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Year Six - Scafell

Experimenting with Sir Isaac Newton's colour wheel

What's the relationship between the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection?

How does the position of the sun in the sky affect the size and direction of a shadow?

What difference does the distance between a light source and an opaque object make to the size of a shadow?

08.03.2021 First morning back - Year 6 glad having fun - outdoor learning - working in teams on a problem solving maths trail.


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A huge well done to Emily, Mikey and Ethan for the wonderful progress they have made with their guitar lessons this term. We are all very proud of you! Thank you Mr McKenzie for supporting the children so well.

What a star!!! A shining example of all our Cumwhinton Values.

11.11.2020 Year 6 went down to our Cumwhinton Cenotaph to lay a wreath and book of remembrance - We will remember them.

Working hard on lots of cross curricular learning using our wonderful new laptops.

Outdoor maths -team area and perimeter challenge.

Experimenting to investigate why soap is so important to use when washing our hands

Welcome back to school for another great year of learning and having fun!

Welcome to Year 6

Dear Parents/Guardians,


What a very different end to this school year it has been for your children. By the time September comes, it will have been many months since most of them have been in school. I popped into see the class just before the schools were closed and I know they are a delightful class. The Year 6 team are really going to enjoy teaching them and helping them to settle back into Cumwhinton School life; helping them prepare for their transition to Secondary School next year.


Working closely along-side me this year is Mrs Strong. Also on a Friday afternoon, we are very pleased to have Mrs Broomby working with Year 6 this year.


In Year 6 this half term the children will be having a sport afternoon on Fridays, with Mrs Broomby. However, the PE timetable is yet to be finalised for this coming school year so it might be that the children will do PE sometimes on a Tuesday afternoon if coaches are booked in to work with your children (keep a lookout on our new class page for updates from me about this – which I will put on as soon as I know for certain). This will involve a variety of sporting activities over the afternoon. All pupils will need their school PE Kits every Thursday (i.e. black/navy shorts; white T-shirt; trainers. Tracksuit bottoms and a sweatshirt would be advisable too for the colder months). We have also booked a variety of sporting coaches to come in and work with the children over the course of the year.


School policy is only stud ear-rings please (if children can't take them out for PE lessons they need to be covered with plasters). The only other jewellery allowed is a watch.

Please make sure all clothes are labelled with child's name (especially school sweatshirts & PE Kits).   


If your child is opting to have a packed lunch please provide a balance between sweet and savoury; there should be no sweets in packed lunch boxes. Please remember we are a NUT FREE school. If you would like to provide your child with a snack for playtime, please ensure that this is either fruit or vegetables only.


From the week commencing 07.09.2020 your children will be getting ‘Talk Homework’ every/or every other Monday (depending on the nature and length of the writing task). This is a very important piece of homework, which will prepare your child for their ‘Exciting Writing’ completed in class on Fridays.


Children will be given new spellings to learn every Monday and will be given a spelling test on these spellings on the following Monday each week.


Year 6 is a very important, hardworking year for your children, therefore we try to keep weekends as homework free as possible so that the children have plenty of time for fun and relaxation at the end of each week.


We will try to hear your child read twice a week, so of course having their reading book with them every day is important. It is such an enormous benefit to your child if you could hear them read their books every night at home. Please use your child’s home/school diary as a communication between home and school and record any comments about your child’s reading in there too.


Every time your child reads at home they will earn table points for their table. In addition to getting points for reading every night at home they will also earn table points for completing homework on time; having a great work attitude; displaying the Cumwhinton values, super effort and manners, etc. These are in addition to the individual House Points they can also earn. The winning table in class, each week, will each receive a small prize. For exceptional effort by the whole class, the children will be rewarded with one of the marbles out of our class marble jar. When the class has earned all the marbles in our class jar we will have a special class topic themed day, full of exciting activities. Our autumn term ‘Marble Day’ will be a Victorian themed day of fun activities for the class as the big question for our history topic this term is: How has the life of a child in Britain changed Victorian times? Hard work and effort is always rewarded in Scafell.


I’ve prepared a PowerPoint presentation for you to look at to gain further insight into what it will be like for your children in Year 6. To view this PowerPoint, scroll down this page - it is directly below this welcome letter.


We want your child to have a happy and productive time in Year 6. Communication between home and school is vital, so if there is anything you need to pass on that will help us support your child in school, please email me directly to our class email address ( or telephone the school office and I will return your call as soon as I am available to do so.


We are looking forward to a fun filled, hardworking and happy year working with your children.

Thank you for your continued support.


Miss Astell                                              Mrs. Strong                   Mrs Broomby

(Deputy Head Teacher &

Year 6 Scafell Class Teacher)               (Senior TA)                 (Senior TA and our school PE Leader)


Parent Year 6 Information PowerPoints

The Year 6 Information PowerPoint was too large to load onto this class page in one go, therefore, I've split it into two PowerPoints so that you can get a good picture of what it will be like for your children in Year 6.

Here's a few videos for you to look at, to get a flavour of some of the exciting activities Year 6 pupils get up to in our classroom


The first is a video of some of our past Year 6 pupils enjoying taking part in a science challenge where they were tasked with building an electrical alarm:


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In the next video, the children were tasked with completing an electrical circuit which would include a working traffic light:


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Here the children are experimenting with structural designs. The task was for them to create a structure, using cocktail sticks and mini marshmallows and card, which would stand up to a jelly earthquake: 


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The following videos are of groups of children enjoying an activity where they were challenged to create their own seismograph to measure the scale of an earthquake:


Still image for this video


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