think would help enable your child to practise the areas they need to, with the hope that after practising during the week, they may get more questions correct next week and beat the score they got last week. 


Learn its is a matter of practise, practise, practise to get quicker and quicker.


This is how Big Maths works, teaching new concepts in small steps and lots of repetition of basic skills and practise.


Please don't worry if you have not done this, what ever way you have done this you are still brilliantly helping your child to learn these skills. 


So set 3 this Friday after working on fractions, time, odd and even numbers, adding and subtracting, counting in 2s 5s and 10s, counting backwards from 100. 


I look at each childs challenges as I enter their scores online and I can see what the children need to work on each week and put a selection of resources on the web page for you but please use previous resources if your child needs to work on something specific to them or please ask me if you are not sure. I won't repeat resources put on in earlier weeks, but please use them if needed. 


Thank you again for working so hard with your children at home. You are all fantastic and your support is really appreciated.


Miss Tarbit 


10.5.20 Miss Tarbit's Message

Looking forward to another week of exciting learning at home. Can I please start by saying a huge thank you to all our Year One families for embracing this situation and trying your best to make learning interesting and exciting for your children. You are doing a great job. Thank you so much for your support. I am thoroughly enjoying seeing your learning from the photos you are sending and I'm missing you all lots. 

The weather has been amazing, which is helping, I'm sure. I hope you enjoyed your distanced VE Day Celebrations. I made a cake and we sat at our own little table and chairs at the front of our house with the neighbours all distanced of course! It was very lovely!

8+8 Learn its Jingle

White Rose Video links for this week.

PE Week beginning 11.5.20

As well as enjoying your walks and bike rides, Joe Wicks etc which I know many of you are loving, here are a few PE ideas from Mrs Broomby:-

Challenge 1 - Sock wrestling, this is your family/sibling games this week. Set out an area- this can be a circle or just the area in your garden or living room, each player puts a sock over just the toes of their feet and start facing each other on all their hands and knees, on the shout of go the aim of the game is to steal your opponents sock!! Make it harder by putting the sock on properly!!

Challenge 2 - ABC Hopscotch, instead of normal hopscotch that only goes to 10 try writing the letters of the alphabet in a pattern of hop - jump-hop- jump. This can be done inside on paper or outside using chalk - and it will help you write your letters either BIG or small!

Challenge 3 - Bizzy Breaks challenge card (SEE BELOW)


Lots of Online book ideas from the library

Week 4 beginning 4.5.20

For Maths this week there will be CLIC to begin each day for 10 minutes, then White Rose week 3 now that other places in the UK have caught up with us! Then on Friday BiG Maths Beat That challenges. Well done to those of you who tried them this week, I am pleased you enjoyed doing them. We will begin the SAFE challenge on Friday this week . All children are on SAFE 6 which can be downloaded from last week's resources. Each question will need to be read to you by an adult then have a go at answering the questions. SAFE is maths other than number - shape, measures, data, fractions. You aren't allowed help unless you ask an adult because you really don't know the answer. Then, just like with CLIC your adult needs to write H for help and I can see what we need to work on. This week we will be learning half and quarter of shapes.

English this week, as well as Letterjoin practising cursive letters, reading each day, and your diaries, I have given you a talk for writing unit to look at. Have a go at some of the activities if you can.

Science this week is all about trees.

RE - I have put a couple of links to the NISCU videos. You might recognise some of the visitors we have in our assemblies. They put a different video on each day of the week.

Purple Mash and Other Activities you may like to do too.



PE Ideas 4.5.20

Challenge 1 : Ball chase - roll a ball and try and see if you can beat it, challenge your family - who is the best? WATCH OUT YOU DON'T RUN INTO THE WALL!!!

Challenge 2 :Here’s a fun game for building oral motor skills. Simply cut one inch squares of various coloured paper, spread on a table and use straws to have each player pick up their colour squares by sucking up through the straws. The person to collect the most squares in a minute wins! If you like you can try this using just your fingers - no thumbs allowed!!!

Challenge 3 : You will need 3 pairs of socks each and x 3 bowls of different sizes - challenge the grown ups to target practice who can get all 3 pairs of socks in each bowl?

CLIC Maths

7+7 Jingle - listen to this until you know 7+7 by heart.

Message from Miss Tarbit

Thank you all so much for working hard at home with your families. Miss Mossop, Mrs Little and I are loving seeing all the photos you are sending us and are amazed at the wonderful things you are doing. I hope you enjoy this week's activities. KEEP SAFE AND HAPPY smiley




Look at what your friends in year 1 have been doing this week!

Miss Mossop sends good wishes. She is missing you all lots. We have both enjoyed baking and I have done some cycling this week too!

messages from our year one friends

Mrs Little's Allotment

Still image for this video
Take a look at what Mrs Little is growing in her allotment!

Week beginning 27.4.20

Week 3 English

This week have a go at some of the activities listed below:-

  • write a diary entry for week 3 of your Sunflower/Bean/cress plant diary.
  • write a recount of your daily exercise - walk/fitness lesson/bike ride. Remember a recount is written in the past tense -On Monday,  I went...;On Tuesday, I walked ...; On Wednesday, I .... Try to include what you did each day, what you saw, heard, smelt. Remember it needs to be in order of week days. Also remember capital letters on the beginning of each day of the week and at the start of every sentence. Remember to use a full stop at the end of every sentence or you could use an exclamation mark or even a question mark if you are asking the reader a question.
  • Write a set of instructions on How to plant a seed or How to make cup cakes or How to Feed my pet.
  • Letterjoin handwriting - log onto letterjoin - user name - Cum; password  - whinton then practise letters you need to practise in cursive style always starting on the line. - Easy letters, Harder letters, for those of you who are forming all your letters correctly in cursive style, you can begin the easy words - joining BUT PLEASE DO NOT START JOINS UNLESS AN ADULT SAYS YOU ARE READY ie writing all letters correctly in a cursive style when writing independently. If children start joining before they are forming letters correctly in cursive handwriting, they can develop bad habits and could find it very difficult to correct these bad habits later on. It is far more important to be writing letters clearly and correctly in Letterjoin's cursive style than to start joining incorrectly. Joining is the natural next step when you are forming letters correctly in cursive style. The children who were ready to join or joining before Lockdown know who they are.
  • Phonics - Read write ink lessons from the Ruth Miskin web link which I put on our web page a few weeks ago but will add again this week as there is more on now - stories, speed sounds lessons for each day and Read write ink. All children can do set 2 and 3 speed sounds but if you were on Red/Green you can recap set 1 as well please. 

Week beginning 27.4.20 Maths - Time, mental maths and more. Work through the powerpoint, then have a go at making your own clock and try out some times of your own - o'clock and then half past. After this have a go at the worksheets. Blue group start on Lower and then have a go at middle; Yellow Group have a go at middle and if you'd like a challenge, try higher and Green group have a go at middle and the higher for a challenge.

27.4.20 Big Maths Home Learning

Big Maths have started producing home learning packs so the children will be pleased to hear they can now do CLIC and Big Maths Beat That Challenges at home!! I can hear all the Year One children cheering from here!laughlaughlaugh

There are some rules though - 

  1. Children are only allowed to complete one challenge a week - you could do this on Fridays when we normally do them in school.
  2. Children to spend half a term on each CLIC challenge.
  3. Keep it short, simple and fun!
  4. Monday to Thursday CLIC  - C COUNTING- practise counting back from 100, counting in 2s, 5s, 10s; L LEARN ITS - jigsaw pieces to 10, doubles of numbers to 10, halves of even numbers to 10, adding 1,2,3,4,5,6 to numbers; I IT'S NOTHING NEW - practise double 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100;
  5. Friday - do the LEARN ITS and CLIC Challenges. Remember you have only 30 seconds to do the Learn Its Challenge then pencil down! You have as much time as you like to do the CLIC Challenge but no help at all - if you don't know how to do a question then ask an adult to explain it to you and they must then write a H for HELP next to your answer. Any answer with an H next to it must not be counted in your final score. Ask an adult to mark your work with you from the answer sheet and add up your score carefully and write it in the section at the bottom. Now you have a score to BEAT ready for next week. 
  6. Email me a photo of your Big Maths Beat That Challenges and I will enter your scores online for you. Remember you need 10/10 3 times to move up on your CLIC. 
  7. Remember, no cheating or this won't work!

What Challenge is your child on?

So sorry but I can't put this information on the web page but if you drop me an email I can let you know which CLIC and Learn it Challenge you need to print off on Friday. Challenges aren't to be done until Friday so there is plenty of time to email me before then. 

I have emailed all those who have sent me an email already so you will now have details of your CLIC and Learn it in an email I have sent today.

Looking forward to hearing from you all very soon.

Miss Tarbit xxxx

6+6 Jingle

Sing a long to learn it.

Big Maths Jingle

Play Big Maths Jingle before you start.

30 Second Jingle

Play 30 second Jingle when ready to do Learn its Challenge. It will count down then go silent for 30 seconds. Then put pencil down on the word DOWN.

WEEK 3 PSHE A lovely message to your Year One friends

This week I would like you to write a short message to your friends in year one to let them know we are all thinking of each other. Write it big and clear  - perhaps go over it in felt tip pen so it can easily be seen. Check with an adult that your spellings are correct before going over the top with felt tip. 

When you have done this email me a photo of you with your super smile holding up your message to your year one friends and I will put together a slideshow of all those I receive. 

Please don't stop sending pictures of the learning activities you are doing at home because Miss Mossop, Mrs Little and I really enjoy seeing what you've been up to and I will make another slideshow in a couple of weeks.

A message from Miss Tarbit to Year One children and all our families.

25.4.20 Look at what our lovely friends in Year 1 have been doing in our first 2 weeks of Summer term! Please email me any photos you would like me to add to this to show your class friends if you aren't in the slideshow yet.

19.4.20 Summer Term week 2

We hope you have all had a lovely weekend enjoying the sunshine. I have been for a bike ride and a walk with the dog and enjoyed cooking home made onion bhajis and naan bread! I also did a video conference family quiz with my brother and family who live near London as well as some gardening. 

Thank you to those who sent me photos of your work and activities you are doing. I really enjoyed looking at your work and I love seeing the work you are all doing on Purple Mash too.

Stay safe and keep happy.

Miss Tarbit

19.4.20 Some PE ideas for the week - I know everybody is enjoying Joe Wicks but here are some more ideas for keeping fit you might like to try...

 1.Take a weekly after dinner walk, altering the route each week. As you walk, look at the nature around you: could you create a collage from items that you collect along the way? 

2. Have a hula hoop contest to see who can keep it going the longest. 

3. Use the hula hoop to skip. How many skips can you do in a minute? Try again tomorrow, can you beat your score? If you don't have a hula hoop use a skipping rope or piece of rope or even a dressing gown belt!!

4. Have a family triathlon week: Take a walk...Go for a run...Go for a bike ride! How far have you travelled? Could you do it again in 2 weeks and take a different route? Did you travel further?

5. Create a dance to Little Mix - Black Magic, film the dance and send it to me

6. Create an obstacle course using just a ball, first station throw it and catch it - run to next station kick the ball through a gap (cones, cushions, or even 2 plastic cups!), run to next station using a bat or book hit the ball against a wall, finally run dribbling the ball. Challenge you family members to a race against the clock!!

Science Plants Week 2

This week I would like the children to learn the names of a variety of wild flowers that grow in our local environment. If possible I would like you to go on a Wild Flower hunt with your mummy or daddy or carer and use the tally chart to mark off the number of each type of wild flower you see. 

As well as this, I would love to hear how your bean/Sunflower/cress/vegetable plants are growing. So you could write your week 2 Plant growth diary entry. Have you looked below the compost to see what has happened to your seed? 

Have fun on your Wild flower hunt.


Summer Term History Week 2

This week the children will be learning about trains and how they have changed from the very first trains. The activities below are for you to enjoy. Look at the slides and find out lots of interesting facts about trains. Then choose an activity to record what you have found out.

Summer Term Science Plants Week 1 

This week the children will learn how to plant a bean seed and if you like they can also plant a sunflower seed and other seeds as well if you wish. Please begin with the power point and observe the bean seed and any other seeds grown before planting. If you have a magnifying glass you could use one of those to observe the seeds carefully.

Describe the colour of the seed?

Describe the shape and size of the seed.

Compare with other seeds.

After this, plant your seeds and begin your bean plant diary.

I will add a new lesson each week.

Enjoy planting seeds and growing plants.

13.4.20 Summer Term History Transport week 1

Our Big Question for History, this Summer Term is Why is it easier to travel the world today? - Actually, right now , it wouldn't be easy at all would it? But usually, it would be easier today than in the past. I will put a lesson on the website each week and any relevant activities on Purple Mash too. As with Science and Maths, please do as much or as little as you feel is possible. I am really enjoying seeing the work you are doing on Purple mash and some of you have emailed me things too, which is lovely to see.

13.4.20 Hello to all our Year One children and families. We hope you had a lovely Easter Break and have all kept safe and well.

Our Big Question for the Summer Term is Why is the World so Wonderful? Our Science topic is Plants and our History topic is Transport. Each week I will continue to update our web page with learning tasks for Maths and English as well as Science and various other curriculum areas. Please also check Purple Mash for new 2Dos as I will update these with activities relevant to our topics on a weekly basis, too. We hope you enjoy the activities I have planned for our Summer Term topics.

3.4.20 Picture News - current topics for discussion and writing follow up. I use this resource for KS1 assembly oN Wednesdays. Have a look and choose a section . You could choose a poster to look at and discuss and then an activity you think is relevant to your child's age (as this covers the whole primary age range from 4 - 11) such as a letter, poster etc. Anything that says KS1 is suitable for Year 1. I hope this helps and enjoy the resource.

27.3.20 Easter message

22.3.20 Hope you are all well and staying safe.


White Rose (Cumwhinton School's Maths scheme of work) has produced some home learning lessons which has a video for parents and children and then an activity. Here is the link if you would like to use it. I have had a look at it and it is brilliant, like all White Rose resources for learning. Please let me know what you think of it.

To support parents and carers during school closure Twinkl have offered a free one month membership.

Go to

Enter the code:  UKTWINKLHELPS

This will give you and your child access to a range of resource organised by age and subject. smiley

16.3.2020 We are learning all about how to keep ourselves safe with the NSPCC pants project

12.3.20 Please vote at hobby craft for our year 1 eggtastic Easter bonnet!!!

World book day 2020



Cumwhinton Science week 2nd to 6th March - we made Sparkly snow cloud dough and described its texture and properties

7.2.2020 we have moved up with our clic challenges

7.2.2020 We having been talking about when MR brave has been brave and when we have been brave! #find your brave #mental health awareness week

6.2.2020 in maths we have been learning to subtract with numbers beyond 10

6.2.2020 we have been investigating which material would make the best coat to keep the snowman frozen.

6.2.2020 we have ran 30 miles in our 100 mile challenge so far.

31.1.2020 We have moved on with our beat that challenges

30.1.2020 In science we have investigated which material is best for mickey mouse's club house windows.

22.1.2020 we have been investigating which material is best to make a snowman's hat.

16.1.2020 We are learning to add by counting on.

15.1.2020 we are learning the names of materials and begun to describe there properties.

10.1.2020 The children have listened to the story, The Snowman by Raymond Briggs. the children have sequenced a series of pictures to tell the story and written sentences to tell the story.

christmas jumper day december 2019

ks1 christmas play 2019 baubles!

15.11.19 we have moved up with our clic challenges

14.11.19 In History we talked about our favourite toy.

13.11.19 we used our maths skills to weigh our ingredients to make tasty pudsey bear biscuits

We had lots of fun creating firework pictures using pastels and chalk.


1.11.19 WE have move up with our clic



4.10.19 we have been looking at autumn changes, in our school grounds!

4.10.19 We have moved up on our clic challenges!

4.10.19 Show racism the red card!

24.9.19 we have enjoyed working with a felt artist

19.9.19 We have been creating the enormous crocodile from the road dahl story.

17.9.19 we have enjoyed learning a sequence of moves with our new dance coach.

13.9.19 roald dahl day!

11.9.19 We enjoyed sharing what is special to us.