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Year Three - Helvellyn


15.9.2020 Today we were introduced to our Stone Age topic. We foraged for food in the garden and crawled into our "caves" to paint.

11.9.2020 We made prints of our hands.

we are all very happy to be back in the classroom!

Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to year three!


What a very strange end we had to the last academic year, but we are all prepared and ready to go for September and we have a fabulous year planned.  During our time in year three we will be investigating Stone Age Britain, looking back to Roman times and finding out all we can about Carlisle and London.   We will study Egypt and look out for our European neighbours.  We will be based in the Helvellyn classroom for the year and Mrs Atkinson, Mrs Burke and Mrs Norris will share the teaching.  We will also be joined by Miss Temple-Cox for most of the time and some other familiar faces will be around to help us out with our learning and to share in our fun. 


Keep an eye out on the website and the school app for PE and swimming days.  We haven’t quite finished the sports timetables yet, but we will make sure we let you know the plans with plenty of warning.


 Regular reading at home really helps children to develop in many areas of their education, wellbeing and mental health and is therefore an important part of regular homework.  Please continue to record what you have read each time in your log book.  There will also be spellings and times tables to practice at home and talk homework when we are leading up to a longer piece of writing.     


We will try to hear your child read twice a week, so of course having their reading book with them every day is important. It is such an enormous benefit to your child if you could hear them read their books every night at home. Please use your child’s home/school diary as a communication between home and school and record any comments about your child’s reading in there too along with a brief summary of what they have read.


I’ve prepared a PowerPoint presentation for you to look at to gain further insight into what it will be like for your children in Year three, which is on our school website class page.


We are very much looking forward to this year and working with you all.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please email the class email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


Mrs Atkinson, Mrs Burke and Mrs Norris.