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Sport and Clubs at Cumwhinton School

Dear Families,


Two of Cumwhinton's core values are Citizenship and Caring so I hoping you can help me with this request please!


Our friends at the Carlisle United Community Sports Trust, who we work closely with in the delivery of our 'Healthy Child/PE' curriculum, have asked for our help.


They have been working with the 'Affordable Food Hub' in Carlisle for a while now - collecting and distributing food parcels to those in our communities who are most in need.


They would like our caring Cumwhinton families to help support their efforts by providing food donations (canned & long-life foods) and/or non-perishable goods (toiletries etc).  Any small donation would be so gratefully welcomed.  There is a little carrot dangling with this request as for every food bag donation your child will receive a raffle ticket which goes into a draw with the chance of winning a brand-new set of goals and a football!


During the week beginning Monday 7th December a table will be in the playground every morning for you to drop your named carrier bag with your contributions in.  Staff will collect the bags and make sure that your child brings their raffle ticket home at the end of the day.  


Any donations you can offer would be fantastic and I thank you in advance for you care and support.


As I keep saying, Cumwhinton families are the best.


Kind regards,


Mrs Mitchell


17th November 2020

We have now relaunched the Road to Tokyo challenge within school - due to not completing the challenges last year we are starting from scratch once again. The children are completing the challenges in their class bubbles and are challenging themselves to do better every time. The class with the biggest improvement is awarded an extra playtime! Good luck everyone.

And a treat to make for the weekend!!

Mindfulness drawing

I thought I would share this with you too - it seems like a big document but you can pick and choose the ideas you think your child would enjoy? I especially like the ideas at the beginning of what to do if you don't have beanbags or balls to hand. I hope these ideas are helping!!

Home challenge pack

Here is a fun idea to do as a family as well as giving the children a chance to share their findings with their friends!!

Join up with another family for an A-Z scavenger hunt. You can share your findings through Facetime or picture messages. The children could help to choose the items on the list. 

Our amazing Yr 5/6 children take part in this every year - we have even won and come 2nd in previous years.

Pls follow the link for some great ideas for your own mini Pentathlon - maybe even have a family challenge and see who actually 'IS THE WINNER'!!

A tasty lunchtime dish to make for you all....

This weeks Challenge card, I hope you enjoy it!!

This weeks challenge card....hope you enjoy it!!

Timetable of activities

Workout idea for the grown-up's...

One for the Mums and Dads (and more sporty children!!) please follow for some really energetic workouts - Tasha has worked in Cumwhinton school delivering various classes after school from Body Combat to Circuits so the children know her well!!

**Pls note this is a private group therefore you will need to like the page and Tasha will accept you...

TB Training Carlisle

Yoga flow

Still image for this video
Yoga flow with social distancing in the classroom

One for the mums and dads to take the challenge ...who will win You or your CHILDREN?

This weeks challenge card...can you complete it all week!!

Good morning - most of the children will be able to tell you about the '100 miles to Tokyo' I launched just before .....well you keep the idea alive here is a Road to Tokyo sheet. There are some really fun ideas from snowball fights to creating a poem. I wonder who can reach the gold medal!! I can't wait to see who completes it always let me know if you would like this emailed over...

Please use the following link for some fun activities, lots of little workouts for the children to try- some with stories how to keep safe around fire as well as worksheets to fill in...will definitely use these at school once we are back!!

Username: FFK1 

Password: HealthyHomes

This looks super yummy...have fun making it everyone!!

Today's challenge card...can you fill it in all week? GOOD LUCK!!

Healthy pancakes and a Mothers Day treat to make...

Some fun ideas here for you to share with your little ones....a lovely sunny day to get the paper mache out too!!

Muffin/Bread Feelings Faces


Knife, chopping board, tablespoons, baking/grill tray or toaster.


  • 4 English muffins or slices of bread, split in half
  • 80g tomato or pizza sauce
  • 180g reduced fat mozzarella cheese, grated

Topping options:

  • 40g canned pineapple pieces, in juice, drained
  • 40g mushrooms, sliced
  • 40g red pepper, sliced
  • 40g cooked chicken, shredded


  1. Cut the muffins in half and toast, or roll bread flat
  2. Spread a couple of tablespoons of sauce over the top of each muffin and then top with your favourite toppings using them to form a fabulous feeling face.
  3. Sprinkle the mozarella over.
  4. Place in a preheated oven or toast until the cheese melts.

One for the mums, dads, aunts, uncles and anyone else at home with the little ones....

Log to start on Monday - if anyone needs this emailed pls contact me and I can have it emailed over.

Game for the weekend...who can make it all the way around the cheating now!!!

Some top tips for looking after YOUR Mental Health

Letter to parents re plans for Sport...

Tokyo Challenge

Week beginning 16th March 2020:

Bean bags into the hoop

Can you throw the bean bag into the middle of the hoops?

CHALLENGE : can you improve by aiming correctly every time?

Tokyo Challenge

Week beginning 9th March 2020:

Keepy uppy’s.

KS2 In pairs children count how many keepy uppy’s their partner can do in a minute, swap and record amount

For KS1 how many times can they throw up and catch the ball in a minute, swap and record each others amount.

CHALLENGE : can you beat the amount of keepy uppy’s and throw ups every day this week?

We have introduced 5,795 Miles to Tokyo at school this week!! Every week the children will be give a new challenge to complete as a class - please see attached document to see how the challenge works!!

Amazing effort from these Yr 3/4 boys who went along to Caldew to take part in a football festival. They smashed it not conceding any goals and winning the whole competition. Well done boys

Amazing effort from these little fish today at Carlisle swimming gala. 2nd place medal for Ellie!! Well done all.

Mindfulness Colouring club....lovely and calm!!

Keysteps Gym comp Well done to all these amazing children!!

Usual busy lunchtime with Carlisle United Primary Stars and Yr3/4 Hockey

Mrs Broomby’s circuits club....tough sessions every week but they smile through the pain!!

Mrs Ward's Phunky foods Club...lots of lovely smells wafting through school on Thursdays

Mrs Burke’s computing club working hard learning new skills!

Emma from Carlisle United with our Dancers

Sports Leaders in action with EY children

Usual busy lunchtime today Yr 4 walking the mile, Primary Stars with Carlisle United and Yr 6 footy!!

Fully qualified Sports Leaders. Well done girls!!

Ava and Eva attending the Sports Leaders course at Rosley School today. Have fun girls!!

Cross country 2019

These amazing children went along to Sheepmount in Carlisle this week to take part in the Carlisle and District Cross-country comp. We took 29 children who have trained every week during their lunch breaks. They ran so well and were a pleasure watch. WELL DONE!!


Yr 3 Girls - India 15th, Daisy 41st, Sacha 66th, Natalia 59th, Esmae 92nd, Ava 94th and Jessica 121st.

Yr 3 Boys - Jake 57th, Raymond 118th

Yr 4 Girls - Chloe 8th, Anaya 45th, Amy 72nd

Yr 4 Boys - Shay 32nd, Toby 44th, Charlie 61st, Joe 68th

Yr 5 Girls - Izzy 12th, Ava 18th

Yr 5 Boys - Liam 16th, Ryan 39th, Lewis 50th, Max 54th

Yr 6 Girls - Sadie 5th, Jasmine 37th, Ellie 49th

Yr 6 Boys - Jack 51st, Nathan 77th, Liam 82nd, Liam 86th

A massive well done to these children who went along to the Indoor Athletics comp at Fusehill St campus on Wednesday. They were a credit to the school and came 2nd in the afternoon sessions and 6th overall - a huge achievement against much bigger schools.

Yr 5/6 Indoor Athletics 2019

A massive well done to our Yr 5/6 boys who went to Caldew to a football tournament-the boys won every game and showed amazing teamwork

Our Yr 5/6 girls went along to a netball tournament at Caldew too - their footwork was very impressive and a pleasure to watch. 

Clubs are off to a great start this year - with Emma from Carlisle United teaching the children Dance, Mrs Hunter is continuing to help our green fingered gardeners grow new things and Mrs Broomby continues to brave the elements and teach the children some athletic skills. 
Well done to these Yr 5/6 boys who went to RRCA today, amazing teamwork and resilience shown all afternoon in pouring rain!!
Yr5/6 Girls did amazingly well....lost 2, drew 2 and won one...only conceding 2 goals in whole comp!!! Well done girls. 

A massive good luck to these Yr 5/6 girls at RRCA today!!

Year 5/6 football trials!!
First Primary Stars Lunchtime club....rain didn’t stop play!!
An amazing effort from these children....first full week back and out to do cross country training!! Well done all and see you next Wednesday....

Ava's amazing flag and meet and greet with the stars!!

Our Yr 5 orienteering team in action. Well done everyone who took part.

Thanks coach Kev for all your support taking these boys all the way to the final!! Well done lads!!

Our KS2 pupil council enjoy reading to our younger children during 'Lunchtime book club'

These amazing boys went to Carlisle Cricket ground to take part in a cricket comp. With only 2 days training the boys did the school proud!!

Wow.....Avas flag being created by one of the Young People that go to Leonard Cheshire Youthability/Stitchability group in Barrow.

These amazing Yr 3/4 children went to RRCA to a hockey comp....only missing out on the semi-finals by a single point. Well done all!!

Amazing effort from these girls at RRCA netball comp. Lost 2, drew 1 and won 2....WELL DONE GIRLS!!

Miss Gray's Games Club having fun after school this week!!

Yr 3/4 Winners

Here are our amazing Yr 3/4 footballers who went to RRCA to a football tournament. They won their first 2 games, lost one, drew one and finished with a 5-2 win!! They now go through to the finals at Brunton Park as they came top of their group.

Special thanks to Kev Irving who has helped coach them in his own time - arranging friendlies with other schools in the area and giving the boys a proper sense of being part of our Cumwhinton School team.

Our amazing Sports Leaders delivering a class assembly giving the children the opportunity to take part in designing a flag for a School Games event.

Full results and placing for Cross country team-

Yr 6 Girls - Maisy 10th

Yr 5 Girls - Sadie 1st, Jasmine 11th, Ellie 22nd, Evie 40th

Yr 5 Boys - Finley 9th, Owen 16th, Dylan 18th, Nathan 19th, Thomas 20th, Liam 27th

Yr 4 Girls - Izzy 11th, Ava 15th, Brooke 17th

Yr 4 Boys - Ryan 1st, Liam 5th, Scott 22nd, Matthew 37th

Yr 3 Girls - Summer 5th, Amy 37th, Abbie 46th

Yr 3 Boys Toby 16th, Charlie 19th, Jack 26th, Joe 25th

Excellent results all round!!

Amazing results from these Cross-country children today @ Thursby school rural comp. 1st places for both Sadie and Ryan. 2nd place over all for both Yr 3/4 Boys and Yr 5/6 Girls and 3rd place for Yr 3/4 Girls. WELL DONE!!!

Extra-curricular clubs are offered on a half-termly basis and vary throughout the school year.  They range from computing to Phunky Foods (cookery) to lots of sporting activities.  Letters are sent home regularly offering children the chance to attend a club.  Clubs run from the end of school until 4.30pm and cost £2 per session (this is payable half termly or termly).

For up to date club information please contact the school office.

These amazing children went along to Fusehill St Sport Campus to attend the Keysteps Gym comp. Results - Keysteps 1 13th place, Keysteps 2 8th place, Keysteps 3 4th place.

Miss Gray is enjoying playing games with the little ones this half term...lots of giggles to be heard!

Mrs Burke has welcomed some children to learn some new computing skills this half term.

Mrs Ward is teaching some of the children in Yr 4 and Yr 5 some new culinary skills this half term during her Phunky foods Club

Mr Mason has returned to Cumwhinton School to teach the boys and girls some football skills.

Workmen on the field doesn't stop these amazing children- Cross-country training on the school yard instead!!

12.1.19 An amazing effort by these boys @ The Sands Centre Football tournament. A huge thank you to all the parents who supported the boys on the day.

Our Sports Champions for the last few weeks are as follows...

Reception - Amelia, Jake, James, Amelia and Lola

Year 1 - Ava-Grace, Florence, Ava-Grace, Alfie and Isabella

Year 2 - Reuben, Natalia and Esmae

Year 3 - Anaya, Hannah, Reuben, Ava, Isla and Paisley

Year 4 - Summer, Liam, Chantelle, Lewis and Ava

Year 5 - Mustafa, Maximus, Dylan, Ethan

Year 6 - Alyssa, Keiran, Toby, Daisy and Sienna

Fantastic work everyone!!!

19.11.18 - Sports Champions for this week are,

Reception - Poppy

Yr 1 - Neve

Yr 2 - Sacha

Yr 3 - Jack, Cora

Yr 4 - Matthew, Maison

Yr 5 - Summer 

Yr 6 - Lily

Well done and keep up the good work!

We have now decided to award our Sporting Champions certificates every week - they are doing so well in Sport that they all need to be recognised!

So far this term our Sports Champions have been...


Reception - James

Yr 1 - Eve

Yr 2 - Rueben

Yr 3 - Toby

Yr 4 - Oliver

Yr 5- Sophie

Yr 6 - Arwyn

Keep an eye out for our next superstars.

Thursday night football with Mr Mason

Scores for the Cross-country as follows

Yr 3/4 Girls - Izzy 14th, Chloe 17th, Cora 53rd

Yr 3/4 Boys - Charlie 74th Oliver 82nd, Harvey-Lee 105th

Yr 5 Girls - Sadie 3rd, Freija 21st, Jasmine 32nd

Yr 5 Boys - Finley 29th, Owen 40th, Dylan 43th, Thomas 62nd, Nathan 68th, Dylan 74th, Liam 82nd

Yr 6 Girls - Maisy 6th

Yr 6 Boys - Shay 65th, Toby 82nd, Thomas 83rd, Fin 90th.

Well done all - a fantastic effort by all!! 

These amazing group went along to Cross-country at Sheepmount, we are very proud to say Sadie and Maisy have now been invited to County Finals in February.

Athletics Club in full swing!!

Our Sports Champions for this fortnight are..

Harry and Farrah in Year 1

Jessica and Rebecca in Year 2

Vinnie and Jamie in Year 3

Izzy and Harvey in Year 4

Dylane and Charlotte in Year 5

 and last but not least Elysha and Fin in Year 6.

Keep up the good work and watch out for our next sports superstars!!

Our amazing Yr 5 boys when went along to RRCA to a football comp. Lost 2, drew 1 and won 2...well done boys!!

Our first Sports Champion for this year are...

Shae and Lacey in Year 1

Daisy and Ava in Year 2

Hannah in Year 3

Matthew and Brooke in Year 4 

Mia and Finley in Year 5

and Sienna and Ethan in Year 6

Well done guys keep up the good work!!

Welcome to a new year at Cumwhinton School Sports and Clubs. Once again this year we will be taking part in lots of different competitions and sporting events both competitively and during club times. Keep your eye out for our Sports Champions every fortnight as we celebrate their sporting achievements over the course of the year.

Our Sports champions for the last week of the academic year are 

Sonny Evans for great listening in PE 

Spencer Cain for fantastic teamwork

Sacha Griffiths for wonderful dance moves

Jessica Short for wonderful dance moves 

Paisley Slater for always trying her best

Shay Etherington for being a brilliant team player

Izzy Marsh for fantastic effort in all sports 

Lewis Irving for fantastic effort in all sports

Jasmin Grierson for fantastic effort in swimming 

Sadie Pearson for great commitment in training 

Shay Slater for being a brilliant footballer 

Alyssa Saha for fabulous effort in all sports

Olivia Armstorng for brilliant effort in dodgeball. 

Cross country, Eden Rock, Sports Hall and Gymnastic superstars receiving medals for their successes in 2017/8

Our Sports Champions for this fortnight are

Ashton for fantastic listening

Florence for brilliant co-ordination

Skylar for teamwork

Isaac for super sportsmanship

Jamie for great cricket skills

Anaya for a positive attitude

Summer for fab hockey skills

Grace for a positive attitude to sport

Tiana for great stamina during relays

Nate for supporting others during athletics

George for super circuits

Thomas for scoring a goal against Yr 6

Jack for super teamwork

Gill from Phunky Foods came to visit and help our Sports Leaders run their KS1 Sports Club

This year as a school we hosted a Gifted and Talented Sports morning, we invited all the cluster school to come along to school to take part in a javelin, shot and sprint session. We welcomed Lucie from William Howard School who helped coach the children in crouched starts in to progressions with a relay race to finish. The children had lots of fun and showed great team spirit. Well done to all who came and to our Yr 6 pupils who made them feel so welcome.

Our Sports Champions for this week are

Reuben  - For team work during football

Skylar - For showing growth mindset

Scarlett  - Great effort during gym.

Vinnie - For trying hard to beat his target

Chloe - For trying hard to beat her target

Jasmine - Fab football with Nick

Finley - Fab football with Nick

Ella - For working hard at long jump

George - For super long jump

Luke - For super long jump

Millie - For super sprinting with a partner

Oscar - For super listening in Smart Moves

Our amazing Gym girls at the School Games final. We are now 3rd in Cumbria for Gymnastics! Well done girls!!

Our first Sports Champions for this term are, 

EY - Harry for great team work during PE, Ava-Grace for great team work during PE

Yr 1 - Sacha for growing confidence during PE, Reuben for working with enthusiasm and enjoyment

Yr 2 - Kyle for showing responsibility during PE, Jack for great football skills

Yr 3 - Andrew for fantastic hockey skills, Izzy for working well with a partner

Yr 4 - Max for listening well and helping other during football, Freija for great effort during football

Yr 5 - Alice for excellent work during UDance, Daisy for excellent work during UDance

Yr 6 - Elodie for excellent work during UDance, Luke for super hockey skills

Keep an eye out for our next superstars!!

Our amazing Indoor Athletics team attending the Schhol Games Finals at Penrith Leisure Centre. We are now the 5th top school in Cumbria

Amazing result...our fantastic Yr 5/6 team 1st place and now go to finals in Penrith. Well done girls!

Our fantastic gymnasts in action.

Our Yr3/4 football team went along to RRCA to a football comp, they didn't win but played fantastically well as a team.

Amazing effort by these fab children at Eden Rock finals...both teams took 2nd place overall!! WELL DONE!!!

A massive well done to these children who went along to the County Cross country finals...horrendous conditions but they were a credit to the school.Well done to Aimee who is now going to National Finals in March.

Our Year 5/6 girls who went to The Sands Centre Indoor Football comp.

KS1 Art Club creating masterpieces!!

Some members of KS2 Art Club - very proud of their beautiful pictures

Miss Astell's KS2 art club children hard at work.

Homemade veg soup made from scratch during Phunky Foods club.

Our Sports Leaders and their EYFS and Yr 1 sports club.

Sra Findley's KS1 and KS2 Spanish Clubs

Mrs Mitchell continues to tell tall tales to KS1 Book Club children.

Mrs Strong's Craft Club

Mr Mason and his Yr 5/6 footballers.

A massive well done to these amazing children who ALL got through to the Finals at Eden Rock!!

Phunky Foods Club making vegetable rice from scratch.

Our Sports Leaders Aimee, Scarlett, Maisy and Toby having fun running their mini sports club with EYFS and Yr 1 children.

We took 2 teams to the Eden Rock Bouldering competition this week. Some tough climbs and challenges faced these children but they never gave up. A credit to the school!!

Well done to these Yr 5/6 boys who took part in The Sands Centre football comp. Amazing team spirit shown against some very experienced footbalers.

This weeks Sports Champions are - 

In EYFS Ava-Grace for fantastic throwning and catching skills, Neve for learning how to do a forward roll.

In Year 1 Jake for good ideas and movement during Dance, Rebecca for working hard with a partner.

In Year 2 Joe for coaching others during Gym.

In Year 3 Lewis for super dribbling in Hockey, Izzy fro fabulous passing in Hockey.

In Year 5 Shay for a super UDance performance, Ella for a super UDance performance.

In Year 6 Scarlett for helping others during circuits, Ella for super team work.

Well Done to all.


Miss Astell and her amazing KS2 Art Club.

Mrs Mitchell and her lovely KS1 Book Club.

Wow these amazing children are now going to represent Carlisle for the Cross-country County finals at Kirby Stephen on 8th February 2018. A massive GOOD LUCK to them all.

Sport Champions 12.1.18

EYFS - Joey for fantastic throwing and catching skills, Eve for controlled throwing of a large ball.

Yr 1 - Jessica for good control and co-ordination when running, Sophie for working hard in dance.

Yr 2 - Cameron for knowing the effects of exercise to the body, Chantelle for amazing skipping.

Yr 3 - Lewis for amazing ball control in Hockey, Grace for fab Hockey skills.

Yr 4 - Owen for passing G2 in swimming, Charlotte for passing L3 in Gymnastics.

Yr 5 - Ethan for an improved attitude to P.E. , Finn for fab dribbling in Hockey.

Yr 6 - Harvey for great Hockey skills and team work, Millie for brilliant team spirit in Dance.


Sports Champion


This year we have decided to introduce Sports Champions to school. Every 2 weeks staff are asked to nominate 2 children from their class to be their Sports Champions, children are selected not only for attitudes and work within PE lessons but also for any achievements they have achieved outside of school- this can be anything from climbing a mountain, swimming or a first Park Run. We think it is important to celebrate all areas of the curriculum and we encourage our children to give anything a go and celebrate this with them.

Our Sports Champions so far this have been...

EYFS - Shae for fantastic listening, Farrah for improved concentration, Lana for enthusiasm in football, Lois for a controlled jump, Josh for fab listening, Charley for a controlled balance.

Yr 1 - Daisy for indp 60m swim, Leo for amazing ball control, Lottie a fantastic leap during gymnastics, Natalia for a controlled landing during gymnastics, Alix and Esmae for an amazing 'Star' dance.

Yr 2 - Summer for a fabulous 'Y' balance, Jack for confident unihoc skills, Joe and Tayler for a fab 'Camel' dance, Chloe for confident ball control, Cora for brilliant listening in hockey, Jamie for super unihoc skills.

Yr 3 - Toby for fab hockey skills, Ethan for confident swimming, Lewis for confident football skills, Ava for improved swimming skills, Flynn for confidence in the deep end, Jayden for improved football skills.

Yr 4 - Sadie for super stamina, Paige an amazing team dance, Ethan for a confident relay race, Jasmine for a determined attitude to training, Lewis and Liam for fantastic football skills, Eva for an improved attitude to running.

Yr 5 - George for showing determination and resilience, Kieran for determination during football, Maisy for an improved attitude to training, Sienna for confidence, Alyssa for an improved attitude to PE, Lily for amazing football skills.

Yr 6 - Ava for confident swimming, Ava for amazing attitude during indoor training, Lily for climbing achievements, Olivia for amazing archery, Oliver for a super improvement in running, Scarlett for amazing gymnastics, Aimee for amazing running.

Keep an eye out for our next amazing Sports Stars!


Aimee and Harvey receiving the School Games Gold Award for 2016/17!!

Amazing result for our Indoor Athletics children. 2nd place out of 28 schools and now go on to represent Carlisle in the finals at Penrith.

Netball with Mrs Marsh

Rain and mud doesn't stop these children....welly races for our last Athletics session.

Another AMAZING result for our Cross country team Yr 5/6 - 1st place Girls AND Boys and a very respectable 4th places for our Yr 3/4 boys AND girls.

Our Sports Leaders have now started a lunchtime club for Reception and Yr 1 children.

Our Fabulous Sports Leaders deliver a Phunky Foods assembly about Healthy lunches

Our amazing Cross-country team. Aimee, Scarlett and Maisy our top class medal winners. Well done to all.

Lottie Marsh Year 6. Amazing swimming success

A fantastic start for clubs this academic year! Here are just a few pictures of activities so far. 

Phunky Foods with Miss Collins and Miss Grey

Girls and KS2 boys football

KS1 Art Club with Mrs Rickerby and Miss Mossop

Craft Club with Mrs Strong

Cross stitch Club with Miss Tarbit

KS1 Book Club with Mrs Mitchell

Athletics with Mrs B

Gardening club

Archery with Jim Skivington

Cumwhinton School's amazing 'Snake' Race for Life 2017! Fantastic effort by ALL!!!