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Year Four - Great Gable

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Times Tables 

Please make sure you are practicing your times tables regularly at home. You can use TT Rock stars or


In DT, we have been creating our own volcanoes. We made the structure using papier-mache and this week we have painted them. Next week we are hoping to make them erupt! 


In art, we have been using oil pastels to create wave pictures in the likeness of Kensuke's Kingdom front cover. 


In topic, we have been learning all about volcanoes. We even had a go at acting out a volcano eruption! 


In PE, we have been working with Emma on our dance and gymnastic skills.  


In science, we have continued our electricity topic and had a go at using the electrical equipment we have in school. We have been making simple circuits and testing different materials to see if they are a conductor or an insulator. 


In art, we have started creating some Christmas crafts. In the session, we had a go at creating Christmas trees using plastic forks. 


In science this week, we have been looking at what volume is and how we can change it. We have experimented changing the volume of lots of different instruments.  

Anti-Bullying Week

This week we have been focusing on anti-bullying and how we as a class can make our school a safer and happier place. We have made our own odd socks as part of our MSSC learning. 

WOW Work 

Here is some of the work we are proud of this week. 


In art, we have created our own Poppy pictures using water colours. 

Remembrance Day

Today we observed the 2 minutes silence in honour of our armed services. 

Tullie House Viking Workshop 

This week we have been to Tullie House and participated in the Viking workshop. We were able to visit the Viking burial exhibition in the museum and then look at Viking artefacts. We even got the opportunity to dress up as Vikings! 

Happy Bonfire Night!

Have a fabulous fun-filled bonfire night, but please stay safe! 



In art we have been creating firework pictures using different types of art media. 

Happy Halloween! 

In art, we have been using apples to print pumpkins to create a Halloween placemat. 

Our Anglo-Saxon Huts

This week we have finished our Anglo-Saxon huts. We hope you like them! 

Wow Work! 

Here is some of the work we are proud of. 


We have used a leaf printing technique to create our own autumnal artwork. 


We have been learning about the water cycle by acting out the four stages. Try testing your children at home and see if they can remember all the actions!


In DT, we have started to create our Anglo-Saxon huts. 

Black History Month 

This week we have been learning about the achievements of black people throughout history. In art we had a go at creating self portraits in the style of Faith Ringgold. 

Our WOW Work


This is some of the work we are proud of this week. 


In gymnastics, we have been practising our balancing skills. 



We have used a finger painting technique to create our own colourful flowers.



We have been using the laptops to find out about Anglo-Saxon Gods. 

Our Crazy Custard Experiment


The children participated in the crazy custard experiment to start our new science topic, States of Matter. 

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