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Skiddaw - Year 1

11.7.19 We have enjoyed being creative making a variety of exciting art work for our hall art display.

4.7.19 we have been building models with 3D shapes and our giant shape construction kit poddley.

20.6.19 This week is Maths Week and we have been working outside learning about 2D and 3D shapes.

11.6.19 we have been very active in PE completing a variety of different circuits!

6.6.19 we have worked as a team with the artist Joy to help create the school mosaic.

23.5.19 we have been learning about living healthy lifestyles and healthy diets.

17.5.19 we have made models using 3D shapes.

17.5.19 we have lots of fun completing our math's beat that challenges.

17.5.19 We have move up in our math's challenges.

13.5.19 We are learning the names of some, of the trees in our school grounds.

9.5.19 we have been calming our body and mind doing mini me yoga. we have been concentrating on our breathing.

9.5.19 We have chosen some lovely new books from the library van.

7.5.19 we have been learning 'clockwise' as a direction of turn.

3.5.19 we have beat our big math's challenges.

2.5.19 We have made flowers for our science display.

1.5.19 we have planted bean and sunflower seeds.

30.4.19 We won £100 for our easter bonnet competition, to spend at hobby craft. we enjoyed choosing lots of wonderful materials.

29.4.19 We have prepared our planters for growing.

25.4.19 We observed wild flowers in our school field and sketched them.

Summer Term Topic plan overview

18.4.19 Happy Easter from year 1!!

23.3.19 We have been busy practicing our capital letters in handwriting today!

21.3.19 We had lots of fun listening to our friend read us the Easter story.

15.3.19 Red nose day 2019!!

12.3.19 we have moved on with our clic challenges!

7.3.19 world book day 2019!!

4.3.19 We have made a Rain Gauge to measure rainfall this week.

1.3.19 Goodbye Mr Lau and Miss campbell thank you for teaching us and good luck!

28.2.19 This week has been fair trade week and we have made lemonade using fair trade products.

28.2.19 we have been estimating how much liquid containers hold and putting them in order of capacity.

8.2.19 we are learning to use conjunctions to join our sentences together.

8.2.19 we have moved on in our clic challenges.

7.2.19 we have been learning to describe properties of materials.

6.2.19 we wrote our own snowman adventure stories after looking at the snowman by Raymond Briggs.

5.6.19 We celebrated Chinese new year, making good fortune envelopes

31.1.19 in maths we have been using cubes to measure different objects.

30.1.19 In Science we have been using scientific vocabulary to describe the properties of materials.

23.1.19 Today in science we have been looking at the properties of materials, we then sorted them into a carroll diagram.

14.1.19 This is our first time learning YOGA. It was lots of fun!!!

8.1.19 Our coach Ben taught us new badminton skills, we had lots of fun!

21.12.18 Merry Christmas from everyone in year 1 !!

18.12.18 Christmas Walby Trip!!

14.12.18 Christmas Jumper Day!!

Hey ewe!!

W/C 10.12.18 Christmas craft fun!!

4.12.18 we enjoyed making peppermint creams for our Christmas fair stall.